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My Friend’s Arrogant Brother My Friend’s Arrogant Brother original

My Friend’s Arrogant Brother

Author: sirenbeauty

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Meeting The Twins Again

Maya's POV

I walk the long road going home. As I slow my pace, I look at the pineapple plantation on both sides of the road, one of the products of our municipality. San Antonio and the neighboring towns are known as the largest pineapple suppliers, including cacao, banana, coconut, vegetables, and so much more.

So, our place is popular, though it is not progressive and developed with industrialization, it remains in the lead in terms of agricultural sense in the entire country. Our town has the most hacienda where many millionaires, even billionaires, live.

My pace became slower because I was already tired from walking for almost two kilometers.

When I heard an approaching vehicle, I paused in my tracks and turned my head to look behind me. It amazed me when I saw the expensive sports car coming into my way. My mouth was hanging open because of its splendor.

Many luxurious cars pass my way because of the prominent families who live in the mansion found at the center of the plantation.

I ignored the oncoming red sports convertible, and I continued walking on the road when it stopped beside me, and the passenger door opened. A beautiful woman came out of the sports car, she had a slender body with an angelic face with a porcelain complexion.

I think she stood taller than my height of 165 centimeters, I was stunned, and I could not talk when I realized it was Ariana. She is beaming at me. She has transformed much since the last time I had seen her.

"Wow! Maya, is that you? Oh my God, you are still beautiful; you changed a lot in a good way." Ariana said. She was even smiling at me, but I remained speechless.

"I know it. You have more curves now than last year and look at your boobs. They are wonderful. That is also one of your assets aside from your face; I wish I was like you, having that incredible body you can be proud of." She added, and I smiled at her after I recovered from my shock, and then she embraced me.

"I missed you so much, Maya!" She continued.

"Ariana, I missed you too," I whispered. I still couldn't believe she was already here in San Antonio, and I was so happy to see her. I hugged her back with a smile on my face.

"I did not change much, Ariana, and you know I am not that beautiful, but you are stunning; you look more sophisticated now, and you have grown into a wonderful young woman," I replied as she released me from her embrace. I am glad that I could find my voice again.

"You are always humble, Maya, it is one of your excellent qualities, but don't you realize too much humbleness equals boastfulness? You are ever beautiful, period." Ariana responded as she looked at me with appreciation in her eyes.

A loud bang almost made me jump on my feet. Ariana and I were shocked when we heard the loud thud of the door, and Adonis came out. If the change in Ariana's physical appearance amazed me, my world stopped at once when I saw Adonis. He has always been tall among his peers, but he has become taller.

Maybe he stands 185 centimeters more, his powerful sex appeal triple and his perfect lips turned redder. It looks so enticing, and I want to kiss him. What is wrong with me? Why do I even think of kissing him? I remember everything he had done to me.

His name suited him well, he had an ideal nose, and his eyes became more captivating. I know he is an athlete. Still, it seemed natural to him to have an elegant physique, and I wanted to be in his arms again, but my fantasy about Adonis ended when he spoke.

"Ariana! Please come back in the car right now. Why are you talking to her in the middle of the road? I am so tired, and I want to have some sleep. Please hurry!" He said; his tone was like music in my ears, and his voice sounded like a DJ from a well-known FM station in the country.

They are both so blessed to have all the beautiful assets the world can offer. They were born rich and both good-looking. But Adonis's character is the same, his physical appearance might have changed a lot, for he became more attractive, but he is yet the same arrogant, spoiled bastard I recognize when talking to me.

I don't know; ever since I can remember, the moment I got close to his sister, her twin brother never liked me, Adonis always talked to me arrogantly, Ariana's brother insulted me every time we were in the same room together her twin made it sure to hurt me in any way he can and it gets worse every year.

It got worse twelve months ago. Adonis said to my face, I am not welcome in their family since we don't have the same status. If not for Ariana, I would never associate with him, but what can I do? She is my very close friend; Ariana became my best friend after saving her from drowning in the river.

"My God, Ariana! When are you going to stop talking with her? It is getting late already, and can't you see the sky? It will rain at any moment." Adonis said irritably.

Then, the lightning struck, followed by a thunderstorm. Ariana jumped because she had always been afraid of lightning.

"Ariana, do you want to walk like her? We can't let her ride with us because this is a two-seater convertible; besides, she is used to walking every day, and you can't carry her and stop talking nonsense Ariana; she is not beautiful at all." He added before he hurriedly went back to the car.

"I'm sorry, Maya, I need to go. I will talk to you later." Ariana said as she looked at me with an apologetic smile.

My friend didn't have a choice but to return to her brother's car. She waved her hand at me before Adonis's brother drove away, and they left me standing on the road with a heavy heart.

How many times have I promised to myself that I would never get affected by Adonis's presence, and I thought I had already moved on? But after seeing Adonis, I realized I was only fooling myself. How can he act as if I am nothing to him? Well, he had done worse to me.

They are now both twenty years old since they are two years older than me. I just graduated from High School today, and I walk because the schedule of the bus is only four times a day.

Most of the residents in our place are rich, and the commuters are only the laborers and farmers who serve at the farms; my grandfather also works at the Monleon Hacienda.

I grew up without my parents, my mother left us when I was young, and according to my grandpa, she died when I was five, she never returned to our place, and my father was unknown.

I have a younger sister, her name is Mary, and she is now sixteen. There are moments when I long to have my Mom and Dad by my side, but I embrace the reality that I could never have them.

I still feel fortunate because I have my grandparents, who love us and raise us. I know we are poor, but I never complain. I always help my grandfather every chance I can, and I am so grateful that they provided us well.

Don Miguel Monleon is a good man; he gives housing to his men working on his farm, and my grandpa was so lucky to be chosen to live within the Monleon estate.

Don Miguel is the patriarch of Ariana and Adonis.

Their grandfather has a big heart and always looks to the welfare of his staff. Master Miguel Antonio is the only son of Don Miguel, and Ariana and Adonis are his only offspring.

That is why Adonis is the heir of Monleon properties and businesses. Their mother, Miss Kriselda, is also an only child from a wealthy family. They have a lot of business in the city. 

Since they were young, during summer vacations and holidays, the twins spent their time off at their grandfather's hacienda. That is why I know them.

I always work at Hacienda Monleon, but there are times I have my summer job at the Esmeralda Flower Plantation, owned by Donya Esmeralda Hernandez, one of the wealthiest women in our place. And this vacation, I am one hundred percent; I will work at the flower garden. I don't want to see Adonis and deal with this arrogance.

I should always evade him, but I know I can't avoid him because of Rich; they are close, too. Rich is his best friend of Adonis, Richard is my reliable friend, and he is the son of Donya Esmeralda; he is so different from Adonis in so many ways.

Rich is very down to earth, and he is too close to all of their farmhands, which is why I love spending more hours at the Hacienda Hernandez.

The heavy rain poured; I became drenched. Adonis was right, and I hated him the minute I remembered his words; why did he have to tell Ariana in front of me that I was not beautiful?

I know he did it to hurt me again; I can't help but pity myself, but the way he kissed me last year was telling me a different story. I heard from Cassandra that Jake and Adonis made a bet that night, and he deeply wounded my innocent heart.

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