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Chapter 30: Reduce the Rifts' Clear Time!

"The powerful Blessed in the Imperial Capital aren't diving into this Rift that only they have access to?"

Noah continued to humor his inquisitive minds as he ignored the glares of Annalise and his mom, Rose replying again while shaking her head.

"How easy is it to clear a DIAMOND Rank Dimensional Rift that has treasures capable of helping one break into the strongest realm? They haven't been able to produce the same result as Father, the...Crown Prince using this time to amass a strong enough force of DIAMOND Blessed to dive into it successfully in the near future."

"Enemies of the Light Continent do not want them to succeed, so it will be a tumultuous months and years to come!"


The Princess gave a clear image of what they could expect as the faces of everyone turned grim.

Their mom, Evelyn, adopted a strong expression as she shooed Noah and her husband away.

"Enough of that. You need to rest right now, you have heavy internal injuries that will need time to heal. Annalise, get Noah's bedroom ready for Rose."

Their mom gave the command as Annalise nodded and moved to follow her mom's words.

Noah looked at this scene incredulously as his mom turned towards him apologetically while giving deafening words.

"You'll be on the couch for the next few days."


The Transmigrator was kicked out of his room with the entrance of an emotionally and physically injured Princess, the family gathering ending as many people needed their rest after the long night!

It was already way too late as the dawn of the next day was only some hours away, and Noah had stepped out of his home to let things settle down as he walked through the streets of Academy City.

A different air seemed to blanket the City as everyone moved around hurriedly.

Noah's own brain was buzzing with a myriad of thoughts as the new information caused his calm heart to stir!

The Realm he was in was about to get tumultuous, and he needed to get truly strong if he wanted to survive the coming waves...or be squashed like a bug!

This feeling had thrown out every feeling of laziness from him as he couldn't stay in his home, his steps taking him towards the nearest Iron Rank Dungeon as he wanted to increase his Clear Time and accumulate his rewards even faster to rapidly increase his strength.

The feeling of an impending war and all the doom the Princess had mentioned truly made his little heart scared as he wanted to quickly get stronger and prevent anything wrong from happening to him.

Today, he faced a SILVER Ranked expert as that alone was frightful enough, what if GOLD Ranked Blessed suddenly descended?

He cleared his mind as his steps neared the dungeon, his eyes turning to the Idle Gaming System interface as he clicked on the Rifts he hadn't touched for over 24 hours.

[+385 Idle Exp][+910 Iron Rank Cores][+9 Blazing Armor][+8 Blazing Spear][+8 Frost Shield][+11 Frost Sword][+7 Frost Boots][+13 Verdant Shield][+13 Verdant Armor][+14 Verdant Helm][+29 Iron Rank Minotaur Shard][+34 Iron Rank Mammoth Shard][+43 Iron Rank Verdant Treant Shard][+2856 Iron Rank Unit Upgrade Crystals]

A glorious amount of loot entered his Inventory as he merely nodded, his more focused on the Unit Upgrade Crystals and Shards to summon more air on Units that he could then combine to Bronze!

Can you imagine the sight of multiple Bronze Greenplains Yetis? Or whatever creature came out when he combined the Treat and the Golden Sunflower?

The combinations were many as he finally arrived in front of the Burning Domains Dimensional Rift.

It was eerily empty as only a single guard was present, no Blessed teams moving about as the events of assassins had caused many to return to their abodes for the day!

Noah flashed his Student ID as a Blessed while his body released the vibrant Bronze aura that signified his Rank, the guard allowing him through the encampment without any issues as he placed his hand on the gray portal.

The moment he reappeared in the Iron Rank Dimensional Rift again, he began to move rapidly as the roar of a summoned Bronze Rank Yeti was quickly heard, an Earth Golem also called out as Noah adorned all of his Bronze Equipment.

Along with them, Noah combined the now 100 Shards of the Minotaur from this very same domain as he brought forth another Unit!


The resonant bellow of the Minotaur that looked just as fearsome as the Rift Boss within this Rift reverberated out as Noah commanded them to move forward.

His blue eyes shone with intense luster as he felt the overpowering need to get stronger, rushing towards the Beasts within the Burning Domains as he aimed to reduce his Clear Time!

With a Bronze Dimensional Beast in tow along with an Iron Rank Earth Golem, and a Minotaur, the beasts nor the IRON Rift Boss of the Burning Domains gave any challenge as Noah managed to clear all domains in less than half an hour.

26 minutes to be exact!

Moving through the domains and searching for all the beasts until the Rift Boss took him only 26 minutes as he nearly cut down the clear time of this Rift by 3 times!

Yet even with such exemplary work, his heart wasn't satisfied as he felt like he was pressed for time, coming out of the Burning Domains Rift and rushing towards the direction of the Frozen Forest Rift right after.

His goal was to do all three Rifts in the next hour or two as he got his Clear Time down for each of them, beginning to collect their rewards in the most efficient way as soon as possible!

Like this, the shocking scene of him descending into Iron Rank Dimensional Rifts played out 2 more times that night, where he visited both the Frozen Forest and the Verdant Plains Rift.

The former had taken him 24 minutes to fully clear, the latter taking him 22!

All in all, he had cleared all three Iron Rank Dimensional Rifts in Academy City as they averaged a time of 24.

This shocking number mentioned that he had increased his efficiency in collecting loot by nearly a factor of 3, this shocking number revealing a ridiculous reality of him getting enough Shards to summon 3 Iron Rank Beasts in a bit over a day, his output for getting the Iron Rank Upgrade Crystals shooting up even higher as he should be getting close to 6000 within a day!

His eyes shone with wild luster as he planned for the tumultuous future, the thoughts of leading multiple Bronze and eventually Silver Ranked Rift Bosses occupying the entirety of his mind...

Adui Adui

First 1 chapter day we've had since the novel's beginning :o

Tomorrow's working chapter titles: Reducing the Rift's Clear Time II, Skill Book!

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