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77.35% My Idle Gaming System / Chapter 41: Subjugated Cities, Fusion to SILVER! II

Subjugated Cities, Fusion to SILVER! II - My Idle Gaming System - Chapter 41 by Adui full book limited free

Chapter 41: Subjugated Cities, Fusion to SILVER! II

The environment changed once more after 10 floors, Noah finding himself in an expansive grassland for the 21st floor.


His enemies this time were enemies he had come across before, the grasslands being filled with a large amount of Elder Treats- enormous trees with hard defenses and thick branches to strangle their enemies with.

There were tens of these Bronze Beasts littering the grassland within this floor, Noah beginning his clearing methodically as he moved himself to increase his battle awareness and power while his Units did most of the work!

The Fiery Chimera took the spotlight along with the monstrous Greenplains Yeti in ripping apart the Elder Treants, Noah intent on fusing these two beasts together as he went ahead and put the 8000 Upgrade Crystals into the Chimera right away, watching as the rate they cleared the floor increased greatly from the Chimera's power boost.

The number of the slow moving Treants did not matter to them as in around an hour, they finished clearing every single one on the 21st floor!


They were all teleported back to the waiting room as the rewards appeared in front of Noah.

[Rewards for clearing the 21st Floor] :: [+5000 Iron Rank Equipment Upgrade Crystals], [+5000 Iron Rank Unit Upgrade Crystals], [+100 Random Iron Rank Unit Shards], [+5000 Iron Rank Cores], [+200 Bronze Rank Cores] , [+20 Random Bronze Equipment], [+3,000 BRONZE Rank Unit Upgrade Crystals], [+25 Random BRONZE Rank Unit Shards], [+25 Health Potions], [+25 Mana Potions], [+1 BRONZE Skill Book]

A bit less than the exclusive rewards he got on every 5th floor, but abundant rewards nonetheless as he got his hands on the Bronze Crystals he required!

He ignored everything else as his eyes focused on the enormous figures of Yeti and Fiery Chimera.

The Yeti already had the max 10,000/10,000 Upgrade Crystals, and that same number soon appeared on the Fiery Chimera as a prompt popped up in front of Noah's eyes.

[Two Units match the requirements for fusion and evolution. Start the process?]


Noah's eyes were blazing with an intense light as he reached a major milestone, never having expected to get his hands on genuine Silver Rank power this quickly! It also made his heart fill with even more regret as he wondered...if he had climbed the Tower and dove into the Rifts of the city with the intensity he had now, would things be different?

Would he have been able to stand up and save his parents, or would all of them have perished anyways when the GOLD Rank Blessed showed up? If he had his hands on a SILVER Rift Boss or two instead of Bronze ones, would he have ever chosen to kneel? If...

There were many ifs, but he pushed them all away for now as he focused on the path forward!

He could not change what happened in the past! He truly could he should not focus on it so much as he needed to do all he could to alter the coming future.

His blue eyes glimmered with light as he looked at the scene of the fusion.

A glorious silver light shone as a terrifying aura arrived in front of Noah.

A Dimensional Beast that towered over 10 meters, its body taking a humanoid shape as it was a creature with four arms and a terrifying tusked head, its body shining with a silver light as it announced its arrival with a roar!


Noah felt the surroundings shake as the details of the first fused SILVER Unit entered his eyes.

[Flesh Giant] :: A creature that holds mixed Bloodlines from many sources, a single one not being able to triumph in the end as it became a flesh giant that holds steel forged muscles capable of causing the strongest creatures in the same rank as it to turn fearful. Its strength is its biggest feature as it is proficient in [Colossal Strike], [Poisonous Burst], [Earthquake], and [Silver Armor].

A glorious Rift Boss 10 meters in size grandly looked towards Noah subserviently. It released a shocking aura that felt 10 times as powerful as any of the Bronze Units Noah had out.

It was the aura of a SILVER Rank Rift Boss!

One must know, Rift Bosses of any Rank required multiple Blessed in the same Realm to easily take care of them, so Noah gaining just a single Silver Rank was akin to him gaining the force of multiple average Silver Blessed!

All of this in just a matter of days since he first gained the Idle Gaming System!


A myriad of thoughts crossed his mind as he knew more than half of the night had passed with a few hours remaining before dawn would break.

But he didn't return back into the real world this time around.

He glanced at the ferocious looking Flesh Giant and the other Units he had summoned, his steps going towards the 22nd floor portal as he planned to continue!


Their figures disappeared into the 22nd floor of the Tower as with the SILVER Rank Rift Boss at the lead, the Elder Treants were shredded apart like paper.

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The Flesh Giant would cast [Earthquake] as he caused the earth of the surrounding 50 meters to quake, its enormous fists then glimmering with a silver light as it smashed towards the unstable Elder Treants with a [Colossal Strike]!


The other units only acted as support as the SILVER Beast carried Noah to clear the 22nd flour in under 20 minutes.

Nothing stopped him from collecting the rewards of this floor into his Inventory as he crossed it and stepped on the 23rd, and 24th floor- the same shocking scenes being repeated as the SILVER Unit he now commanded was truly carrying everyone on its back!

The rewards of the past floors were abundant as they were the same as the 21st, Noah being able to obtain from all 3 floors collectively 3 more Skill Books, 9000 Bronze Upgrade Crystals that now gave him 10,000 of such Crystals to use on another Bronze Beast, as well as enough Iron Unit Shards to call forth 5 Iron Units and enough Shards to summon another Bronze Unit!

The rewards of the Tower were as abundant as ever, with Noah expecting his strength to explode even more when he neared the 30th floor.

This was because just on the next 25th Floor he had to clear, its rewards were even more exuberant than the 20th floor! He would be granted more than enough Bronze Upgrade Crystals to fully max another Unit and be able to carry out the second Fusion of a SILVER Beast among other rewards he acted to get hit hands on!

All in all, his earnest climbing of the Tower of Champions was granting him an enormous boost in power, his turbulent emotions settling ever slightly as time passed!

Adui Adui

Another 3 chapter day!

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