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28.69% My Life As Tadano / Chapter 33: Ryōzanpaku 3

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Chapter 33: Ryōzanpaku 3

Kensei explained, "Everyone, this young man, wants to join our Dojo so who wants to teach him?"

He spoke straight to the point, Shio was the first one to react.

"I don't train anyone! That's my motto!"

Akisame, inspected Hito's body and spoke.

"I don't mind teaching him, however kid, remove your school shirt."

"Uncle I'm sorry but I'm straight! I don't swing that way!" Hito seriously stated.

"....." All of them got speechless, but except for the girls Miu she giggled, and as for Shigure.


Hito looked at Shigure who was chuckling, he couldn't help but think 'Cute..' Shigure immediately avoided his gaze, as soon as she noticed it, there was a slight blush in her face, Hito couldn't properly see it but it wasn't the same for the masters around, they were in fact surprised they never thought that Shigure could actually act like this!

Akisame awkwardly coughs, "Ahem- that isn't what I meant. I want to see how developed your muscles are."

Hito nodded, he started to take off his shirt, thus showing his near perfect abs, and amazingly developed muscles.

Everytime he sees himself in the mirror half naked, he would often thank god for having a good quality muscles, not too bulky nor too thin, just perfect.

Seeing his muscles, they couldn't help but amazed, it was as if his muscles were specially made by God, as for them they couldn't do the same thing, they would get bulkier as they train, something like this is rare truly rare.

Kensei couldn't help but ask, "Young man, it's rare for someone to have the same muscles, it's either natural or carefully cultivated, based on what I could see it's natural no?"

"Yes, it's natural I don't train very often." Hito shamelessly lied through his teeth, without even blinking nor changing his expression.

Hearing that they were even more surprised, however Hayato wasn't surprised since he already knew this advance, he added.

"A rare type of body that appears once every century, you guys know what I mean right?"

"Apa! What do you mean?" Apachai asked.

"..... Except for you Apachai."

Hearing Hayato's words, their surprise turned into shock, they knew about this. Every master of Martial Arts knows this, it's a common knowledge for them, however they might know this but they don't believe it either.

But now the proof was just in front of them, the way they look at Hito changed, as if he was the most valuable treasure of all.

They knew that those who had kinds of bodies are Prodigy when it comes to Martial Arts! They were born to learn it!

They had the body to adapt the techniques, that causes a lot of strains in the body, in Martial Arts a good body foundation is extremely important.

Because even if you know all of the techniques, it could only make you slightly stronger and you couldn't let out it's real potential.

Akisame immediately spoke, "I'll teach him first!"

Kensei disagreed, "No, for such a rare type of person Chinese Martial Arts is suitable for him to learn first!"

Shio added, "I'll make an exception this time. I don't mind teaching him my techniques however, I'm going to wait, didn't he say it himself that he'll learn every Martial Arts here."

"Apa! Apachai thinks that he should teach him first!" 

"Buhahaha seeing you people getting work up is unusual!" Hayato laughed

While Shigure was silent all the time, however she would occasionally look at Hito, it was clear that she wanted to teach him a thing or two, she is curious on how much progress he'll do in handling weapons.

However this time, Hito saw her looking at him, he couldn't help but want to tease her, he winked at her. 

Shigure eyes widened, and immediately turned red, she left the room in a hurry. God knows how many times Hito made her blush in such a short time.

Miu obviously saw it, she saw that Hito was flirting with Shigure, she couldn't help but feel bitter in her heart, though she doesn't understand why.

Feels a little jealous for a reason, but she immediately shook it off, she thinks that it was just her imagining things.

Hito decided to interrupt both Kensei and Akisame, he exclaimed.

"Hey! You guys why not teach me both at the same time? I can pretty much do it..I guess? Just show me some basic moves. I think I can master it easily."

Kensei and Akisame stopped arguing, and all of them looked at him.

"Young sound confident?" Kensei said.

"You talk big kid, Martial Arts has never been easy." Akisame added, he said it was not easy, many people died learning it.

"Arrogant! You talk like learning Martial Arts is easy! It's like you're mocking us Martial Artists!" Shio was dissatisfied with Hito's attitude.

Hayato didn't say anything, he was thinking of something, while Miu sighs she thinks that Hito was ignorant of such a thing, Martial Arts isn't something that could be learned within just a single day!

Well they aren't wrong, it was never wrong however Hito had a cheat! He could literally learn everything just by knowing it's basics!

"Okay, I wasn't joking. I'll prove it to you. What about a bet? If I can't master a single Martial Arts, not a single technique but a whole martial arts today I would bet 500,000 yen if I lose."

All of them got Interested, it was money after all, getting it for free never hurts! Especially Kensei, he is the most interested here.

"Oh? A bet young man? Are you sure?" Kensei spoke, just to make sure.

"Yes, if I can't learn your Chinese Martial Arts today then I'll lose!"

Kensei was surprised by his confidence, he spoke. "I'm not sure where that confidence of you is coming from, but it's Impossible to learn a single Martial Art technique in a single day! Much more a whole set of Martial Arts? If you really insist I'll show you all the moves I have and I'll see if you'll learn it within a single day!"

Hito happily nodded, that's all he wanted! Even if he'd lose 500,000 yen it's all worth it!

"Then young man I'll start." 

Hito seriously focused his attention on Kensei's figure, it's his chance!

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