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Familliar - My Lord Can I Hold Onto Your Golden Thigh? - Chapter 5 by kixi full book limited free

Chapter 5: Familliar

The eagle Soul shook his head "Master Cepheus, nothing special this year it was the same every year." the eagle answers back to his master. The eagle is Cepheus spiritual beast, whom agree to make a soul contract with.

This little boy if you haven't noticed already is the villain who is also Celestia's fiancè Cepheus Dominic Whisterial and the eagle is his familiar.

"Oh I see, soul I think I found something interesting, it seems I found my little fiancee's wish." Cepheus said in a calm gentle voice, his eyes shine brightly in the darkness glowing red with interest. "Master when are we going to meet your mysterious fiancee, it's been a year since you tricked the Marquess in agreeing to the proposal, yet you have never met her before. humans are so weird." Soul complains in a deep calm voice however he sounds like he was enjoying a show.

It's been very long since he found something interesting, familiars live in the spirit realm and will only appear in the human realm if they feel a soul link to their master. However, they can only have one master in their life until their master dies and reincarnates in a new life. Soul has been living in the spirit realm for too long, so it seems like his master's mysterious fiancee might entertain his boredom.

"Soon I'll meet her soon, however, I'm not sure if I can at the same time. Her brothers are overprotective and will not let me get a glimpse of her." Cepheus said while chuckling remembering the year when the engagement was 'approved' by Celestia's family however he couldn't even get to see even a piece of her hair because her older brother kept him back.

As his chuckle fade away along with the light breeze in spring in the night, Cepheus and his familiar also disappear leaving no evidence behind where they were just a second ago, it was as if they were never there.

After the Spring Festival, there was a rumour going around the capital about a little spring goddess from the citizens, they named her 'Goddess Celestia'. This happens after Celestia big donation to the church and Orphanages in her fief, all the children sang songs about how pure her heart was sending kindness to all the children and blessing them with clothing for the new year and festival. This also gave a positive reputation to the Septihanus household, and everyone shows more respect and loyalty to the family. When Celestia heard this from the maid, Celestia lip twitch, she didn't expect for her donation to make such a big impact.

Gees, all I wanted was just to throw away my old gaudy clothes I didn't think they'll start calling me a goddess. As the rumour was flying around Celestia didn't put much thought into it and pushed it to the back of her head, since she was busy doing more research of health and beauty, also her magic, since this is a world full of magic she has been researching about magic. Celestia only cared about how to make herself more beautiful and how to become powerful to avoid her death flag, Celestia has been preparing many plans for herself if seducing her fiancè and holding onto the golden thigh doesn't work.

It's been 10 months now, Celestia has been living in her new life. Elliot and Lucas just celebrated their birthday three months ago and has awoken their Familiar, Elliot has a black and grey wolf with a golden right eye and a blue left eye. On the wolf right eye it has two scars going across from its inner eyebrow down to its eyes ending it just above its cheeks the wolf also has a golden sun and sapphire moon tattoo it looks like the sun and moon are connected and embracing each other the tattoo is placed on the left front upper leg.

Elliot named his familiar Commander, meaning the leader of a pack and the alpha of his family. Commander is also a fighter familiar that can fight along with Elliot, the wolf is still a pup and it's growing with Elliot.

When children awaken their magic at age 5 they will start training and level up their magic for a year until the age of 6 to awaken their familiar, familiars are born as a small animal that will grow with its owner.

Lucas' familiar is a white polar bear, With a golden armour on his back, it has ash-grey eyes and soft fluffy fur. The bear is still young so its armour isn't necessarily needed to be worn. Lucas named his familiar General, as the familiar is a calm spirit animal that is similar to Lucas and is a strategist that plans before it attacks. When Celestia saw her brothers awaken their familiar for the first time she fell in love with their familiar wanting to touch their soft fur. Celestia also asks, Luciel and Charlie what their familiar was.

Luciel's familiar is a White tiger with beautiful sapphire eyes, it has gold and sapphire suit armour throughout its whole body and blue flames on all four paws. However, the amour can magically disappear if it's not in a battle and the flames will not appear unless it's master ask for it. Luciel named his familiar Chief as it stands for a strong leader and an important figure in the family.

Charlie's familiar is a beautiful nine-tailed orange fox with white tips on the ends of each tail and a white fur patch on its chest. When Celestia first heard this the first thing that came to her head was Naruto and his fox Kurama. However to Celestia's disappointment, Charlie didn't name him Kurama and his familiar was slightly different but his spirit animal was still cute, Charlie's familiar has red glowing tribal patterns along its body when it uses it's magic and there is a small fireball that follows the spirit beast. However of course it will disappear when it's not in battle the fox name is Skull, as the fireball that follows the fox looks like a shape of a skull flames.

Celestia couldn't wait when she summons her familiar, in the game Celestia never got to summon her familiar since she was weak and her magic wasn't enough to be able to open the spiritual realm to make a contract with her spiritual beast. This has never happened before since even if a person doesn't have strong magic they could still be able to summon their spiritual beast. However Celestia was the only one, this gave her a bad reputation, making her loose confidence. However this time Celestia will change that and study hard on magic to meet her Spiritual familiar.

Celestia has changed so much over the last 10 months, she has grown taller, her skin has become smoother and she has become slim although she is still young and still has her baby fat however she has become cuter every day. Celestia's health and beauty shop has become successful and she is known as the richest child in the merchant society, making tons of tons of money every day. Celestia has also become a well-known figure not just among commons but also in the noble circle although she barely shows up in parties unless she has to but everyone recognises her at first glance, as her nickname among both social circles is the 'Phantom Goddess'.

This name has been following Celestia ever since the Spring Festival, since no one knows how she looks like, as they only get a glimpse of Celestia for a while at social gatherings then she disappears like as if she is a spirit thus the name changed to the 'Phantom Goddess'. When Celestia heard this she became happy as she took the advantage of her rising name and focus on her business, promoting many new items to the public in both the nobles and commoners. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

While Celestia was in the library with Luciel and Lucas reading books about familiar and spirits she couldn't help but imagine what kind of animal beast she'll summon, she hopes it will be a Dragon, Phoenix, Gryffindor or even a Pegasus will be awesome and beautiful as it will go well with her beautiful enchanting looks.

However, in the book, it explains how a familiar will be summoned and the meaning behind the spirit animals. Familiars symbolise a person's life and personality, for example, a dragon symbolises a king, a strong leader and an important figure to a kingdom or a Wolf that symbolise loyalty, and a true leader to its pack as well as a faithful companion to its members. Familiars also symbolise their master's previous life, thus they are like guardian spirits to protect their master.

"Ci have you battle with Chief against anyone before?" Celestia asks while she was lying on the soft carpet reading the book as the white tiger and white polar bear is lying next to her on either side. Ever since her brothers found out she loves their spirit animals they have been summoning them out to play with Celestia, not only that but Celestia has a charm that makes all their spirit animal calm and wants to be near her. It was like as if Celestia was their Queen.

Luciel looks at Celestia and thought for a second trying to recall if he has in the past "Yes with Charlie's familiar Skull, father will always get us to battle with our familiars every three months. Elliot and Lucas will have their first training with their familiar soon."

Celestia's eyes sparkle when she heard about the twins' training soon she wanted to watch the battle between a wolf and a bear. As this is a rare occasion she wanted to sneak a peak of it, especially magic between familiars was not something she can see back on earth let alone magic in a battle. Celestia also wants to know how strong has the twins become ever since they awoke their familiar three months ago. Although the rules are three months training and then they will battle however their father wants to see how strong their familiar are and observe their weaknesses and strengths. Even though the familiar is still young and only a little cub they are as old as time.

Spirit animals don't die, they live until their masters die and will spiritually go back into the realm world and wait for their master to be reincarnated again. "I can't wait for the battle I wanna watch it too, it will be my first show to watch a battle between the Familiar" Celestia said with so much enthusiasm as she hugs General in her arms and scratches Cheif behind his ears. "En, we'll go and watch Lucas and Elliot battle and support them." Luciel said with a soft smile, Lucas who was quiet spoke up "Celestia when you summon your Spirit animal in two years let's battle General against yours and see who's spirit animal is stronger." Lucas said shamelessly, although it sounded like he is supporting his younger sister however everyone knows that his spirit animal will be stronger.

"Cas, don't bully me we both know that general will be stronger than my spirit animals once I summon it for the first time," Celestia said with a pout. Before Lucas could reply there was a knock on the door a maid walks in and bow to her young masters and miss. "Young miss, Marquess and Marchioness, has asked you to go to the guest hall to greet an important guest." the maid said in a respectful tone, Celestia and her brothers were confused thinking who this important guest is and only Celestia has to be there. However since she didn't think it was that important she keeps it at the back of her mind. "ok thank you, I'll head over there soon." Celestia replied with a smile. the maid bows and walks out of the library.

"Who is the important guest that, father and mother won't allow us to see them?" Lucas thought out loud curiously. Luciel kept quiet for a while before he got up from the couch Celestia and Lucas look up towards their older brother, "Lucas quickly go and find Charlie and Elliot, and head to the guest hall, I'll go with Celestia and head their first." Luciel said no he commanded in a calm voice however they could see he wasn't acting like his calm self.

Although Lucas was confused and wanted to ask more however what's important now is to find his brothers, Lucas nod his head and ran out of the room. Celestia got up with Chief in her arms as General follow Lucas to look for her brothers. "Ci what's wrong?" Celestia asks with a confused but worried voice, Luciel shook his head with a gentle expression, "nothing I'm just preparing to go 'greet' the important guest since he is important we must gather everyone to show respect." Luciel said as he emphasised the word greet, to no one in particular.

Celestia didn't think much and just agree to her brother since he is older than her physically, and he is very clever for his age so he should know what to do as she is from the 21st century and doesn't understand the etiquette in this world. As they headed towards the guest hall they met up with the other siblings halfway, Luciel and Charlie spoke quietly at the front as Celestia was walking at the back with the twins in a daze, thinking about who the guest was. They soon arrive at the door of the guest room as soon as it opens Luciel and Charlie walks in fist followed by her twins then Celestia.

Celestia saw her parents sitting on the couch and across from her was A young handsome man with strawberry blonde hair and yellow eyes next to him was a beautiful Southern dessert woman with midnight black hair and red gem eyes and sitting next to her was...

kixi kixi

What type of spirit animal will Celestia have comment down below which animal do you think she will get.

I know it seems rushed however I really want to skip all of this and get to the drama which is when she is an adult.

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