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75% My Marvel Reincarnation. / Chapter 15: Filler

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Chapter 15: Filler

[Current Powers]

1. Spider-Man – Wall crawling, strength, agility, dexterity, spider sense, under-wrist bone spikes, invisibility and bio-electricity.

2. Magic

3. Wolverine – Rapid healing, bone claws, enhanced senses

4. Kitty Pryde – Intangibility

5. Storm – Weather control

6. Cyclops – Red concussive laser blasts from the eyes

7. Jean Grey – Telekinesis, telepathy, flight

8. Charles Xavier – Psychic abilities (powerful telepathy and ESP)

9. Hulk – strength, get infinitely stronger and durable with adrenaline (can be triggered automatically by experiencing intense emotions (such as anger) that can trigger the adrenal glands. Don't like it? That's fine, I may expand on it later)

10. Abomination – strength, durability

11. The Juggernaut – Nigh unlimited strength, limitless stamina during physical activity, near invulnerability due to personal force field over the skin, self-sustenance (no need to eat, breathe, drink or sleep), pseudo-immortality (doesn't age, almost impossible to kill by convention means), immunity to toxins, poisons and disease, almost impossible to stop once moving.

12. The Speed Force

Similar powers such as strength, speed etc. stack.

There's Lex's current list of powers that some of you have asked for.


[First Person POV]

I rocketed into the main hub of my lair and came to an abrupt halt as golden electricity covered my body and dissipated. I then step out of the mirror dimension and back into the regular world, "Welcome back Lex, good work tonight" Selene greeted me.

"Thanks, how's the internet reacting to those Youtube videos you posted"? I asked her. I'd bought the fledgling platform, then hired and left the running of it to its creators who still had passion for their creation.

They'd been given shares in the company and would all be very rich in the near future. Selene helped them as an online consultant and would ensure the platforms growth and dominance, just like she would with the other platforms I own, Twitter and Facebook.

This time around the platforms would be for all people, she'd been instructed to create a few basic AI's that would enforce each platforms rules without favoring anyone or being too strict.

Easy to understand guidelines had been made for creators, users and official platform partners to follow. There were other things in place to assure fair play for everyone but that wasn't important right now.

"The videos have gained a lot of traction in the short time they've been up" Selene replied, "Twitter and Facebook have also picked the videos up, they're going "viral" as you like to put it", she continued.

"Good, you didn't put in the part where I jammed a blade into Osborn's heart did you"? I ask knowing that she most likely hadn't.

"No dummy, I didn't. What kind of A.I. do you think I am"? She said indignantly, "Sorry, I know you wouldn't do that but I still had to confirm it. It's a paranoid human thing" I explain myself.

*Humpf* is all the reply I get and I immediately roll my eyes because now I had to deal with a moody A.I.

"Alright, alright enough. How's the fallout being handled"? I say exasperated, "Various national news organisations have been given verifiable evidence files on Norman and they're jumping on it", Selene answered.

"Tomorrows headlines will read something akin to "Norman Osborn revealed as Green Goblin before death" or "The Batman exposes and eliminates Norman Osborn". You know, whatever gets them the most attention", she added after.

"Good, that's good, now's time to start my exposé plans I think. Selene I want you to start feeding information to reputable journalists and news organisations on the corrupt government officials and businessmen we planned on" I inform her.

"Will do, do you want slow agonizing deaths or quick executions in terms of the evidence we supply"? She asked.

"Quick deaths for those that aren't too egregious, and death by 1000 cuts for those that deserve to be destroyed, you know the ones" I respond absentmindedly, looking at my phone.

"And Selene, start the internet journalist persona we planned for you and start exposing the mainstream media and Hollywood for their corruption and hypocrisy", I order. "Sounds like fun", she comments.

I'm watching some replays of my fight Selene and others had posted to Youtube, Twitter or Facebook, all had the end where Norman bites the dust cut out for obvious reasons.

"Post the full uncut videos on the usual underground websites and forums" I tell Selene after I finish watching a replay, people would be looking for and posting their own uncut videos of the fight, at least mine would be high quality.

"I'll never understand humanities fascination with death and destruction" Selene answered in response. "We're a morbidly curious species, no doubt about that" I reply semi-distractedly, looking at a new message on my phone.

"What's got your attention"? Selene asks noticing my split attention, "Apparently my title fight has been confirmed for early 2010, it'll be my 15th win and it's for the title" I tell her with a smile.

"You don't think you're moving too fast"? Selene asks, "4 fights last year, and this year I beat another 4, it's not crazy" I reply.

"Whatever you say Lex" she says in defeat, "Damn straight" I say with a cocky grin.


[Time Skip – 2010]

[Third Person POV]

Lights dimmed and an excited hush came to the crowd of 80,000 in the large arena the UFC PPV was taking place in tonight.

Colored lazer lights and spot lights came on and swirled around the arena in a dazzling display before turning off as a guitar could be heard starting to play, along with what sounded like people stomping and clapping.

During an extended intro to God's Gonna Cut You Down by Johnny Cash a single spot light dropped onto a black hooded figure.

Just as the lyrics began the figure dropped its hooded covering to the ground, revealing the imposing and aesthetically gifted form of the number 1 contender for the UFC Heavyweight Championship, "No Mercy" Alex Mercer.

"You can run on for a long time, run on for a long time, run on for a long time, sooner or later god'll cut you down, sooner or later god'll cut you down" The voice of Johnny Cash sung as Alex made his way to the octagon, by himself like always.

The crowd went nuts when he dropped the hood and showed his bearded face and intricate viking-styled hair. They watched as he made his way to the octagon with what could only be described as murderous intent in his eyes.

After passing the pre-fight checks with officials he made his way into the octagon and to his blue corner.

His friends and family stood ring side with his stool and water instead of the usual contest winners he'd have for every UFC fight, he'd done that after being told he needed to have corner men.

The audience watched as the number 1 contender paced in his corner of the cage. As his music ended the lighting changed and another song started playing as the defending champion made his way to the octagon with his entourage.

The champion, John "The Money" Maker, had been reigning as champion atop the heavyweight division for 5 years, and since his debut 8 years ago he had won all 20 of his UFC fights, some in amazing wars and others in dominant victories.

It was safe to say that "Money Makers" ego had grown gigantic, and for good reason. His problem was that his opponent gave him no respect, called him out on his bullshit and generally did anything he could to get in his head.

No one would ask why Alex Mercer would verbally attack so relentlessly tho, as the champ had been talking trash about Alex and his family for the last 2 years any chance he got as well as a scandal from 6 months ago.

It had come out that there was a police report made against John Maker for spousal abuse. The girlfriend refused to press charges tho so he was released, but not before someone released the photos the police took of her bruised and battered face.

Lex had taken the situation very seriously; it's what made him start what many analysts, commentators and fans would refer to as "The Countdown".

Alex had started a countdown to the exact time the fight would start; during every press event and every interview Lex had to do he would end it with another countdown time.

In the last pre-fight press conference Alex had ended it by looking at the champion and saying "1 day John, 1 day until I cut you down. Tic-tok, your time's almost up", before he walked off, preventing John from responding.

John now walked into the octagon and refused to look at Alex, he still walked with swag and jawed at the audience, but he wouldn't look at his opponent, intimidation was evident in his posture.

Alex however, was staring at John almost without blinking, he never took his eyes off the champion and when the ref brought them to the middle for last instructions, and asked if either of them had any questions or anything to say Alex said he did.

"Time's up John" Alex said while staring right into Johns eyes who'd finally decided to look at his opponent.

Lex and John made their way back to their respective corners gave the ref a nod when asked if they were ready and the fight began.

Unlike every other fight he'd been in, Alex didn't play with his opponent from defense and then go for the K.O. He took the center of the cage and proceeded to go on the attack and pick apart John with surgical precision.

Every time John tried something he was shut down and then punished for it, it was like John got sucked into fighting exactly how Lex wanted.

It was a brutal outclassing of a very good champion and it was obvious that Lex was out to prove a point. He battered Johns legs, stomach and ribs and busted up his face that the man had had been so fond of calling "pretty".

John now sported a busted and swollen lip from a left-hook, a cut through his left eyebrow from a right-elbow and now what appeared to be a broken nose after a right-cross.

John was in panic mode, he couldn't touch his opponent no matter how hard he tried. He went for a take-down and ended up with a knee in the face, breaking his nose worse than it already was and putting it to the right side of his face.

He made his way back to his feet quickly yet unsteadily, the knee had rocked him badly, all he could hear was his heartbeat in his ears, and all he could see was double vision of a nightmare in the human form of his opponent.

The crowd was going wild, the reigning champion was being taken apart worse than any of them had ever seen. Alex Mercer was reveling in the destruction of the "woman beating coward" as he liked to call his opponent.

The end came when John went for a Hail Mary and rushed in, throwing a looping right over-hand.

Alex leaned back and out of the way of the wild punch and watched as his opponent whiffed the strike and came down low, looking like he was trying to feed the missed punch into a take-down attempt.

Lex quickly caught on to what John was trying and brought up his right knee into his opponents chin, bringing his head back up.

As Johns head came up Lex lashed out with a vicious left hook and caught him across the right side of his jaw, snapping his head towards Lex's right who immediately threw a right upper-cut into the underside of Johns chin.

The sounds of fists colliding with flesh were heard as the audience watched "The Money" Makers head snap back and his body go stiff.

The ex-champ toppled over like an old red-wood, hit the ground stiff as a board and didn't move for a period of time as the ref stopped the fight and the new champ celebrated by sitting on top of the cage walls, raising his hands in victory.

John came back to consciousness and had no clue what had happened after he went for a take-down, it was a total blank. All he could do in his confusion and pain was let the doctors attend to him and take him out of the cage on a stretcher and to the hospital.

A few moments later the ref was raising Alex's hand as the announcer proclaimed, "Your winner, AND NEEEW! UNDISPUTED UFC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD, ALEXANDER! "THE GREAT"! MERCERRR"!!!


[First Person POV - Lex]

The ref raised my hand and Dana put my title around my waist as Bruce Buffer loudly proclaimed me as the new heavyweight champion, I looked out at the audience and raised my hands and yelled in triumph as my friends and family made their way into the cage to celebrate with me.

I have some quick hugs and got some encouraging words from them before Joe Rogan retrieved me for a post-fight interview.

"I'm here with the winner and new undisputed heavyweight champion, Alex Mercer, Lex congratulations on a dominant victory" he congratulated me. "Thanks Joe, just had to give that asshole a reality check" I replied.

"Now we just heard Bruce call you Alexander "The Great", was that planned"? Joe asked.

"Yeah it was, I'm still "No Mercy" in the cage but tonight I solidified myself as the king of this division and this company. I'm the modern day Alexander "The Great"" I say, hamming it up for the audience like a pro-wrestler would.

"Well whether you go by "No Mercy" or "The Great", I don't think anyone will argue with you after that performance", Joe opinionated to me.

"What can I say? The loudmouth had it coming so I put him down hard" I replied before continuing, "I'm not saying I don't talk shit or that I'm an angel, but notice I never start the shit-talk. It's either people who think they want to fight me or basement dwelling trolls that start it. And while I'm certainly no angel I would never beat on a defenseless woman"! I end my state heatedly.

"You definitely ended it tonight" Joe said before indicating to look at the big screen, "Now looking at the replay you're style really switched up tonight and it seemed to put John on the back foot from the get go. Was that a strategy or did you just feel it in the moment"? He asked.

"I knew coming into tonight I would be on the attack, after everything he's said and done I felt it was time to punish him for it" I tell Joe then add, "But don't think I was fighting angry, that was a measured and clinical ass kicking".

"No doubt" said Joe as we proceeded to looked over some highlights and I gave some of my thoughts during them, "Now looking at this final sequence, was that practiced or did you just see the opening"? Joe questioned about the knee, hook and uppercut combo.

"Truthfully I just saw it as it was happening and knew my knee would land if I threw it. The left hook was just there as his head came back up and when I saw his jaw out in the open the right uppercut just happened out of reflex" I lied in explanation.

The real truth was that I calculated every move in the end sequence once I saw him trying to go for a take-down. The speedforce let me view things as slowly as I wanted while keeping my body at regular speed.

I'd decided the knee to bring his head up, the left hook to get his chin where I wanted it and the right upper-cut to finish it off was the best course of action as the round was almost over and I never wanted to get to a round 2.

I talked with Joe for a few moments longer before making my way out of the octagon with my family and friends as "You're the Best by Joe Esposito" played and the crowd went nuts again and started laughing, cheering and signing along.

I soaked it all up and reveled in the excited cheers and singing of the people while I gave high fives to those reaching out for one and sang along as I walked back up the extended isle and to my locker-room to shower and relax for a minute before going to the post-fight press conference.


[First Person POV - Lex]

After the press conference I made my way backstage shook hands and shared words with celebrities and other fighters, took some selfies with people that asked.

I eventually got my parents, Peter, Gwen, MJ and Felecia out of there and to a very fancy restaurant/nightclub for dinner.

It was a great night then while we were waiting in our private dining room for dessert, "Lex there's something I want to ask you" my mom says.

"Sure mom what is it"? I ask, "Why didn't you beat John quicker"? She questions me. I don't know what she's getting at.

"What do you mean? I beat him in the first round" I answer, "Don't play dumb with me young man, you may be a world champion fighter but I'm your mother and I can read you better than anyone." She says in her mom voice… 'Great, just what I need' I think to myself.

"Don't give me that look" she snaps, "You brutalized that man, you had him beaten after the first exchange you two had and you know it, but you held yourself back and just beat him up", she rightly accused.

I knew there was no point in arguing with her or denying it so I decided to just go with the truth. "Yeah, I did" I say succinctly. "Do you want to explain why"? She all but demanded.

It's times like this that I remember why I am still a loner a heart, just like in my old world I love my friends and family and would do anything for them but times like this annoy me.

When people put THEIR expectations on you, THEIR thoughts and opinions on how YOU should act and live. She may be my mother and I may love her greatly, but this shit has to end.

All emotion drops out of my face, and is replaced by a hard look as I meet her eyes and say, "He beat his girlfriend; I had some of my contacts dig up the medical and police reports. He broke her nose and fractured her eye socket".

"And this wasn't the first time, just the only one where her friend found her after and called the police. Then there are all the disparaging things he said about you and dad, so yeah mom, I beat him into a battered and broken mess" I leave a short pause after saying this before I continue.

"And I'd do it again" I say before snapping my fingers, *Snap*, "Just like that" I conclude, still staring in my mom's eyes, no emotion or remorse in my face.

There's an awkward silence around the table, no one wants to say anything as my mother and I stare at each other unflinching, but of course, my mother breaks eye contact first and looks down and then to my father as if to seek help.

I turn my gaze to my father as he starts to say, "Son, I-", "Stop" I interrupt him. "I did what I did and I won't apologize for it or be berated for it" I state emphatically.

There was another awkward silence and this time Peter speaks up, he'd been staring at his phone to avoid the awkward familial argument.

"Lex I just read a breaking report, John has cracked ribs, a fractured jaw, a shattered nose, a broken orbital bone and a concussion... oh and a torn meniscus", he informs me and everyone else.

Mom, dad, MJ, Felecia and Gwen all look shocked at the list of injuries my opponent received, as for myself? I felt a smug satisfaction.

At this moment MJ decides to speak up, "Tiger, no one's trying to berate you but what you did was more like street justice than an MMA fight" she says gently, trying to explain their position.

"I'm fine with that" I reply with a smirk, Felecia covers her moth with a napkin to hide her silent giggle; evidently she was fine with what I did.

But this is where the shit hit the fan, "You're okay with hurting someone so seriously"?! My mom all but yells, "You didn't seem to have a problem with what I did to MJ's abusive father, or Peters bully Flash Thompson" I remind her.

Apparently that was the wrong this to say, judging by how red her face went, "Those were entirely different situations! You reacted AFTER seeing them in distress! You PLANNED what you did in that cage"! She yelled.

"You're right, I did. I chose to make an example out of a woman beating, cowardly, piece of shit. I own that and I won't apologize or be guilt tripped because of it" I state heatedly before continuing.

"You don't like how I fight? Don't watch my fucking matches, because I'm done being shamed or questioned for who I am or what I do"! I conclude in a raised voice that's not quite a shout.

Everyone is taken aback by my straight-forward and downright blunt reply. I take a moment to collect myself before calmly looking at everyone.

"I hope you all had a great night before this unpleasantness, order whatever you want for the rest of tonight, the bill's automatically being charged to my account", I inform them.

At this point I stand up and button my suit jacket, "Thanks for coming out to support me tonight, I love you all, goodnight", I say in an even and calm voice that brokers no arguments before walking out of the private dining room and exiting the restaurant/nightclub.


[Third Person POV]

"Well I think that went well" Felecia says while perusing the menu, 'Why not take advantage of an open tab' she thought to herself.

She'd have gone after Lex but everyone knew when he wanted to be left alone, you leave him alone.

"Cat, can you not right now" Peter said in exasperation, "Whatever, I'm gonna go hit the dance floor, you coming Red"? Felecia responded before questioning MJ.

"Sure why not? Not like I was looking forward to dancing in our man's arms or anything" she replied sarcastically.

"Sweetie, he hasn't been ours since we left for college" Felecia reminded her, "Come on, let's go cheer ourselves up and have some fun dancing" she added before grabbing her girlfriends hand and escorting her to the nightclub side while handing her 1 of the fake I.D's. Lex had gotten for them.

After Felecia and MJ left it was just Lex's parents, Peter and Gwen in the private dining room. "This is my fault" Peter suddenly said out loud.

"Peter"! Gwen said as she gave her boyfriend a hard look. "Why would you say that"? Lex's mom Grace asked.

Peter and Gwen traded looks before Peter took a small device out of his pocket, put it on the table and pressed a button on its side.

An audible hum was heard briefly, "What's that Pete"? Lex's dad Thomas asked. "Something Lex and I made, it'll ensure our privacy" Peter answered.

Peter looked visibly nervous as he said, "Okay, so this is big but I don't want to cause a rift between you two and Lex"… There was a notable pause after peter said this.

"Peter what are you talking about"? Grace asked her sons friend in a concerned motherly tone. Once again Peter and Gwen traded looks before she gave him a small nod which seemed to bolster his confidence.

"I'mSpiderManandLexismybackerhestartedthelabIworkoutofandfundseverythingIthinkImayhaveinfluencedhimwithmydeterminationtohelppeopleandfightcrime", Peter blurts out fast in one breath.

"Woah, take it easy Pete" Thomas says, "Take a deep breath, calm down, and try again", he adds trying to calm him down. Peter stops and takes some slow deep breaths.

"Okay, I'm Spider-Man. And Lex is my backer, he started the lab I work out of and funds my research and inventions, as well as my Spider-Man work. I think I may have influenced him with my determination to help people and fight crime" Peter says clearly this time.

There was silence for a minute before Grace got up from the table and walked around it. Peter was expecting her to slap him or something; he wasn't expecting the hug he got.

"We're so proud of you Peter" Grace says while hugging him, "Lex's actions may be slightly more understandable now but they're definitely not your fault", she finishes.

"She's right kiddo, Lex said it himself, he owns what he did and he clearly doesn't feel bad about it. That's not your fault", Thomas says when the hug finishes.

"But I-" Peter starts, "Peter, I wasn't angry that Lex did what he did; I'm upset that it was planned", Grace says cutting him off.

"That may have been a fight but we all know what Lex is capable of. He assaulted that man and acted like a vigilante in that cage tonight, and what's worse is… He enjoyed it, he enjoyed hurting and toying with that man" Grace said sadly.

It was at this point that there was a solemn silence, until everyone's phone went off. They all looked at each other after the unusual timing and proceeded to check their messages.

Each of them received a comprehensive overview of all of Johns girlfriends injuries from her various hospital trips and the bogus reasons for each one.

By the end of their reading they all felt bitter about their reactions to Lex's actions. The beating and embarrassment John had suffered at his hands was more than justified in their eyes.

While none of them condoned what he did, they understood why. Lex's sense of justice was well known among those that knew him and now it looked like he was owed an apology.

"So… You're Spider-Man"? Thomas asked Peter with interest.


[Time Skip 2011]

[First Person POV – Lex]

In the months that followed my title win my parents and I had tentatively made up. It reminded me I had to keep the Dark Knight part of myself separate from my regular self.

I was fine with extreme violence against bad people, but not everyone else is and if I appear too comfortable with it I could lead people to possibly asking questions I don't want.

So in an effort to be less conspicuous, in terms of violence, and be seen differently I had done something I wished I could've done in my old world.

I used various ghost accounts and aliases to bribe, pressure or flat out blackmail the right people in congress to get marijuana recreationally legalized on a federal level.

Upon its legalization I, as UFC Heavyweight Champion Alex Mercer, had publicly come out as a supporter and proponent of marijuana.

I had even started my own marijuana empire; everything from growing to the end products in dispensaries I owned. There were even custom strains named after fighters who partnered with my company and merch lines.

I capitalized and made not just myself, but many other fighters and athletes in general extremely rich.

Then there was my "research division" that was really just Selene and I releasing our findings of what medical uses the plant has.

So with a public persona as an ass kicking world champion that now liked to smoke a bit of the devils lettuce and sold "the best weed ever" as many stoners liked to say, I was more popular than ever and my identity was as safe as ever.

It was March of 2011, I was now 18 – 0 with 3 title defenses as of February and was now waiting patiently for things to kick up again.

The Senate was having talks about Tony Starks Iron Man armor, there would be hearings next month, kicking off Iron Man 2. This meant it was only a month or two until Thor comes to earth as well.

I can't wait to get my hands on some Asgardian powers and abilities, not to mention some Uru from The Destroyer after it's been... destroyed.

The situation with Thor would most likely be my debut as Superman, after all I still wanted to go to Asgard and get Odins powers and abilities as well.

So with those thoughts in mind I finalize some plans and prepare myself for a minor public debut, but more importantly, I prepare to become a god… or a divine… a demi-god maybe?

I don't know, Asgardians are powerful and long-lived, but they were still mortal, they could still die.

I know better than anyone; I'd watched Ragnarok and witnessed the destruction of Asgard and then I'd seen Thanos wipe out half of what was left and kill Loki.

This time around Asgard will live, Hela and Thanos will die and maybe I will finally be strong enough to find The Living Tribunal or Eternity, maybe even the big daddy himself, The One Above All.

That's all in the future tho, right now I had a blue shape-shifter to locate. Superman won't wear a mask but he can't look like me, so it was time to find Mystique.



As the title said, it was a filler chapter this week, sorry, I just wanted to set up my next chapter which will hopefully make up for this chapter pissing off or annoying some of you. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Anyways, please leave a comment or some power stones if you feel so inclined. I appreciate the well wishes for my shitty back (it's still shitty btw, lol), and I appreciate everyone that gives my story a read.

I'll see you all next weekend, have a good one people.

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