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2.25% My Master Is Super Powerful But Overly Steady / Chapter 6: Zi Menghan Had Created Her Own Cultivation System!

Chapter 6: Zi Menghan Had Created Her Own Cultivation System!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Two months later, the divine energy in Ye Chen's body surged crazily - his life's vital Qi was raging like huge waves, attacking his meridians again and again.


After countless attacks, Ye Chen's meridians suddenly opened up, and the divine energy formed by his life's vital Qi started to wash over his limbs and bones anew, rejuvenating and nurturing his internal body endlessly.

Finally, the Law Realm!

[Congratulations, you have broken through to Law Realm! You have obtained a secret method, the Ten Thousand Puppet Art.]

[Ten Thousand Puppet Art: A secret method to make puppets. Depending on the materials, the puppets would be able to unleash different battle power. Puppets recognize their master through a blood pact and can be used as an avatar. It would never betray its master.]

Ye Chen looked happy. The Ten Thousand Puppet Art was made for him. With this, he could finally 'multitask' - his puppet would go wherever and do whatever freely while Ye Chen would remain safe behind the scenes. 

If he used it together with his Divine Concealment, it would be enough to make his puppets look real!

Right then, Ye Chen noticed that there were three unread messages on the master-disciple interface, which reminded him that he still had a disciple.

'Even though I have taken in a disciple, I have been quite absent from her for the past two months. I haven't taught her anything yet, so could these notifications be about her running away and betraying Qingyun Peak?'

Ye Chen opened the notifications mentally and was stunned.

[Your disciple Zi Menghan was influenced by your cultivation, so she created a cultivation system with visualization as the core. With the Visualization Cultivation System, she has the potential to turn anything into reality. For example, by visualizing her own body, she could make herself strong and see everything with a broader view and deeper understanding. The Visualization Cultivation System is still in its embryonic form and being perfected.]

[Your disciple, Zi Menghan, has determined the first realm of the Visualization Cultivation System: Sea of Consciousness Realm. She can derive the sea of consciousness in her mind by visualizing and borrowing the power of her surroundings to refine her mental strength and strengthen her soul. She is now one step closer to reaching her potential of turning anything into reality. The Sea of Consciousness Realm can be divided into Early, Mid, Late, and Peak Stage)

[Your disciple, Zi Menghan, has been deeply immersed in the mysterious Dao rhythm you emitted while cultivating and has deduced a cultivation method suitable for the Visualization Cultivation System: the Great Freedom Visualization Heart Scripture. Currently, she can cultivate to the Peak Stage of Sea of Consciousness Realm.]

Ye Chen blinked hard as he read these three messages several times. He started to grow a little suspicious. "Is this because she is a Qi anomaly that she could create her own cultivation system? This disciple with an Innate Crippled Body is too freakish!"


Zi Menghan pushed the door open and walked out. When she saw Ye Chen in the outdoors as well, she was surprised. "Master, you have come out!"

Ye Chen was still a bit suspicious, "You are able to sense that I have come out?"

"Of course!"

Zi Menghan quickly nodded and excitedly said, "When Master was cultivating, the Ten Thousand Dao Harmony nearby had benefited me a lot. I found a suitable path for my cultivation, which was to visualize everything in the world.

"With that discovery, the first thing I visualized was the Dao rhythm that Master had exuded, which then allowed me to visualize the origin of everything in the world, Master's cultivation has been very beneficial to mine.

"I had lost some control earlier and had to withdraw myself from that state of visualization. But when I started to visualize again, I could only see the appearance of all things in the world, not their origins. And that was how I knew Master was done cultivating for the time being."

The admiration on Zi Menghan's face for Ye Chen grew stronger as she spoke.

For her to comprehend so much just by cultivating beside her master would make it hard for anyone to imagine her master's cultivation method.

And she had accomplished all of these while they were both supposed to cultivate in a low-key manner.

Ye Chen slightly nodded and said, "You have found your way so quickly. Your comprehension is not bad."

Zi Menghan was overjoyed to hear Ye Chen's praises for her. "Master, I have created a cultivation method based on the Dao rhythm that you emitted during your cultivation. It is called the Great Freedom Visualization Heart Scripture. I hope you can please examine it and give some feedback."

Then, Zi Menghan started to recite the Great Freedom Visualization Heart Scripture, as well as its essence and key points. Ye Chen started to look at her in a different light.

Once she was done, Ye Chen looked straight into her expectant eyes and said, "Not bad at all! Since you are the one who created this brand new cultivation system, it would be fine as long as you improved it according to your own ideas. There would be no need to worry too much about how it fits into others' cultivation methods. However, this path will not be an easy one for you to walk on. If you wanted to go further on this path, you would have to put in more effort than the others.

"Don't worry, Master! I have had an Innate Crippled body since I was young. Now that I can finally cultivate, how could I dare to relax at all?!" Zi Menghan had a strong resolve to do her absolute best.

Ye Chen nodded and said, "Right, I am preparing to make a puppet. If you are interested, you can watch me."

"Puppet? Can it be used as an avatar?" Zi Menghan's eyes lit up.

She had remembered the rules set by her master. If she could use an avatar, then she wouldn't have to use her real body. Now that her master was preparing to make a puppet, she was naturally very interested.

"You will know when it is done."

Ye Chen replied simply as he walked to an empty space by the lake. He stretched out his hand and gently touched the air, causing a pile of materials to appear in front of him.

"Cold ironwood, blood essence stone, thousand tenacious vines, mysterious jade glue, spirit illusion crystal... All these materials are top-quality materials, Master!" Zi Menghan named the materials excitedly as if she was talking about her family's treasures.

Ye Chen raised his eyebrows slightly and smiled. "You are quite familiar with these materials."

Zi Menghan stuck out her tongue mischievously. "Since I've always had an Innate Crippled Body and couldn't cultivate, I read a lot of miscellaneous books instead."

With an empire as resourceful as Zi Wei Empire, it was not a big deal for Zi Menghan, their princess, to recognize these materials.

Ye Chen did not ask any further and proceeded to follow the records of the Ten Thousand Puppet Art. He carved out the 206 bones of the human body from the cold ironwood. After fusing them with the blood essence stone, they turned into flesh and blood. The subsequent fusion of the thousand tenacious vines turned them into the blood vessels of the puppet while the mysterious jade glue would turn into its skin and the spirit illusion crystal turned into its eyes.

Two hours later, a lifelike human-shaped puppet was created. It looked about eighty percent similar to Ye Chen but more ordinary-looking.

Ye Chen dripped a drop of blood essence on the human-shaped puppet's body and he immediately felt a connection to it.

Under Ye Chen's control, the human-shaped puppet stood up from the ground. Ye Chen could sense everything the human-shaped puppet sensed - its vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch, emotions, and so on. It was as if it was a clone of Ye Chen.

Ye Chen once again used Divine Concealment to change the puppet's aura to be exactly the same as his.

"Master, this puppet of yours is too real! I don't think anyone will be able to tell that it's just a puppet!" Zi Menghan was shocked.

Although she had seen many more powerful puppets in the Zi Wei Empire, it was the first time she had seen such a realistic puppet!

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