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0.85% My Multiverse Trip / Chapter 1: The end and the beginning.

Chapter 1: The end and the beginning.

Well let's start off with an introduction shall we? First my name is Ryan. 30 year old American guy. Average life none of those stupid overly powered things like millionaire playboy. Just a regular guy.

My hobbies include reading light novels and fanfictions. If I'm in the mood I'll look up some Manga. Then there's just those average days where you sit on YouTube and watch a billion videos on nonsensical things like those survival videos until your just bored and filled with stupid information you'll never ever use. Average stuff.

Today I'm going to tell you how I passed away.

Wait what?

Yeah I died.

I was reading at the library you know a nice quiet place and you know when they turn up the heat in the room and it's just the perfect temperature for you to lay your head down on your Harry Potter book and just pass out?

Yeah it happens in class too you just feel tired for no reason.

I woke to the sounds shouting and the roof being covered in a rolling flame. The shelves had gone up pretty fast and my vision was clouded by smoke.

I scrambled to my feet and started to rush toward the entrance. All around was basic chaos, the bookshelves where being knocked over and catching fire. Books don't make good fire stops people.

I noticed a small child about 9 crying for her mother, who had her leg trapped under a fallen bookshelf.

I rushed over to give her a hand. The woman grabbed onto my waist as I lifted the shelf up and pulled her leg out. I picked up the child and helped the mother as we started making our way to the exit.

Right as we were about to get out the roof groans. I look up and see flaming roof bits falling towards us and I know we aren't going to make it.

so I do what any self respecting hero would do. I drop the child.






I push the mother and daughter as hard as I can towards the exit while flaming hot debris falls on me.

I didn't die from the debris no I slowly roasted and let me tell you that's not a good way to go.

I screamed myself hoarse but after a bit I just couldn't go on and everything turned black and that's how I completed my ultimate form of jerked chicken BBQ style.

I woke up in a completely empty white space as far as the eye could see. The first thing I noticed was that I couldn't feel my legs hell I couldn't feel anything. I looked down at my body and noticed I didn't have a body. well shit.

"You are taking this quite well for being dead you know?" said a voice

"Who's there?!" I asked looking around confused.

I turn around only to see a gentle looking old man sitting across from me gazing at me kindly.

"hello there young man my name is $?&*#%$ but that's hard to pronounce for mortals you can call me God." said the now proclaimed God.

At about this point my minds going 100 miles an hour and I'm just staring at him. I mean I wasn't really religious in my life I believed there was a higher power though. But I didn't really go to church just figured you know if I didn't kill anyone I'd be fine and set to go to my happy spiritual place when I died.

"Ah well hello there I take it I died then?" I asked to confirm my situation.

"Yes you did. What was it you said? Right you achieved jerked chicken form. But quite the heroic way to do it I might say and fixed a mistake on my part." said God with a chuckle.

"Mistake?" I questioned.

"Oh yes even I make an ocasional blunder. You see that fire was caused by my accidentally releasing divine lightning and it would have killed that little girl and her mother. But thanks to you you've saved them and for that I'm going to give you a new chance to live and three wishes of anything you want." Replied god with a smile.

"Uh ok..quick question why did you accidently release divine lightning? That seems like a major thing to accidentally do." I asked

I notice gods cheeks light up slightly and he coughs out some words I can't make out sounding like cancelled Anime or something.

"*cough* let's not talk about that for now and get on to the real prize your next life." said God casually pushing the question under the rug.

"o...kay." I said giving him a suspicious look.

"Now you get 3 wishes, 2 for the lives you saved and 1 for your own life as compensation." he told me seriously.

"Sounds fair enough to me. can I ask some questions though?"

"Sure." he replied

"okay well first question what do you mean new life?" I asked.

"Well you can pick any time or place that you want to live and I'll send you there." he tells me.

"Nice. so is it reincarnation or transmigration? I read some light novels about that I enjoyed them." I asked excitedly

"Exactly and you get to pick which one you want." He said with a smile

Inwardly I'm screaming and shouting with joy. I'm about to blow up with excitement this is something great. Hundreds of world's are running though my head like Naruto or bleach maybe a cultivation world or dxd, ooooh. How about one piece?

But then all of a sudden my mind grinds to a halt and starts screaming at me dangerous, those world's are dangerous. I need a nooby world to begin with and I've got just the one.

Harry potter, I mean where else can I get the ability to teleport and a nifty room on the 7th floor filled with goodies plus magic I mean which child doesn't love magic? Well there's my first world choice out of the way.

"Alright second question will I retain my memories?" I ask seriously.

"Quite smart of you to ask hardly anyone does and yes you'll keep your memories. Wouldn't be much of a second life if you didn't."

"ah thank god for that." I sighed in relief

"Your welcome." God laughs.

Ah i forgot who I was talking too for a minute.

"My third question is will I have a body that's able to use all types of different magic based systems? Such as chakra or spiritual power or magic?" I asked. This is good to know or I'd have to stick to certain worlds.

"Of course, but you'll still have to train in those systems to be able to use them." he answers.

"That seems fair. So last question am I going to have to do something for you like fight some strange evil god that suddenly defeated you or save the universe from destruction?" I ask seriously. I don't like being tricked.

"No my boy. None of that your not some super being who lost his memories and has some hidden wife somewhere who needs saving." he laughs happily.

I'm sweating internally. That was a very specific statement, because that's just what I don't want man I just want to relax.

"Alright I'll trust you on this." I say. Even if it does happen we will deal with it.

"Okay now then if your done with all your questions let's get into your wishes okay?" he smiles happily.

"Alright well then for my first wish..."

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