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23.52% My new item can raise infatuation, but! / Chapter 7: Miku pt 2

Miku pt 2 - My new item can raise infatuation, but! - Chapter 7 by Ru_ri full book limited free

Chapter 7: Miku pt 2

Sect lewder Q&A: Who do you prefer?

1- sadistic yandere

2-masochist yandere

3-crazy yandere

4-Overprotective milf yandere

5-jealous yandere who only want you for her self

6-confinement yandere who only wants your corpse

7-loli sister yandere

8- psychopathic yandere

9-stalker yandere

10-tsundere yandere

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<Current infatuation: 35%>

"What!? How is this possible?" I was stunned and quickly looked at the girl sitting on my lap; she had a mix between a hateful and loveful look on her face; her breathing was heavy, blowing sweet Jasmine air every now and then, tickling my neck. Regardless of her fierce look, the rapid flutters her heart makes exposed the awkwardness she's feeling. But I still couldn't understand from where the infatuation points came from.

I mentally called Narcos and asked him about what's happening.

<Host triggered some kind of reaction inside of the target mind, Narcos advice the host to keep his previous act>

"Reaction? I literally sexually assaulted her following my wrathful emotions," I screamed; I have no idea how my froggy kiss can alter my death.

<The kiss was just an ingredient; something from what the host said was the primary reason for this change>

"Ah? Something I said? I don't really remember anything special!"

<Even my advanced operation system can't understand what just happened but please host, quickly get back to the original act>

"Really system? How could you call yourself godly then?."


My internal conversation only took 2 seconds; the girl was still dizzy, wondering what I'm going to do next; I hastily got back to my asshole mode and whispered in her ears, "Princess, You should be kissed more often, and by someone who knows how."

Her temperature yet again risen, and she asked in a half annoyed, half shy voice, "Why did you try to kill me?."

I got puzzled by her question, 'kill you? Bitch I won't even hurt a fly, let along kill you, but I like this development; she might respect me more if I picked my words right.'

"Didn't I say it to you formerly? Your personality, attitude, looks toward me, all made me that way," I muttered in an evil, sinister voice.

'Looks? Attitude? Is he this obsessed with me? How could he go to all these lengths just for me? I never thought I would entice a psychopath with my actions, but why do I feel good about it? This is weird! Why would I feel happy? I mean, he is taller and stronger than all the kids I met, and he does look partially unrecognizable after his transformation, of course, no way in my level. But, still, I had hundreds of people pursuing me, but I never even spared them a glance. After all, no one deserves me, but this crazy pig managed to make my heart wildly beat it want to come out from my chest! And I feel this weird emotion, what was it name again? Loved? Lust? All I know is that it's completely different than the love I receive from everyone.'

'My strange urges are kicking because of him! What should I do?' Miku internally acquainted.

"W-would, you kill me if I looked down in you again?" she asked.

'Hell No! Do I look like Hannibal to you? But shit! Keep the act; I should act as tough as possible'

"Definitely!" I angrily shrieked.

"What if I told my parents?" She spitefully said, for some reason, her temperature kept rising like a microwave.

"I will kill you and them too before they even think about reporting it to the police," I frankly said. Of course, I'm not killing shit; I was just blatantly bluffing.

"Huh?" She screamed, her pupils got wider, and she continued with her weird questions, and I kept telling her lies about how I would kill her, but in different ways, till the last question she asked, I didn't know exactly how I can answer it.

She looked deeply in my eyes, and hesitantly asked, "W-would you kill me if I looked at other boys?" she blushed and averted her gaze.

I was about to say the original dense sentence every Japanese main character would've come up with, but the system blocked me.


<Host obligated to say exactly this sentence>

<"I will gouge the eyes of anyone who will even think about looking at you">

'System what is this? No way I would say such a cringe worthy line; just let me act like an ignorant dumbass so our story can progress!'

<Because the host rejected the system obligatory orders, A temporarily Auto mouth control will be applied >

'What!?' I was shocked; my system can control my body?

<Initializing mouth control>

"I will gouge the eyes of anyone who will even try and take a look at you." my hands that were still curled with her soft hand tightened even more, while my eyes were bloodshot from the anger of getting my body controlled.

'You fucking bastard system! I hate this damned girl; do you realize that you are making me look like I crazly love her!'

The firmness on Miku lips crumbled. She wasn't shocked about my obsessive nature anymore, or even my crazy threats. But, how easily I said them, she can feel immense truthfulness and confidence coming from that last sentence. Like a lion protecting his cubs, Her temperature is already nearing an explosive volcano.

That warm but wicked smile on my face, Every time I mutters how I will monopolize her time and completely abuse her life, causes A liquid to spill between her legs; she never felt this way; A unthinkable shame hit her soul, uncharacteristic ideas circulated her mind, blinded by the new sensation, she wanted more of those psychopathic reactions from me; a dark urge blackened her thoughts; she really wanted to try and get him angry again, and see how much I'm crazy about her, how I will abuse her also, and claim her soul and being.

'Would he really kill me? How about the handsome boy that sent me a love letter in the art school? Would he kill him too? Would he confine me in a room? And abuse every inch of my body? I-i wants to find out!'

Her body shook, the triggered urges took over her mind for a second, But shortly, the idea got eliminated by her moral sense.

'This kid is dangerous!'

"Can you let me go now? I promise I won't tell anyone what happened," she said.

I intimately combed her hair while feeling her voluptuous butt in my lap; if the system already took this route, then why I should care.

"Of course, I trust you won't pull anything funny, but you forgot to call me something."

"What do you mean?" confusedly, she questioned.

An intense sharp look naturally appeared on my face, followed by daddy froggy sickening look "Aren't you my maid for a month?"

'Hehe! I might be struck by lightning if the god heard I scammed this yet to be goddess into becoming my maid'

"huh!?" her eyes blinked.

"A-Ah, I mean, yes!"

I smirked, "Then you should call me Master from now on."


"..." Panic and humiliation followed every expression she made.

I moved from her hair, and touched her cheeks with the back of my fingers, the movies in my grandma room, helped me immensely in this situation.

"M-master," she fetchingly said and averted her gaze, looking at my chest.

'Oh My god! A fairy just called me master! Master froggy can die peacefully now'

"Hehehehe! Great, that's way better!"

I let her go and sat on my bed looking at the seeling, marveling about how just a couple of minutes ago, I nearly died.

"Grandma said A good kiss could fix everything! She was true! Thank you, grandma!"


"What? You want a kiss too from daddy frog?"

<Host froggy lips can cause nauseousness, want me to show you your pathetic stats?>

"You fucking asshole! Hmph! I'll just enjoy my survivor alone"

A while passed before a notification clouded my eyes.


<+25 infatuation points>

<Current infatuation: 60%>

<Infatuation surpassed 50%, status change: confusion>>>>> intrest>

<New function available>

'function? Narcos quickly Show me'

<You can mindread Miku 2 times for 15 seconds every 30 days>


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