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60.19% My New Life As A Pokémon Trainer (Rewrite) / Chapter 62: Sunburst Island

Sunburst Island - My New Life As A Pokémon Trainer (Rewrite) - Chapter 62 by Fantasywriter345 full book limited free

Chapter 62: Sunburst Island

Once again, Ashlyn and her friends were sailing through the sunny surf. Tesla and Raichu were on Lapras's head, enjoying the view.

Tesla spotted something, floating on the water, "Raichu? (What's that?)" She asked.

This got the gang curious, they saw a bottle floating on the water.

Ashlyn stopped Lapras and Tesla used her tail to grab the bottle and handed it to Ashlyn.

Ashlyn looked at the bottle, which had a piece of paper inside, "Huh? There's a paper inside." She said and she opened the lid of the bottle.

"Looks like a letter." Misty said.

"Raichu." Raichu blinked.

"Might be from one of the islands." Tracey said.

"What does it say?" Volkner asked.

Ashlyn remove the paper from inside the bottle and opened it up reading it out, "Umm, let's see. "If you know anything about a Pokémon known as the Crystal Onix, let me know right away. Signed Marissa Isao from Sunburst Island." Huh?" She said, confused by this message.

"The Crystal Onix?" Misty asked, curious.

"Yeah, it's suppose to be an Onix made out of glass crystal." Tracey replied.

"Is it real?" Misty questioned.

"I heard about it. It's a myth. But there are some people who've said they've seen it." Ashlyn answered, "We should go check it out. Who knows? We might even see the Crystal Onix."

"I would like to see this Crystal Onix myself." Tracey agreed. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Doesn't sound like a bad idea." Volkner said.

"Alright. Lapras, Onwards to Sunburst Island." Ashlyn commanded.

"Lappp!" Lapras said.


The gang arrived at Sunburst Island and what they saw was a bunch of shops selling things made out of glass.

"Sunburst Island is famous for its shops of things all made from glass." Tracey explained.

"My mum has a glass figurine of a Pidgey," Ashlyn commented, "She got that as a gift a long time ago."

"My sisters have glass figurines too," Misty added, "Violet has a Seel, Daisy has a Staryu and Lily has a Goldeen."

The gang walked down a street where there were a lot of glass shops. You could see glass ornaments everywhere; glass vases, glasses to drink out of, glass plates and bowls and even glass Pokémon figures.

"You're still keeping this junk shop open?" A man voice said, that sound very annoyed.

"Rai?" Tesla's ear twitched.

The gang saw a little girl with pink hair, standing in front of a shop and a man who seemed to be scolding at the girl.

"You two should just close this shop," The man suggested in a rude tone, "Your brother has no talent of making glass figurines."

"Yes he does," The little girl said, sadly, "He's just having trouble."

"Come now. Don't start crying on me." The man backed away slightly.

The gang walked up to them.

"Maybe if you don't bully the girl she wouldn't have to cry." Ashlyn stated.

The man looked at the gang, "Do you kids know her?" He sweat slightly.

"We don't have to know her but the way you're speaking to her is very mean." Misty frowned.

"Just because your shop is next to their shop doesn't give you the right to pick on them." Ashlyn frowned as well.

The man backed away even more and then left but not before saying, "Sheesh, kids these days. Sticking their noses into someone else's business." He grumbled. "Their shop is killing my business."

"Are you okay?" Misty asked the girl.

"Yes thank you, my name is Marissa Isao." The girl said.

"Marissa Isao?" Volkner asked.

"Hey Marissa, are you the one who wrote this note?" Ashlyn handed her the note she found.

Marissa beamed, "You've found my note! So do you know about the Crystal Onix?" She asked, excitedly.

"I'm afraid none of us do," Ashlyn confessed, "That's why we're here. We're anxious to know about this Crystal Onix."

Marissa head fell, in disappointment, "Oh... I was hoping for someone would know about the Crystal Onix. That it would help my brothers with his glass making." She said, sadly.

"Huh?" The gang asked.


Ashlyn and the gang were curious about this, so Marissa brought the gang inside the shop, to see her brother.

"Hello, I'm Mateo Isao and I hope that my little sister isn't bothering you." Marissa's older brother said.

"Of course not," Ashlyn smiled, "but I must ask, why is your glass shop not full of glass things?"

"Well you see... When my grandfather ran the store, it was full of glass and a big success." Mateo started to tell the story of this grandfather, "Grandfather was a really talented artist and he made really beautiful glass Pokémon sculptures everyday... I tried my best to follow in his footsteps...But I can't make anything good enough to sell in the store." He showed them some of his work, some Pokémon made out of glass, a Pidgey, Geodude, Diglett, and Poliwhirl.

Mateo sighed. "It's because I'm not as great as my grandfather was." he said.

"They don't look bad for a first attempt." Ashlyn complimented.

Mateo picked up the Poliwhirl statue, "Maybe. But not to me. Compared to grandfathers, their worthless!" He threw it on the ground, shattering the statue.

Ashlyn and Misty flinched while Volkner and Tracey watched.

"Raichu..." Tesla and Raichu looked at the broken pieces.

"Um, what's so bad about them anyway?" Misty asked.

"They don't have that soul. That sparkle. That inner fire. They look like statues." Mateo explained, "Grandfather's Pokémon statues, looked like they might come alive at any second. If I could just find some inspiration."

"You mean, like the Crystal Onix?" Ashlyn questioned.

Mateo nodded, "Yes. My grandfather got his inspiration from it. He told Marissa and I about how he saw and met the Crystal Onix." He showed the gang the glass statue of a Crystal Onix and it was sparkling.

"Awww." Ashlyn and Misty said.

"Rai! (Cool!)" Tesla said.

"It does look like it could be alive." Volkner commented.

"So that's what you meant by the sparkle and inner fire. Compare to your grandfather, yours look just plain what so ever." Tracey stated.

Mateo nodded, agreeing, "Exactly."

"Then that's it, if we find the Crystal Onix, then you will get the inspiration you need, Mateo." Ashlyn said.

Everyone agreed and so they set out into the forest to search for the Crystal Onix.


Mateo, Marissa and the gang started their search of the Crystal Onix in the forest.

"So where shall we start?" Misty asked.

Tracey released a Pokémon from one of his Pokéballs; a Venonat. "My Venonat's radar eyes can help us look for the Crystal Onix." he said.

Misty paled and flinched when she saw Venonat.

Venonat used its eyes to locate an Onix. It did find an Onix figure, but what it was really was a pile of rocks shaped like Onix.

"I think we need to search another way." Tracey suggested. He returned Venonat and brought out his other Pokémon, a Marill.

"Ah it's so cute." Misty squealed.

Ashlyn checked out Marill on her phone:

[Marill, the Aqua Mouse Pokémon. The tip of its tail floats in water, so it can swim in any current no matter how rough.]

"My Marill's ears can hear anything no matter how far the sound," Tracey took out some sort of recording machine from his rucksack and played a sound of an Onix on it. "I use this to record any sounds from a Pokémon."

Marill's ears led the gang to the beach of the island and then she stopped, "Marill. Marill! (Over there. Over there!)" She jumped, pointing to the other island.

"She said that it's on the other island." Ashlyn translated.

"Really?" Mateo asked.

Marill nodded.

"How are we going to get over to the other island?" Marissa asked.

"Raichu Rai Rai. (Check it out.)" Raichu pointed to the sand.

The others looked at the water and as they continued to watch the waves, started to become shallow and saw a sand path.

"Woah." Misty said.

"Looks like a sandbar that connects to the island or it's actually one huge island when the water is low." Volkner said.

"Let's get going, while the path is here." Ashlyn decided.

"Right." Everyone nodded and they ran along the path to the other side with Marill in front.


Marill led them to an entrance to a cave.

"In here?" Ashlyn pointed at the cave.

"Marill! (Yes!)" Marill jumped and ran inside the cave.

And inside the cave was a big underground lake with beautiful shiny crystals, sparkling.

"Beautiful." Ashlyn and Misty said, awed.

"Look big brother." Marissa pointed to the sparkling crystals.

Mateo nodded, "Reminds me of grandfather's works. They sparkle just like that." He said.

"The Crystal Onix is here then." Volkner said.

There was also a big lake in the cave. Marill jumped into the lake and swam, her tail float was up, floating on the water and soon she jumped back out, "Marill! (It's here!)" She said.

"It's here." Ashlyn translated, as she eyed the lake.

Suddenly the lake began to move and out burst a long Pokémon, the Crystal Onix. But... Not one but two! Though one was smaller than the other one.

"Roarrr!" Both Crystal Onix's roared.

Ashlyn was shocked at this. In her male counter-part universe, there was only one Crystal Onix. So she was surprised to see two here.

Tracey gasped, "Whoa, two Crystal Onix's! That's incredible!" Drawing the two Crystal Onix's in his sketchpad, "Wait until Prof. Oak hears about this."

"How are they able to live in water and not get affected by it?" Misty asked.

"My guess it's because their bodies are made of crystal, not rock which means that they're immune to it. So water type moves are out of the question." Ashlyn guessed as she observed them while taking some pictures on her phone. There was no way that she was going to forget about this.

Mateo nodded at the advice, "In that case, I'll use my glass making partner. Charmeleon!" He called out his flame Pokémon.

"Charmeleon!" It said.

The larger Crystal Onix roared, as the smaller Crystal Onix moved to the side and the larger one threw large crystal rocks at the flame Pokémon.

"That's Rock Throw attack." Ashlyn said.

"Dodge them and than use Flamethrower!" Mateo ordered.

Charmeleon jumped to avoid the Crystal Rock Throw attacks and then fire a burst of flames from its mouth, directly at the Crystal Onix. The Flamethrower hit the crystal snake Pokémon directly and the Pokémon cried out pain.

Mateo stared at the flames spreading at the Crystal Onix and eyed widen, "This is..." He said, breathtaking, as he saw something he had never seen before.

"... Roarr..." The Crystal Onix collapsed from the attack.

The smaller Crystal Onix, roared softly as one of its own was down.

"Ha ah ha..." Mateo breathed heavily, "I've found my inspiration!" He announced, "Seeing the flames on the Crystal Onix made me see what I had been missing with my glass statues!"

"That's great big brother!" Marissa shouted, happily.

The larger Crystal Onix got up and spoke to the smaller Crystal Onix softly.

Ashlyn and Tesla heard what the larger Crystal was saying and was happy about.

Mateo nodded, "Thank you for letting me battle you and for giving me the inspiration I needed, Crystal Onix." He bowed at the Pokémon.

The larger Crystal Onix nodded, it got closer towards Mateo and roared softly.

"Um, what's it saying, Ashlyn?" Misty asked.

"It says it wants you to capture it, Mateo," Ashlyn translated, "It can sense that you have a true heart and wants you as its owner."

Everyone was surprised at that.

"Is that what you want?" Mateo asked Onix. The Crystal Onix nodded yes.

The smaller one went over to Ashlyn. Ashlyn blinked when she noticed it was just staring at her. "Do you...want to come with me?"

The smaller Crystal Onix nodded. Ashlyn blinked and then smiled. So she and Mateo were about to take out an empty Pokéball when...

"Hey, give us those Crystal Onix's!"

The gang heard a familiar shout and turned around to see Team Rocket. Strangely enough, they were panting as they stood there.

"Why are you three out of breath?" Ashlyn asked, brow arched.

"Well, we set a few traps on the beach when you were looking for the Crystal Onix. But we forgot where they were and fell into them." James replied.

"Then we decided to set a few more traps for you at the cave entrance." Jessie added.

"Only to realize that we were at the wrong entrance and we fell into our own traps again." Meowth added, sweat-dropped.

"How stupid can you guys get?" Misty deadpanned.

"Watch it twerp!" Jessie yelled. Then she took out a Pokéball, "Since you won't give them to us then we'll just have to take them by force! Go Arbok!" She released her Arbok.

"Victreebel!" James released his Victreebel, only for it to bite James on the head, "Let go of me, will you?! Don't attack me! Attack them!"

Everyone could only sweat-drop at the scene. Ashlyn quickly took out her phone to see what moves the Crystal Onix's had:

[Rock Throw, Dig, Slam, Bind, Water Gun, Tackle, Screech, Roar, Headbutt, Hidden Power]

"Okay, let's get rid of them." Ashlyn declared.

Mateo nodded, "Yeah."

"Onix, Water Gun!" Ashlyn and Mateo ordered in unison.

Both Onix shot out water from their mouths which hit Victreebel and Arbok, sending them back to their trainers.



"Thunder Shock!" Ashlyn and Volkner ordered in unison.

The two electric Pokémon sent their attack towards Team Rocket who cried out in pain of the attack and were soon sent flying through the ceiling of the cave and into the sky.

"LOOKS LIKE TEAM ROCKET'S BLASTING OFF AGAIN!" They screamed as they disappeared into the sky.

Everyone let out sighs of relief. Both Onix's lowered their heads down near their new trainers. They both chuckled and rubbed their heads. Mateo took out an empty Pokéball and captured the large Crystal Onix's. Ashlyn took out a Heavy Ball and captured the small Crystal Onix.

"Onix, I promise that I will always take care of you." Mateo promised as he held the Pokéball.

"And I will too." Marissa smiled as she looked at the Pokéball.


And in no time, the gang and Isao's siblings were all back at Mateo's Shop and Mateo was in the back making glass Pokémon figures with his Charmeleon.

"Ashlyn, Volkner, Misty and Tracey, I thank you for all the help you have given me." Mateo thanked them.

"I'm glad that everything has turned out okay again." Ashlyn smiled.

Mateo gave Ashlyn a thank you gift; a small glass Raichu figure. Volkner also got a glass Raichu, Misty got a glass Togepi, and Tracey got a glass Marill. Ashlyn had asked Mateo if he could make a few more that she would like to send to her mom. Volkner asked if he could make a glass Infernape for Flint which will be sent to his gym.


"Goodbye!" Marissa waved at the gang.

"Bye! Thanks again!" Tracey shouted back.

"Bye Marissa, Mateo!" Ashlyn waved with both arms.

"Bye!" Misty waved.

Volkner gave a short wave.

"Thanks for everything!" Mateo shouted.


And so its time for Ashlyn and her friends to move on but the friends they made and things they've seen will sparkle in their memories forever.


Pokémon on hand: Raichu (Tesla)(F), Lucario (M), Espeon (F), Shiny Charizard (Natsu)(M), Gengar (M), Persian (F), Steenee (F), Trumbeak (M), Pikachu (Levina)(F), Vaporeon (F), Leafon (F), Glaceon (F), Dusk Lycanroc (Romulus)(M), Kangaskhan (F), Lapras (M), Crystal Onix (Chrystal)(F)

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