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Chapter 12: The envoy

The following days went on , I trained most of the day ,trying to use blood control and healing blood at the same time , but I did not have any progress, soon enough , the day the envoy was there arrived and I followed mother into the reception room as our lesson finished, Nissa also joined us, we waited for some time, mother went to sit on her throne and Nissa on her left and me on Nissa's left .

"Greeting , Queen of Illall " said the envoy as he entered and performed a bow , "I'm…"

"I Don't care, what will you give for those two" said my mother coldly and turning her head towards my 2 ex-servants who entered the room.

The envoy was flagger basted but reminding himself of where he was , he started speaking

"Since you've been blessed with two children, one mage and one warrior , we prepared a rainbow Marrow fish and a bloody devil fish." Said the man wearing an amiable smile.

"That's all ?" my mother asked , looking down on the man. "Isn't this girl supposed to be your next princess? And all you're giving are only those two fishes ?"

"Madam , those fishes are quite rare ,even for us" said the man trying to appeal to my mother .

Seeing my mother not respond , he gritted his teeth and asked.

"What would satisfy her majesty?"

"I want 2 more fishes , one of each and also a book about holy magic." Said my mother glaring at the man.

"Madam, those things are rare , and you know that we do not like to share our magic." Said the man as a vein popped up on his forehead.

"If you want , I can kill the two of them in front of you." Said my mother coldly looking at the angel.

Gritting his teeth once more , he opened his mouth.

"I will contact my superiors"

As he said that my mother nodded and he took out a crystal that emanated some lights , after some times he spoke once more.

"My superiors have agreed to your proposition , I will need to use a space item to receive the items , if your majesty could release the restraints of this place" said the man while bowing.

"If you try anything , you will be dead before you know it" said my mother as a warning to him.

"I wouldn't dare , I wouldn't dare " said the man twice as I could see cold perspiration dropping from his forehead.

Then he took out a small item which looked like a portative gate with angels on it , he opened it and took two fishes and a book out of it.

"The goods are here , I believe your majesty is satisfied " said the man looking at my mother , waiting for her approval.

"Yes , you may leave" as she said that she waved her arm and my 2 servants, and the envoy disappeared.

She then turned towards me and Nissa , smiled, and said, "it's time for dinner honey."

In the dining hall , we were all 3 seated , my mother took the fishes out , two of them were the one I had before and the other two were the same but red and with horns.

<Rainbow Marrow fish .

Upon ingesting this fish , this will give +100 mana and +50 int, if you choose to sacrifice 10 points of mana and 2 levels , you will receive +50% of int from the fish (all stats gained by levelling up will remain).>

<Devil Bloody fish>

Upon ingesting this fish , this will give +50 health , +50 str,50 Agi, +25 stamina, if you choose to sacrifice 10 points of mana and 2 levels , you will receive +50% of int from the fish (all stats gained by levelling up will remain).>

Seeing the difference between the two fishes , my eyes widened ,I could not believe all the stats the red one gave , this was insane.

"Rhain , you will take both of the rainbow fishes and Nissa you will take both of the red ones " said my mother , giving us the fishes.

"Why can't I have a red one? " I asked my mother confused.

"Honey , the rainbow one suits you better since you're a mage and your sister is a fighter, so she needs the red one "

"But the red one is better " I said while pouting , as I said that , I could see that Nissa now wore a gleeful smile and her eyes were mocking me , as If she had won something.

"No, he is not honey the rainbow one is as good " she said while caressing my hair.

Since I saw that this would get me nowhere , I changed my approach.

"But I want to be a fighter too…" I said while looking at my mother with puppy eyes.

As soon as I said that I could see a glimpse of anger flashes through her eyes.

"No! you're a mage , you can't be a fighter, I already told you "She said while crossing her arms in anger.

"But I can be both…" I said looking down.

"No! your sister has already eaten them anyway."

Hearing this I turned my head towards my sister in anger and indeed , I could see that she had no more fishes in front of her and she was watching me with a taunting smile.

'This bitch …' I thought to myself angrily.

Reluctantly , I ate the fishes , let the system refine It and went to my room.

After the meeting of the envoy , nothing special happened for 6 months, I practised magic with mother while Nissa was training outside , sometimes she duelled guards , I heard that she had beat almost all of them while I could not still use healing blood and blood control at the same time , it was driving me crazy. I tried to search for books about lifeforce in the castle, but I did not find any , and the system could not help me , I also asked him why I could not see the lifeforce of others through the system's interface and the only answer I got was:

<You did not unlock Lifeforce>.

It seems like I must unlock it to see it into the other's status.

During those 5 months I did not only use blood control and healing blood , I learned other's magic as mother wanted me to learn them and she also said that it could help me finding out how to use multiple skills at once.

Today like any other day , mother was on her couch , watching me play with my magic , trying to figure out the trick , but as it was starting to piss me off , I stopped, turned towards my mother, annoyed I asked her:

"Mother, it's been five months and I still don't get it."

"You need to work hard honey." She said calmly , caressing her belly , not even taking a look at me.

"Could you show me at least one time ? Maybe I could understand something." I asked her, not backing off.

She looked at me for a moment and sighed.

"Alright honey but there will be only one time so watch carefully."

Not moving from the couch , she lifter her arms up and both of her white hands, they started to glow red as she started using magic , I could ear the screams of the man, but I focused on mother to try to understand how she was doing it. As she finished , I still did not get any idea of how to do it, but my eyes could not leave her , it's something that was happening more and more , I did not know if it was my panted lust of the fact that mother is becoming more beautiful as time pass, but my eyes could not leave her.

"Did you watch well honey?" she asked me , seeing that my eyes did not leave her.

"Y…Yes" I said surprised awake by her words.

I expected the system to give me some help if she showed it to me , but it seems like It did not work , I could only see that her left arm used blood control while the right one used healing blood.

"Mother how many skills can you use at the same time?" I asked her.

She smiled at me and answered with only one word "seven."

Surprised I asked her "How do you do it ?"

"isn't that what you are trying to discover " she looked at me mocking me as she though I was trying to get some more hints.

"No … I mean , here you used one arm for each spell, but you do not have seven arms , so how can you do it."

"I used an arm for each spell because it was easier for you to maybe understand something , but everything happens here." She said as she tapped her temple.

I finally understood something , I was focused on the flow of mana in my body but never on the "form" of the spell.

Before trying it out once again , I wanted to check something, so I inspected mother's status:

Name : Ellena Purebloods

Race : vampire


Health 5770 /5770

Mana 8512/8512

Str: 100 (877)

Agi : 100 (986)

Int: 100 (1142)

Stamina: 100 (968)

Cha: (800) 1108


Vampiric charm (passive +15 Cha),Genius(+70 int), stealth(legendary)sleep (legendary), hypnosis (legendary), undead summons(legendary), blood healing(legendary),blood control(legendary),Paragon(legendary),space magic(legendary),time magic(legendary), demon summoning(legendary),hp regeneration(legendary(5% hp / sec) ,mana regeneration(legendary)

State :


'As I though, multicasting is not a spell ,I guess I will really have to learn it by myself…'I though to myself , sighing internally . 'And what a shame that her charisma is still so high… I could have used hypnosis on her...'

As I finished observing her status , I sighed and went back to training. I tried to form one spell on each of my hands as mother did, but I failed again and again.

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