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80% My Secret Matrimony / Chapter 4: Chapter 4- Meeting him

Chapter 4- Meeting him - My Secret Matrimony - Chapter 4 by Aprillaries16 full book limited free

Chapter 4: Chapter 4- Meeting him

♚Jason POV♚

I am currently sitting in my parent's living room, chatting casually to dad about some business. Updating him how was the company doing, new projects, and so on. This is my first time visiting mom and dad this week. Usually, mom insisted Britney and I come to the house every day after work so we can spend time together as a family. But my schedule this week is so tight, that make me don't have time to come to the mansion as always.

But after mom pleading and her nagging, I'm at the end have to come to the mansion when she said that she has something important to say. I'm also didn't want to kill by mom after all my excuses for not visiting dad and her all this week.

God, that woman never plays with her word, she is seriously scary when she's mad. So here I am, sitting in the living room waiting for mom to saying an important thing that she said.

My ear somehow perks up when mom suddenly mentions Amanda's name. Their voice becomes hush they talk about her like there is something they want to hide. I'm being curious I am, trying to listening to their conversation but highly disappointed when I can't anything they said. Too Tous on my mission I ignore dad that who is don't realize I'm didn't listening to him.

I know that Amanda arrive from London last Saturday and I don't have an intention to see or meet her even she is legally my wife. While I know deep down in my heart I'm curious to meet her again after three years. She probably changing after three, who knows. After all, why do I bother to see her, when she didn't even come to meet me in those years. It's like that we are not a married couple. Just living together for a few months when she decided to went to London to pursue her dream job. And after that, she missing into the thin air like she never existed. I never heard about her well-being, never contact me and she even never come back to New York during holiday or Christmas.

I am not totally a jerk, at some point during these three years, I ask about her from her family. She is still my wife, my responsibility so I have a right to know about her well-being. Not that I know she ever ask me from her family. Furious, that is all I feel when she never once contacted me even when I ask her family for her to contact me, but she never did. Giving up on trying, I decided to ignore her like I don't have a wife. Continuing my life like usual, dating my long last girlfriend from high school Lynda Gorge, the famous model.

Jolted awake from my thought when mom repeatedly calling my name. Moving my gaze to mom, she scowls at me, probably irritated because she had to keep calling me to attract my attention.

"I'm sorry mom...I didn't hear what you said", I instantly apologize making mom frown deepening. Possibly wondering what I'm thinking.

"Tomorrow we will be having dinner at the Austin Mansion", mom said that make me frown. By the tone of her voice, she clearly showing me that I will not be allowed to giving any excuses.

"But mom...",

"Ah, ah, ah, don't you dare to give me any excuses. I expect you to be there tomorrow", mom narrows her eyes at me daring me to protest her.

" I even ask Jasmine about your schedule for tomorrow, and there is no meeting or whatsoever regarding the company, who even working during the weekend", mom rants when she sees me opening my mouth to spew my excuses.

Damn, she's fast.

I groan, disappointed because I did not succeed in giving any excuse for me not to go for the dinner.

"Do I have to go mom?", I ask dissatisfied with mom verdict for me to go for dinner.

"What type of question is that Jason?", mom scowl at me while Britney snickers my question make me glaring at her.

"Don't you want to meet your like three years since last you meet her?", Britney taunt me while smirking at me. She enjoys annoying me.

"Shut up one ask you", I reply grimace at her, making her crack into a loud laugh. In reply, mom slaps her on the arm make her flinching rubbing her arm. Mom clearly showing her distaste for how Britney laugh, it's 'unladylike' she said. But the fellas never listen to mom. A loud, evil laugh escapes me, happy that Britney got that slapping from mom. Dad snickers in reply watching the show unfold in front of him.

" I don't understand why doesn't she just come to the penthouse, why does she have to go to her parent's house?", I question them. In instant, uneasy features take over their face make me wonder why.

Hmmm....that suspicious.

Britney and mom clear their throat, secretly exchange glances at each other.

"Who knows what you do to her, if she shows up at your penthouse after missing for three even might murder her", Britney said mumble the last word, yelping when mom once again slapping her arm once again. She's hissing at Britney, grimace at the girl.

"What? Mom..that might be true", she said mumbling slowly rubbing her red irritated arm. I frown, started feeling skeptical with all the questioning about Amanda. What makes her disappeared these three years. Noticing the uneasy features of my family and her family its clearly showing that something happened to her when I ask about her. What do they know that I don't know?

Whatever happens, by crook and nook I have to know what happens, they clearly keeping something important from me. And by that, I have to go to this dinner tomorrow maybe by then I will know the secret they keep away from me.

"Fine mom..I'll go", I tell them my decision while mom beaming at me, happy with my choice.

But I never know the secret Amanda keeps from me leaving me astonished for the rest of my life.




♚Amanda POV♚

Pacing back and forth inside the twin room for a while now, my mind working rapidly searching for some plan on how will I tell Jason about his sons. Since yesterday I'm in panic mode because of this. I will meet Jason soon and of course, he will see his sons. Mom drops the bomb yesterday, telling me about the dinner with the Mthpercy today.

I am not ready to confront him, I'll need time for something like this. There is no doubt that Jason will be furious at me for keeping such a big secret from him. This is the day I have dreaded in my life since three years ago when I know the twin existed in my belly. Not a chance that I will not be worrying about this matter in how will confront their father about them. I'm willing to take action for my consequence but what I'll worry about is that Jason will not accept his sons. I'm okay if he hates me, but not my sons. They are my happiness.

At first, I decided to go and meet Jason to tell him about the twin but now all plan gone waste because my family decided to have this dinner. Apparently, I'm not planning to meet him this early. But that fine, the fast I tell him the better. Plus, the twin impatient to meet their father is started to getting on my nerve. Since we come to New York, they never stop asking about their father, when will they meet him. It warms my heart seeing their happy face. Decided just to go with my new plan to tell Jason about the twin and worry about the consequences later. Taking a deep and long breath to calm my erratic heartbeat. The heartbeat that thudding in my chest like I'm on a marathon. Going nervous will do nothing for me. And for a record, a nervous me is a disaster me.

Stopping in the middle of my pacing I stood there watching the twin playing among themselves without care about their mother that is pacing around the room like a headless mother chicken. Fast approaching them, I sit by them on the soft carpet floor.

"Hi baby", I greet them softly, smiling when both of them turn to me.

"Hi momma", they reply swiftly before continue to play. I watch them chatting among themselves for a while before decided to intervene again

"Baby...momma want to tell something", smoothing out Janellson's blonde platinum hair slowly. Their attention quickly turns to me, waiting for me to talk.

"So two will meet daddy", I tell the news instantly make their face lit up with happiness, beaming at me.

"For real mommy?",


Smiling at them I answer their question with an eager nod, immediately receive a happy cheer from them. It's so easy to make toddlers happy, and it is also so easy to make them sad. They crash into my embrace, throwing me with their question about their dad.

Our moments were interrupted by a knock by the twin bedroom door. Our head was directed to the door when it open and Adler's head poop from outside. He grinning swiftly seeing our face.

"They arrive already Manda, mom asks me to call you", he calmly stated to me, studying my reaction to the news. I huff, asking for the strength to face the reality before showing a bright smile to Adler.

"Right...I didn't realize that", Standing up from my position on the floor, the twin followed me out of the room. Descending the stair with care, I remind the excited twin to be careful with their step. When our steps become closer to the enormous living room, I can hear a hush conversation from it. Soon after the living room and the people come into my view which makes my calm self nervous once again when I see the familiar face of my parents-in-law. It's seriously so long after I see them, just sometimes contact from the mobile phone.

Jessylia is the first one who realizes my presence in the living room, before rushing to me with a squealing like a high school girl and a beaming smile. Her flowery scent engulfs me when she hugs me tightly. Jessylia and mom mostly have the same personality that makes them friends since kindergarten. Jessylia is easy to approach, kind-hearted, with a warm smile but never forget the stern side she has. It always amused me when my husband constantly getting lectured by her mom.

She unwraps me from her embrace, smiling at me lovingly. She is like a second mom to me, and she always considers me as her daughter.

"How are you manda?", she asks me, still smiling that always reminds me of his son. They share the same smile that makes Jason look approachable person but in reality, he's the most unapproachable in people that I ever met. I'm not exaggerating it real.

"I've been fine are you?", smiling at her back I replied to her question.

"Oh...I've never been better", she said merrily. Her smile widens more when she suddenly sees a certain someone hiding behind my leg watching us silently exchange the greeting. The twin back to their shy shell self when they meet new people, no exception with Jessylia's bubbly personality.

I move to the back and softly shoving the twin to standing in front of me facing their new discover family. Being shy, both of them hiding their face on my thigh, cluth dress tightly. Before anything, I heard an excited shriek from some particular woman dashing at me and her mom.

"Oh my this them...I've been waiting forever to meet them", she said excited crunching inront of them, make them hide even more. Britney pouted her lip making a silly face.

"Aww..don't be shy with me... it's aunty Britney", she cooed introduces herself just for her getting no reply from the twin. Probably getting overwhelmed by her sudden appearance.

" Britney! you probably look crazy like that, scare them with your presence", Jessylia scolded her oldest daughter, making the woman pouted.

"Mom..", she whines with pouted lips even more only earning a slap from her mother. Britney wince from her mother's slap, rolling her eyes dramatically. Britney is always a dramatic one.

Their action only causes laughter to erupt from the people in the living room.

"Meet your grandson mom...Jayden, Janellson", I introduce both of them to Jessylia making her awe with their cuteness when they peek at her with just one eye seen.

"Hey there...I'm your grandma and that your grandpa", Jessylia says turn a little to my father in law who is smiling softly, and approaching them. He crunches down in front of them taking his hand out. It's surprising when they take decided to shake his hand back making the middle age man smiling broaden. After our introduction was over we move to the couch to sit.

Suddenly realizing something, I move my gaze around the living room searching for the certain man that makes my heart beat like crazy right now. Relief wash over me when I didn't spot him anywhere in the living room, just his mom, dad, and sister. Curiosity speck over my body when I did not see him. Britney who is sitting next to me, clearly knows my mind decided to tell me I am he.

"If you are searching for him, he still outside talking on the phone", she burst my bubble of curiosity. I look at her.

"Thanks, Nini", I thank her for her answer, know that I need to be his brother soon. Seeing the twin being smothered by their grandparent and comfortable enough without me, I decided to slip out from the living room without no one knowledge except for Britney. She smiles at me, silently saying her good luck and support for my confrontation with Jason.

" the way, it's nice to see you again", she smiles wider whispering to me that instantly makes me smile. I slip out of the living room, to the foyer, and out of the mansion. Gazing around the front porch for the particular man, I continue to stride went I didn't see him. Nearing the garden, I can hear someone voice from there that makes me rapidly move toward there.

I stopped at a comfortable distance from him, he doesn't realize my presence there when his back his turn from me. Gazing quietly at his broad back and shoulder I make a difference that I find on this man. He changes three years ago by the change of his body. The broad shoulder, his muscular bicep, and thigh, and that sturdy body that reflex when he moves a bit starting at distance. He certainly works out in the gym most of his free time I presume.

My stare stops there when he ends the call and puts back the device inside his pocket and turns around. A startled look attached to his face, completely don't expect to see me standing here. The startled look quickly changes to his normal face, and he decided to assess me from head to the toe stopping bit longer on my chest area. My cheek flaming red. My breast completely change after I'm having the twin, they become fuller but still stay perky

Man, they never change.

And then, I completely swooning when I heard that husky voice greeted my ear. His voice never failed that make girls swooning over him during his high school and college days. It's deep and oddly comforting for me.

"Amanda long time no see", he greets me with a serious face, that held a small frown on his forehead. If I heard him right he sound a bit sarcastic and cold. I gulp, when I see his serious face, it's like he is mad.

" of course he's mad when you didn't even contact him in these three years, my conscience says to me.

"I have my reason", I reply.

" yeah..", I awkwardly reply to him moving my gazing to his sturdy chest.

'Stop staring, you perv'

"So how are you?, after disappear for three years" I can sense mockon his question but that face remains emotionless. I look at him before averting my gaze away from his harsh stare on my face.


That's all I feel when I realize my action toward him which is ignoring him, probably leading his madness toward me all these three damn years. I didn't contact him because I'm afraid that I might slip anything to him about the twin. That's why I decided to ignore his message and call. And my action leads to this. It's not making our situation that is " hating each other" any better, he probably dreaded my existence right now. I mentally sigh.

"Did you never receive my call or message Amanda? Or did you broke your phone? Tell me where did you go all these three years", Jason said with a frustrated voice watching me intently waiting for my answer. Our distance reduces when he stepping closer to me. I nervously fiddling my clammy finger searching for the right answer to his question other than our close proximity.

"Yes...I have and I don't break my phone", I answer him timidly. All my confidence that I have a moment ago fleeing through the window leaving me alone with emotion running easily through my vein

"Then why the hell that you never even once answer then, do you know that I asking you like crazy from your family, asking them to tell you to take my call on my message", his voice risen that make my shoulder jolted up because of shock. His chest heaving up and down trying to control his rage.

Oh, God! This is not good at all. I think it will be worse when I tell him about the twin. Oh my gosh, what have I done.

Not giving me any chance to reply he continued his rant.

"I'm not that heartless Amanda I have heart, I care for people..even if I hate you I still have humanity on worrying someone. You are the heartless one in this situation. You went missing for three yeayearsthout news, if not for me asking about you from your family, I probably think you already dead somewhere there in London, do you even once thinking about me here, huh!?", Jason said clearly more furious than before, his pierching aqua eyes steadily on me the whole time.

I tip my head down gazing on the grass, lost at word hearing his concern for me when I'm in hiding. My family constantly reminds me to contact him but I never have to strength to do it. Just staring at the call and message from him. I am often tempted to take phone and reply him, but the fear always reminds me of the thing I tried to hide. But I never know it will become this serious. Jason never cares about other people, that is why I don't have to worry too much about it. But who knows this matter makes him angry at me.

I"m sorry", that is just all I can saying whispering to him, still looking in the green grass. He laughs that kind of mocking, sinister laugh.

"Sorry? that all what you said, do you think that will make me forgive you for make me like a damn fool in front of your parents", his voice mocking me with clenching jaw. I gulp once again decided to look him in the eyes, and it's completely a stupid idea when all I see is that the fury that blasts through his eyes. If they can provide fire then I will probably be burn by now.

"Look, I know that sorry can't fix this, but I'll truly sorry for it, I don't make fun of you to make you look stupid in front of my family...but I have my own reason Jason", I tell him, readied myself to tell him the truth about my disappearance. I trying to collect my confidence and strength back so that I can take his wrath after he knows.

A frown replaces that furious he has on his face, looking on the ground before averting his stare to me.

"What is your reason?", he asks seriously, patiently waiting for me to answer him.

" You know Rayvean's birthday party right?", I slowly start my story looking at him and get a stiff nod from the man asking me to continue.

"So...we got drunk and we....we", I mutter lowly dreaded the word 'sex' making him smirking a little.!

"And I get pregnant", I drop the bomb to him too quickly making him frown deepens. Confusion was written all over his face. Looking unsure if he heard me right.

"What?", Jason asks once more.

" I'm pregnant and you have sons..twin", I say loudly this time, more confident. From a frown, his expression quickly changes to dumbfounded. He is silent for a while trying to process what I said. Maybe I'm talking in an alien language, that makes him have to translate it's. He slowly moving his gaze to me when the word sink in to his head.

"You...pregnant", he mumble staring at me. I simply nod at him.

"What?!", he suddenly shouted that make me flinch from his loudness." You must be kidding me, right", he continues, his face really hoping I'm joking.

"No... I'm not",

"I'm a father?", he mumbles for himself but I decided to answer him anyway. I really should just shut up my mouth.

I probably died the next minute when his face change from confused to furious immediately looking at me in the eyes. He trying to sending a message that I will die soon. My poor babies will be motherless at a young age. I mentally facepalm my head when my dramatic head thinks about it.

Jason stride closer like a raging bull, stopping a few inches from my face, staring at me with wide eyes. Trudging back from him I watch him with uncertain eyes, watching closely his mad faces that don't even once waver from me.

"And you telling me this now..after three damn years, that I actually have a son somewhere out there", he said with venom lacing on his every word. If eyes could produce fire, I think I will burn right now by the intensity of fire on his eyes.

'Pray for your life Amanda, you probably will die right this instant.' My brain mocking me. I mentally scowl.

Taking a deep breath, preparing myself to give my answer, I pick up my stare from the green grass, staring straight at him in the eyes. I gulp, feeling frightened.

" I- I", I tumble over my word, eyes back looking to the ground.

"You what!", he yells loudly, makes me flinch in shock, eyes widen open. I hope that our family inside the mansion didn't hear the yelling. If they did they I'm sure that they will come out and ask what happens.

"I'm afraid that you will not accept them or worse to ask me to abort them", I whisper scaredly. Jason is frightening when he's mad, you don't want to mess with furious Jason'.

I am waiting for his reply but I surprisingly heard nothing from him. Lifting my eyes to him, I see that his hard expression shift to thoughtful and softened a bit. I can't predict what he thinking right now after listening to my ownpurpose why I didn't tell him in the first place when I know I'm pregnant.

Who knows what he's thinking when I told him the shocking news to. Still young, he probably did not want a kid and ask me to abort it. Even in the early stage of my pregnancy, there is no doubt that I already love them. My motherly instincts instantly kick in, protecting them with my life. And, he probably accuses I'm having an affair with another man and said it was the man's baby. When someone is in denial, they think a lot of irrational things, trying to deny what is true. People had their flow.

"Jason..", calling upon him when he was still quiet. I immediately catch his attention when he turns shapely to me. His penetrating gaze erupts goosebumps to my skin.

"You see..even if I don't tell you about my pregnancy I tell the twin about you..and now they want to me meet you..will you meet them? Please", I practically beg him while just gazing at me.

"I know you you're me..but I really want you meet them, they always askinaskbout you ", I continued talking to him. I often tell the twin their father. I trying to sate their curiosity about their missing dad, all of the thingthingsow. And they really ecstatic when it comes comes to 'daddy story time'. It a good , right the twin knew about him, than they clueless about their da existence..

"Whose fault is that Amanda?", his sinister tone piercing through my heart, trying to remind me the fault that I make. I swear the guilt slowly eating me from the inside, but it never waver the promise I made to not telling him.

I close my eyes in guilty, calming my frantic and heavy breath when he decided to close our proximity. Why does this guy always had an effect on me. I hate it.

"I know.. I know it my fault Jason..but please can you go and meet them, they are really keen to meet you", my voice sound guilty, pleading look in my eyes, hoping that he will come with me and see the twin. I don't want to break their heart.

He silent,pondering over my plead before nodding hesitently. I smile,relief that he agree with me. I dont care what he think of me,the important thing that the twin happy. That all matter.

"Come on then", I beckon him to follow me and he quietly stride with me. He's more calm now which is relief for me, I don't want him to be mad when he meet our sons, the twin are smart they know what happens around. I'm afraid it's will affect their mood.

"They are in the living room", I tell him quiet glancing briefly at him, while he just pass the word I said. When we reach the living room he now standing beside me, watching our family interacting among each other. Mostly their focus we be on the twin. I peer over Jason, watching his reaction. His focus solely on the twin animated by chatting with my parents.

His body stiff straight and he look astounded by them. Maybe convincing himself that he has a sons, that he is now a father. His trace on the twin broke and my gaze move from him to his dad who is the one realize our existence in the room. All head in the room turn to us, their smile faded, mostly looking at stunt Jason.

"Momma!", the twin shouted in delightful when they see me leaping from their seat dashing to me. I smile when they hug my thigh. I can see from the corner of my eyes that Jason gaze follow the twin movement.

"Hey...remember when I told you two will be daddy today?", I ask them smiling, now crunching into their height. They just nod eagerly. Janellson accidentally looking over to Jason, a cute frown comes to his face watching Jason intently. Perhaps wondering who he is.

"Daddy..", his small uncertain voice rang through the now quiet living room. He look back at me asking for my confirmation when I nod at him.

"Yes baby..he's your daddy", I finally said making the twin dramaticly gasp, staring at Jason. Jason slowly cruching in front of them with unreadable emotion on his face.

"Hey..", his heavy greeting just the only encourage the twin to leap into him, and he gladly welcoming them to his embrace. My eyes slightly watering watching the sight unfold in front of me. I feel so glad that the twin finally meet their father after all the heart wrenching sob and tantrum they throw asking for their dad that I have to handle. I blink the tear away, smiling brightly.

"So..problem settle then?", Maxwell ask making me chuckle a little. I nod answering his question but only make Jason turn to me with a shock expression.

"They knew?", he ask me still holding our sons. I'm amaze at his strength to be able to holding them at once. Am barely able to handle the weight if I carry one of them and two, I will probably break my arm.

"Yeah?", timidly answering his question which is more like question than answer. He only sigh this time,didn't want to show his anger with the twin presence.

"So what do you think?", Britney,grinning,ask his brother only earning a harsh glare from him. Her eyes widen a little, did not expect to be glare at.

"Do you really want my honest opinion?", he ask back narrowing his eyes at her sister. I know he tries to controlling his anger.

"Err...forget that I even ask that question", she said before turning away from Jason harsh glare. The man just grumble under his breath.

"Daddy...dont be mad at aunty Nini", Jayden voice broke the awkward silent looking at his father with a cute frown on his face. I snicker hearing it, while the other laughing out loud and Britney with her smug smirk looking at Jason. Pleased, that his nephew back up her. Lucky woman.

"Okay..I'm not mad", Jason a with attitude make me secretly rolling my eyes. Our family burst into the conversation again after mom usher us to take a seat on the couch. We seat on the L-shape couch. I secretly heard the twin converse with Jason. They tell him their name. Actually I'm quite surprise when I watch Jason with twin, he seem natural and not awkward at all. It like that he had meet them before, he chatted casually with them and shockingly called himself daddy with them.

I am not expecting that, but most of all I'm happy that he treat the twin good. Soon, the maid, Ilya called us to the dining room. The dinner went smoothly without any trouble or tension. Jason also appear happy and carefree and I'm glad with it. After dinner, the twin become drowsy and it was exactly the moment of their bedtime. Their chatted become more quieter and their eyes heavy with sleepyness. They finally defeated by their drowsiness and succumb to the Lala land.

"They asleep", I told Jason who is also watching them asleep. He lift his gaze from them to me before back to them. He look fascinated with them after a few hour with them. I didn't think that they will be easily settle with him.

"Do you want to tuck them?", I ask him only for me to get a eager nod from him. I smile, he look look funny nodding like that it's similar to toddler getting their lollipop.

I silently beckon him to follow me up the stair to their room. Our family didn't bother to ask where we going, clearly understand we have to tuck in the twin. Opening the twin room for him, he enter it smoothly, straight away put them away in their bed. His movement slow, worried to wake our sons. I quickly move to their closet to take their identical Pooh pyjamas. He look at me confusely when I hand over the pyjamas to him.

"Do you want to do it?", I ask in audible voice." Sure", he answer quickly. I watch him carefully lift Jayden arm to take off the shirt he wear. He clearly take his time to change them and he look a bit awkward doing it, probably his first time changing toddler for pyjamas. After he change and safely tuck them inside them blanket, he peck their forehead, gazing at them lovingly. We walk out from the room in silent, with me feel awkward and he look calm. He keep silent throughout conversation in the living room, just sometime answering question when they ask him and remain quiet for the rest of the night. He mostly lost in his thought only focusing back when they asking him. His face look serene and no hint of furious on that actrrative face.

Just when it is the time for them to go home I'm taken aback by my mom suggestion for Jason to stay the night in the mansion, instantly make my body freeze. Why would mom suggest that, I don't want to face Jason wrath tonight. Oh no, it's confirm I will die tonight.

For once Amanda can you stop thinking about dying. No one will die tonight. I'm always thining negative when I'm nervous. By the way,who not.

And adding to my horror, Jason agree to stay for the night. I feel his gaze at me before it's avert to his parent and sister who is already settle in inside the car. After the farewell, the car that is drove by Maxwell move along the concrete ground, out from the mansion gate and disappear from our vision in no second. My parents and Jason move toward the entrance door while I unwillingly drag my feet to follow their step with Adler, who is the only sibling of mine attending tonight, snickers, understand my conflict. I glare at him, only adding his already goofy smile.

"Good luck sister", he announced before running to the door with his loud laugh, looking at me over his shoulder giving his thumb up.

"You!..Adler Devianson!", I yell irritatedly, like a crazy woman,scowling at the teenager who is dashing like a flash inside the mansion. I sigh, feeling annoy with Adler, rapidly walking to the door grumbling curse toward the poor teen. If my nana heard of this, I probably get spanking from that old woman,complaining that a mother shouldn't utter a single curse. But that fine she not here, I can curse all I want except the presence of the twin. Upps.

My step halted when I see Jason figure looming in the living room, maybe awaiting for me. I grimace. Why don't he just sleep in one of the guest room? Why do he have to sleep in my room? There are so many room in this mansion, just choose one and go to sleep. This is all mom fault he suggest Jason to spend the night, to sleep in my room saying it not a problem because we are married couple.

Married couple my ass.

I decided to tiptoeing to my room, and left Jason to wait in the living room all he want.

I want my bed, my beauty sleep without intrusion.

But my plan failed when his raspy voice call my name, making me halted my step rapidly turn to face him only to see a empty couch like no one sitting there just now. I frown, thinking where did he go.

"I'm here ", his voice rang and I turn to my front, yelping loudly when I realise we are just a few inch apart. My hand straight away resting on my erratic heartbeat. I glare at the man and to only see him smirking proudly.

"Asshole", I mutter under my breath, glad he didn't hear what I said.

"Shall we?", he ask suddenly making me staring at him dumbfounded. He rolled his eyes when he see my clueless face.

"To your bedroom", he said annoyed when I realizing the meaning of his word.

"Oh", I mumble before taking a lead my room. My room is just next to the twin room, it was more convenient more me to access the room when the twin need it. Opening the door, I step forward straight away when to my walk-in closet to change my dress to pyjamas. I'm actually trying to calm my nervous by Jason presence. I didn't even once place to his away making a b-line to my bathroom. I took my time, wash my face and brush my teeth and doing my skin care. After I'm done, I'm not straight away come out from the bathroom, pacing inside it for ten minute to calm my raging thought. My mind pulse, that raging thought that lead me to think something negative.

Tired with myself, I just decided to walk out like something never happen. Just pretending that he not even there. Coming out from the bathroom, the sight that greet me socking me to the core is a man just with his brief. My face burn.

"Wha..what are you doing?", I stattur making him turn to face me. My face cant be more redder with the sight of six pack and that sturdy chest. I gulp,moving my gaze from his body to his eyes. He smirk.

"I sleep like this..any problem", he ask carelessly titling his head to the side a bit. He really look identical to Janellson by doing that. I clear my throat in awkward. Shooking my head franticly without looking at him. I move to the left side of the bed, laying on the mattress stiffly. Pulling the comforter up to my chin, laying nearing the edge of my bed. I see from the corner of my eye he relaxly lifting the comforter up and laying down on the mattress with ease. He's laying down on bed only to make me shuffle closer to the edge of the bed. Realizing my uncomfortable situation, he gazing at me with his mesmering blue eyes.

"Dont worry..I wont to anything", he said reassure me,that make me feel relief. After that he turn the body away from. The room quiet and dark after he turn off the lamp. My eyes blink to ascustom it with the dark. Through the dark and silent room a soft whisper from Jason rang.

"Amanda?", he call me make me turn my gaze from the cyling to his bare back. I hum, waiting for him to continue.

"Thank you", he whisper quietly. I just nod even if I dont know what he thanking me for. I didnt even realise when I feel asleep finally feel peaceful.




What a pleasant way to wake up.

I wake up the next morning with a jumpstart from the twin shouting and jumping on my bed. I nearly having a heart attack from the shocked, immediately sitting up from the bed the first time they shouted. All my sleepiness gone straight away, looking at the overly exited toddlar who is jumping merrily on the bed with horror. Why are they up so early it didnt even past seven. I groan tiredly at the twin who is happily grinning at me. Averting my gaze on them, I land my stare to Jason who is still sleeping beside me looking unaffected at all. The comforter just covering his lower body, due to the jumping twin on it, it slowly and gradually moving and uncovering his lower body. I scrowl, how come he still asleep with all the noise and jumping by the twin.

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My body still moving up and down due to the twin jumping like they are in the top of the world, giggling happyily. Are they on sugar rush? That not possible, who even wakeup this early. Slowly my scrowl turn into grinning, shapely turn to the twin, I beckon them over to me and they immediately obliage.

"Morning momma", they said in unison kissing my cheek. I smile replying their greeting with a peck on their forehead.

"Go..wake daddy up", I said smiling meanly looking over to Jason who is peacefully asleep. "Is it okay momma?", Janellson asking me looking unsure.

"Its okay... go", I usher them again whispering. "Won't daddy be mad?", he ask once again, but Jayden being Jayden he already move from my lap to his sleeping father smiling happily. I'm stiffle my laugh when he start poking Jason's stubble.

"Momma it itchy..", he said whisper, looking at me curiously,touching his father stubble with his chubby, small hand. I nod clampping my mouth shut,trying to holding my laughter when Janellson start to join Jayden discovering. I can see that Jason my frowning with all the curious hand that roaming over his face, and swatted its away harshly. Jayden titling his head when Jason swatted his hand away, he move away from Jason at him, studying his face. Janellson also doing the same with his brother. Jayden open his mouth wide and shouted or more shrieking in Jason ear.

"Daddyyy!!", the little rascal shouted with all his might that make Jason move over from the source of shouted, looking shocked and his eyes wide open. Due to his wiggling away from Jayden shouted, he end up feel on the floor and an 'ohff ' sound fell from his mouth. I burst out laughing as he fell over the bed, and doubling my laughing when I see him sitting down on the floor with a furious glare and grimace at me. When his gaze fell over the giggling toddler he groan loudly, dramaticly lay down on the floor again. The twin peer down from the bed to see seeing that he shutting down his eyes with a frown decorate his forehead.

"Are you fine daddy", Jayden ask his father softly. Jason peek at him with just his one eye open.

"No...daddy not okay", he making his sad face looking over the twin. His voice raspy as he is newly awaken by the twin.

"How can I make it better daddy?", the child ask him innocently,his giggling stop, staring worried for his father. I rolled my eyes, with his acting nonethless didnt intevere with it, silently watching. They frown, thinking how to make their daddy better, didnt realize that the man was acting. Children are so innocent.

Jason smile, sitting from his position.

"You can kiss me to make me better", the man smile mischiefly." I can do that", Jayden said confidently, moving down from the bed toward Jason with Janellson following him. They in unison, landing a small kiss on his cheek make him smile broader. He bring our sons to his embrace return the favor with a kiss on their forehead.

I watch their interaction, with awe. I cant believe that they easily warm up with him easily, maybe because they share the same blood and the bond is easily forming between them.

I decided to broke their conversation, asking for the twin to clean up themself and giving a chance for Jason to dress up. Before I bring the twin for freshen up, I kindly remind Jason that I have a spare brushing teeth in the cabinet in my bathroom. Its took me a while to bathing them because of their exciment playing in the bathtub. When I'm done bathing them, I willingly hand over my job to Jason who is waiting for us in their room to dress them up while I take my bath.

The kitchen was lively this morning, with the twin excitedly entertain and stick to their father during the breakfast. They spent together a whole morning and the choas start when Jason have to go back. They literally stick to Jason like a koala hanging on his body. After much persuasion from Jason they finally stop their tantrum when he said he will come and visit them again. He also remind me that we have to talk about moving back to the penthouse with him. I without futher, agree to him.

But I never expect that Jason did not intend to keep his promise to visit our sons for one week.

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