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75.55% My System Hates Sins / Chapter 33: Rising tide[2]

Rising tide[2] - My System Hates Sins - Chapter 33 by Shiny_Shirogane full book limited free

Chapter 33: Rising tide[2]

Flames erupted in the sky as cinders swayed in the wind.

For, the Pheonix Clan today was a joyous event. A tournament where the young disciples of the clan showcased their martial techniques.

On the stage, two disciples faced off against each other. Flames collided creating explosive bursts with every strike. But, the audience were unfazed, even with such a display of chaos as they had seen much worse than this.

The Pheonix Clan used a special martial arts technique that was passed down in their family.

The Order of the Pheonix.

That's what they proudly call it. All the martial art techniques portrayed in it involved the use of fire to demolish the enemies. That's why it fell under the 'elemental techniques' category.

Martial art on these lands was divided into two broad categories. The elementals involved the use of fire, water, earth and other elements. And the Weapon arts, which involved proficiency in the use of certain types of weapons.

Yang Ding's Geijing sword arts fell in the latter category.

The patriarch of the Pheonix clan was seated at the highest throne of honour. He gazed upon the future powerhouses as they made a display of their strengths. The patriarch was accompanied by the clan elders who were sitting on either side of him. These elders were the backbone of the clan being the source of its strength.

It was then a guard who should have stayed far away from the patriarch came running to him. He bent low as he whispered a message in his ears.

"What!" Feng Yunru exclaimed as he got up from his seat. The elders all stared at him with clueless gazes turning oblivious to the show that was presented to them by the disciples.

"Elder Feng Lei, come with me. We have a much more important matter at hand." The Patriarch called out to his most trusted elder. The Patriarch seemed worried. There was a glint of haste in his voice.

Feng Lei stood up at once from his seat. "Yes. Patriarch." He said.

Both of them left the tournament grounds as the guard followed them.

"Are you sure about all of this?" Feng Yunru asked.

"I do not dare to lie to Patriarch. I relayed whatever I was told."

"Hmm," the patriarch raised his brows.

"What's the matter, patriarch?" Feng Lei asked.

"You will know soon. I want to see it with my eyes myself."

They rush to the centre of the clan, to the patriarch's courtroom. This is where the patriarch makes decisions for the clan. The guard opened the doors for them as both of them rush inside. Inside there was a man who was dressed as a messenger. With a turban on his head and face completely covered with rags, the skinny man held a scroll in his hands. He held forward the scroll passing it to the patriarch. The messenger was ordered to hand the scroll only to the patriarch of the Pheonix Clan and no one else. That's why the guard had to call the Patriarch from the tournament grounds for this, as it seemed like an emergency.

The patriarch accepted the scroll.

"I shall take my leave if the Pheonix Patriarch excuses me." The skinny man bowed.

Feng Yunru nodded in response. The man left the courtroom followed by leaving the clan never to be found again.

Feng Yunru opened the scroll as Feng Lei sneaked a peak.

[We hereby declare the Pheonix Clan as our Mortal Enemy]

[No matter how much we tried to reconcile, the Pheonix Clan was always on our neck]

[And now the clan dares to kill our disciples?]

[We shall take revenge. The blood shall be repaid with blood.]

[Anyone else that comes our way will meet the same fate.]

[Your clan shameless dares to attack our budding disciples. If you had pride you would have faced us like warriors on the battlefield.]

[Such a shameless clan has no need for existence under this heaven.]

[We the Lightning Heaven Clan will carry out heaven's will and shall annihilate your clan on the battlefield.]

Feng Yunru's forehead wrinkled. His brows furrowed so much that they almost met. The scroll crumbled under his hands.


The holder holding the scroll cracked to pieces as it couldn't withstand Wei Yunru's strength.

"What's the meaning of this?" Feng Lei was equally annoyed as his Patriarch.

"They dare to slander our clan putting false claims on our heads!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I shall not sit in peace unless I see to them to their ends!" Feng Yunru roared.

To him, all of it seemed like another of Lightning Heaven Clan's trick. They are doing this to gain the support and pity of the other clans. By sulling the name of the Pheonix Clan they are trying to make the other clans to their side. Little did he know that the Lightning Heaven Clan did suffer fr. The attackers who ambushed them were wearing Pheonix Clan's robes. Whoever was doing this wanted the Pheonix Clan and the Lightning Heaven Clans to be at war with each other.

But was the Patriarch in the right mind to figure that out?

The Lightning Heaven Clan had caused numerous troubles for the Pheonix Clan. Stopping their trade routes, spreading false rumours in regards to them, sullying their name amongst the other clans and now claiming that the clan had partaken in a cowardly act even the heavens would get infuriated upon.

After all of this, how could the Patriarch think straight? They not only disrespected him but did so to his entire clan.

Feng Lei felt the same. To him, the patriarch was a dignified person of high morals. How can someone ever suspect him of such a heinous act?

Both Feng Yunru and Feng Lei burned in anger. So much so that their Yang energy manifested around them giving rise to the purest of Pheonix's flames.

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