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Chapter 20: Chapter 20: Childhood friends.

As I was walking towards the vet to pick up my beloved cat Zack, I was thinking about what happened a few minutes ago... I was still a little in shock to find that I have two more wives, but for some reason. .. I'm very happy, I mean... What man wouldn't want to have a harem?

Violet is interesting, I love her personality and she is very affectionate with me. And, even though I've just met Sasha now, I feel she was really cute and I really like seeing the way she changes when she gets embarrassed.

And Ruby... I haven't contacted her yet to get an opinion on her, but seeing her personality from the memories I got from Sasha, I think she must also have an interesting personality too.

I also know that having three wives with exotic personalities can be a very stressful thing, after all, I'm pretty sure problems will arise over time, although I don't mind those problems...

I think about how sad Sasha looked and can't help but clench my fist tightly. Seeing Sasha like that made me so angry, and at the same time baffled at myself; I only met her a few minutes ago and started liking her? That's impossible. But, when I remember the taste of her blood and the memories I got from drinking her blood, I can't help but feel close to her.

I remember the same thing happening with Violet. The moment I drank Violet's blood, I understood who 'Violet' was; it's a very difficult thing to explain that feeling, but I think vampire relationships work differently than humans. They are more aggressive with what they like and don't mind kidnapping the person they love to make them love them too... Although this is a very questionable attitude...

But one thing I was sure of is that Violet, Sasha, Ruby, and I were connected by blood, and I mean it in the most literal sense possible. I thought about that moment when I could feel everything Sasha was feeling, I also knew her superficial thoughts for a moment.

Sasha and Violet told me how the ritual of turning someone into a vampire worked, and from the memories I absorbed of Sasha and Violet, I can tell that something went wrong with the ritual.

Violet said that my blood is special... RH Null Blood; the blood that caused me so much trouble and ironically gave me so many benefits when I became a vampire. I could be wrong, but I think my blood influenced the ritual somehow because, except for my blood, I'm not a special human, I'm just an ordinary human that can be found everywhere... Because of that thought, I decided that I need to learn more about the very ritual that made me what I am today, and only two beings know a lot about this ritual... The older vampires, and the witches...

Witches seem to be impossible to learn from about this, I'm sure with her greedy attitude they will ask me for something valuable, so I think I'll have to ask the older vampires.

"Sup, Victor." I hear a voice talking to me, but I ignore it and keep walking while in deep thoughts.

I was slowly getting used to people looking at me and whispering things like; Hey, isn't his skin too pale? Is he a foreigner? He is very handsome, his blue eyes are beautiful.

I'll be honest, these compliments boost my ego a little, after all, I've never received those compliments from other people, and getting those compliments from your mother isn't very trustworthy since, for the mother, the child is beautiful no matter what look is he born with ... Although I felt good when my mother praised me, after all, she is very honest; if she thinks I'm beautiful, she'll say I'm beautiful, but if she thinks I am I'm ugly, she'll say I'm ugly as honestly as ever.

Sometimes in the past, I received damage from my mom's honest words; I remember the day I wore a short green shirt and colorful pants and asked my mom if I looked good, and as always she was honest in saying; You look like a clown who went to the circus to work and only wore the pants that were part of the uniform...

Ugh, just remembering that I still suffer damage...

"VICTOR!!" I heard someone screaming really loud in my ear and, with my new vampire senses, it was like someone had put a speaker on full volume near my ear and had screamed my name.

I quickly put a hand to my ear and look at whoever did it angrily.

Seeing that the man who did this to me was my childhood friend, I practically screamed. "You fucking idiot! Why did you do that!?"

"Bruh, I've been calling you since like 10 minutes ago and you weren't talking to me! Are you ignoring me!?" He asked with his usual gentle smile.

A man with spiky blond hair and eyes like a green sapphire, he had an asymmetrical V-shaped face with a gentle smile and a body toned from sports, he was tall at 185 cm in height.

He was my childhood friend Andrew Walter. It's been a while since I've seen this idiot; wasn't he traveling with his mother or something? Thinking about the appearance of Andrew's mother, I can't help but shake my head several times to get the thought out of my head.

Don't think of your friend's mother that way! Don't break the brothers' code of conduct!

The brothers' code of conduct was something my friends and I created and the code was simple: don't date your friend's ex-girlfriends, don't date your friend's mother or sister, and most importantly don't date your friend's current girlfriend.

Why did we create this? Well, I'm fully aware that my mom is beautiful; I know that with her personality it's almost impossible for her to cheat on my dad, but it's good to guarantee, right? Andrew's mother is also a very beautiful woman, and my other friend Edward's sister was very beautiful too; so to prevent our friendship from falling apart because of reasons like dating a friend's mother or sister, we made this code.

He starts looking at me with questioning eyes, he looks me up and down as if he's sizing me up, then he nods to himself as if he understands what happened. "Did you take any kind of medicine those athletes use? Hmm... What's the name again?" He puts a hand to his chin as if he's thinking.

"Anabolics?" I spoke while looking at him.

"Yes! That's right! Did you take that? Dude, don't do this, I know you were bothered with your body but those meds only make your health worse! I'll tell your mother!" He said with that last part sounding like a child who caught his friend doing something wrong and said he was going to tell their mother.

"I didn't take those!" I practically screamed.

"…It's okay, you can be honest with your friend." He spoke as he touched my shoulder with a look that would understand me.

This man really makes me angry sometimes, "I didn't take anything, this is just puberty." I used the same excuse I used for my mom.

He looked at me like I was an idiot and said, "Bullshit."

Of course, he wouldn't believe it... I also know this excuse is ridiculous.

"Puberty doesn't make a human grow taller, build toned muscle, and make you look the same as Captain America!"

... Well, he's right.

"If puberty did that, the world would be full of people with superhuman physiques! Stop the bullshit and tell me the truth!"

Ugh... I think of an excuse to change the subject, soon something comes to mind, "I have a wife now."

He looks at me with a shocked face, "I don't believe you." He spoke in a dry, honest tone.

I just looked at him with a dead stare, he knows I'm like my mother and I'm very honest with close people; living 21 years with a mother who speaks all she thinks can influence you in some way.

"…It's a lie, right? Right!?" He looked at me with eyes begging that it was a lie.

"Dude, I'm married now," I said honestly.

"... I do not believe it! After all, you're not wearing a wedding ring! What kind of man marries and doesn't wear a wedding ring? Are you already cheating on your wife!?"

Bruh. Decide whether you believe me or not... Sigh, what a troubled man.

"It's true, I'm married, but things happened too quickly and I couldn't prepare a wedding ring or anything. Anyway, seeya!" I said goodbye to him.

"Huh!? Wait! I'll go with you!"

I stopped walking and looked at him, "You don't even know where I'm going and you're going to follow me? What if I'm going somewhere illegal?"

"That matters? If you're going somewhere illegal, I'll go with you; it must be fun there, right? I can't let you go alone in this place, of course when this is all over, I'll tell your mother."

"...." This man is a good friend, but for some reason, he's always ratting on me to my mother... Wait...

I look at him dead-eyed, "If you chase after my mom, I'll go after your mom too! Are you listening to me!?" I threatened him.

He looks at me with a look like he doesn't believe what I said, "Dude, you know I respect your mother a lot, after all, she helped me with a problem in the past involving my father and I remember the code. I wouldn't do something like that."

"Good," I think I'm satisfied, I know he wouldn't do that and I also know he respects my mother a lot since she was their family advocate when his worthless father wanted custody of Andrew.

"And I don't like married women either, they are troublesome, and I don't want to die from a stray bullet by a man I put a green hat on." He spoke with a gentle smile.

"You speak as if you have experience of your own…" I looked at him suspiciously.

I saw his smile break for a moment, then he said, "I use my right to remain silent, we are in a free country!"

"… Dude, you're going to die one of these days, you better stop it." I gave a piece of advice.

"I know, I did this when I was 20 years old, I stopped doing this after what happened in the past."

'You are only 21 years old! Don't talk like this is in the distant past!' I commented internally.

"Oh, well... Was she pretty?" I couldn't help but ask curious as I started walking towards the vet, I also noticed he started following me.

"Yes, she was 32 years old, curvy body with dark black hair; she lived in New York and she was from a wealthy family, but her husband was a 66-year-old man, I think she was frustrated because her husband didn't satisfy her."

"Oh, the pattern, huh?

"Indeed," He spoke.

"…Somehow, I feel sorry for the guy," I commented a little sympathetically.

"Oh? Own experience? Dude, you just got married and you're already taking your wife's greenhorn!?"

"Fuck off!"

He laughed out loud, I had a small smile too, even though he's an annoying friend at times, he was a good friend; I've known him since I was a kid too.

"Well, I know with your personality, you would probably kill the guy and your wife if you found out you were being cheated on." He commented casually like it was no big deal.

"Hey, if that happens I won't stop it, but I won't let you kill yourself. After all, you're my friend, I think I should make a plan in case this happens in the future, maybe save money and buy a passport abroad? Maybe Brazil? I heard the politicians there are very corrupt, and in exchange for a few dollars, they would help you easily." He began to monologue out loud.

"Stop thinking nonsense, that will never happen," I said, after all, knowing Violet's personality, it's impossible for that to happen.

"Okay, but I'll still make the plan."

"Alright." I accepted, I know it's no use talking anymore now; he's always like that. He's very careful, I think what happened in the past with his father affected him a lot.


Looking at a small establishment in front of me, I nod to myself, this is the right place.

When I entered the establishment the first thing I saw was my cat, Zack, sitting at the counter and looking around in surveillance.

I looked at my cat, he is furry black with a patch of fur around his chest and neck that is pinkish-white in color; his head fur was also very spiky and he has short ears with less black and more dark brown fur. On the outside, his eyes were pool blue and had a black slit in the middle, typical of cats, but my cat's eyes were the cutest of all, cough, okay, maybe not. But I think so, so it's true. He had a cat's whiskers, of course, nearly ten strands of white on each side.

"Sup, Zack. How are you?" I spoke out loud, the few customers who were picking up their pets looked at me with confused eyes, probably thinking I was crazy or something, but soon something happens that surprises everyone.

Zack looks at me and raises his paw, "Meow."

Umu, I nod at myself satisfied, and I smiled a little when I saw the customers look at the shocked cat.

"As always, your cat looks more like a dog than a cat; I don't like cats, but I wouldn't mind adopting him."

"Never! And cats are the best, they are silent, quiet, and affectionate making them the best animal there is!"

"Meow!" Zack meowed at me like he was agreeing.

"See? Even he agrees!"

"Whatever," Andrew doesn't even try to argue, so he turns his face and looks at a 21-year-old woman who was wearing a doctor's coat.

"Oh, Victor, and…Andrew." She spoke Andrew's name angrily.


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