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Chapter 60: 60. family training(part 1)

{Author's note}

As I have said before, I'm only doing around 1000 words per chapter. I know it is very short from a reader's perspective but just writing these is consuming the few hours of free time I have.

That's why I made it completely free and just wish everyone to have fun reading.


Albus took a deep breath and walked towards them, feeling relieved that his brother was really there and not just a figment of his imagination.

"Good morning, Abraham. Quinn, how are you doing?" Albus said, greeting them both with a warm smile.

Abraham turned to him and returned the smile. "Good morning, Albus. I'm doing well. You sure are a lazy sleeper. Even your son wakes earlier than you."

Albus raised an eyebrow, "It is after such a long time that I had a peaceful sleep. I have a little brother that is wild. He gave me so many headaches."

Abraham chuckled. "It's good to see you brother."

Quinn nodded and smile, and turned his attention to his son. "And how about you, Quinn? Did you sleep well?"

Yes, Dad. I'm fine. I was talking with Uncle Abraham about various things." There was a little pause at the end as if Quinn wanted to say more. The situation had happened many times when Albus found his son hesitant to talk about a concerning subject. But with experience, he has found a solution.

Albus kept silent and keep fixing his son until the latter gave in and speak his mind.

"Uncle Abraham was telling me about the various beasts and dalki he has fought. I also want to become someone strong just like my uncle. I wish to protect everyone so that every person could live a worry-free life. So in front of you Dad, I want to ask Uncle Abraham if can become my mentor and teach me to become stronger."

The previous night after the speech from Abraham, Albus talked with Ginny about it. Their morals and spirits were high, and after much discussion, both decided to train again. But for them to become better, they only knew one way; get a higher level of ability. Thus Albus decided to ask Abraham for a solution this morning.

And now, his own son also wanted to train.

Albus hesitated, knowing that the stronger Quinn become, the more danger he will face. But at the same this, if his son becomes stronger, then he would find peace of mind knowing that Quinn could take his own care. After giving it a strong thought, he gave his permission.

Now it was the turn to see if Abraham was going to do so. Just then, the entrance door of the apartment opened and Ginny could be seen getting inside.

"Hey guys," she greeted them with a smile, taking off her coat and hanging it on the coat hanger by the door. "What's going on?"

She had woken way earlier than Quinn and Albus, and after she met Abraham in the living room, she left the apartment to buy some goodies.

Quinn turned to his mom, a determined look on his face, and explained to her everything that was just talked about. After listening to everything, their attention was once again on Abraham waiting for his response.

"That is what family is for. It is great that the three of you have decided to push your limit. So together we will start training and become a better version of ourselves. We will start with some basic training. I need to evaluate your stats first then we will begin further training. Note that Quinn won't have the same type of exercise as he is still a child. Ok?"

When Abraham finished talking, he saw only Quinn was giving him a positive reply while both Albus and Ginny were kind of dishearted.

"Thank you very much, Abraham. We understand the physical exercise for Quinn but for both me and Ginny as Earth level 3 ability users, it would not matter much. After all, without a physical ability, no human that the physique to match that of beasts and dalki. Only by learning a higher ability, like the level 4 earth ability would we be able to improve." Albus knew that even that was uncertain. Sometimes, some humans did not have enough mutated cells to learn a higher level.

It was time for Abraham to activate teacher mode again and so the explanation about Qi began. Albus and Ginny were finding it hard to believe that every human could become stronger, faster, and have more endurance with the Qi energy and yet there was not a single record of such a thing. If from the beginning everyone had trained their Qi energy, maybe the outcome would have been different.

At the same time, Abraham had to warn them, especially Quinn that the Qi energy was harmful to a child. Except for Abraham when he was little, if a child tried to channel his Qi energy then his organ would start to deteriorate. That was because Abraham was able to circulate only an extremely tiny Qi energy when he was a toddler.

As a precaution, Abraham didn't tell in front of Quinn how to circulate it and Abraham was thinking of later using the influence skill to make avoid Quinn's attention on it.

"So first, I want everyone to do some warm-up with whatever technique you know and as soon as you are ready, I want you to start doing pushups. Don't do it in sets. I want you to do it in one go the maximum so can. When it seems that you have reached your limits, tell me the number while staying in a plank position. I will be looking after Quinn while the two of you do so.

The first thing Abraham wanted to do was to assess their current fitness level. While Ablus and Ginny were doing their warm-up on their own, Abraham started coaching Quinn by starting with some simple stretches to warm up the muscles.

Quinn followed his uncle's instructions, feeling his muscles beginning to loosen up. Next, his uncle had him do some shoulder rolls, bringing his shoulders up and then rolling them forward and back.

Quinn did a few jumping jacks, feeling his heart rate increase and his body getting warmer. His uncle then had him do some high knees, where he lifted his knees up high while running in place.

"Okay, now you're all warmed up," Abraham said. "It's time to start the real workout."

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