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My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser original

My Wife Is A Ghost Exorciser

Author: fairytail72

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Chapter 1: Back again

Author's note: The female lead will get even stronger in the future, there will be a slight fluctuations in her character but then she will be the one who will call the shots while the male lead will grovel on her feet for forgiveness, give them around 130 or so chapters chance please. 

In a cold and desolate temple , an exquisite room was hidden . To others, this temple was haunted but to Song Yan who spent five hundred years as a ghost it was nothing , she has long gotten used to her dark shadowy figure that smelled so bad that no one dared to get closer to her hiding place .

Only her master who took her in was willing to get closer to her , for five hundred years she remained with the Gu family , who was considered as one of the most prominent family in the Celestial world . In these five hundred years , Song Yan has forgotten how many masters she had - some were kind , some were cruel , some were ambitious while some were neutral .

Her masters continuously changed what didn't change was the soul ring , in which her spirit was trapped being passed from one heir to another . Her First master promised her a new beginning but her wrath was too furious and too intense to be controlled .

Because she died full of grievances, her spirit came to a lot closer to becoming a malevolent spirit , if not for her master she would have long lost her consciousness and avenged herself on her half-sister who killed her by snatching her ' fortune ' . Fu Yusheng was hers and the title of the ' Fu ' mistress was also hers but Song Lan snatched it all !

Just the thought alone made her aura plummet and her already dark smoky figure became as dark as ink , submerging her figure into the darkness of night .

"Cough , you are still the same Yan, " her master Gu Yijjn said as she coughed , she has accompanied Song Yan ever since she was a child . Her father left Song Yan in her care , he told her that if there was anything she couldn't face then she can call out to Song Yan whose soul was trapped in the spirit ring , as her master , Gu Yijjn had all rights to control Song Yan .

However , Gu Yijin has treated Song Yan as a friend instead of a tool like her father did , Song Yan was a dark spirit and her vengeance wasn't small either , even after five hundred years , her soul was still just as dark as it was when one of her ancestors captured Song Yan .

" Mistress " answered Song Yan , because she was a spirit now , her voice was no longer as soft and charming as it once was , instead it was hoarse and waxy . When she spoke it sounded as if many people were talking at once .

" You know Yan , I never took you as a partner but a sister . Even though *cough * you are no longer human , it is really rare for a spirit to be so close to being a human " said Gu Yujin , she was now in her eighties and knew that after fighting with malevolent spirits all her life , she has finally reached her limit . She never married unlike her father and grandfather, because she knew the dangers of being a celestial master , she couldn't trust just anyone and her lifeline was too short . If not for Song Yan who instilled her Yin energy in her body , Gu Yijjn was certain that she would have died when she turned thirty .

" Mistress , there is no need for you to speak any further " though Song Yan 's voice was still apathetic and cold , Gu Yijjn knew Song Yan well , the colder she behaved the more upset she was . Finally , she was able to see some sort of emotions in this brat , though Song Yan insisted that she no longer had any emotions left after she became a spirit , Gu Yijjn knew she was lying .

Song Yan was as close to being human as a spirit could get but she has gotten used to hiding her emotions well . All her life Gu Yijjn never once saw any change in Song Yan 's treatment towards her , Song Yan was polite and courteous like a slave will be towards her master but to Gu Yijjn she was never a slave and her deliberate distance made Gu Yijin upset , finally, Song Yan showed her a little affection , so what if it was on her death bed.

" Song Yan , I don't have an heir to pass your spirit ring on . I think its time for you to get the opportunity that you have been waiting for "

" Master -" Song Yan abruptly stood up , the black qi around her smoky figure flickered in unease . She knew that Gu Yijjn was nearing her end , as a spirit it wasn't difficult for her to sense death but compared to all the masters Gu Yijjn treated her like human . Something that never happened after the death of her first master, she couldn't help but feel a bit saddened upon losing Gu Yijin but she understood she couldn't stop death , if it came, it came - she could do nothing about it , it was already a miracle that her Yin energy was able to sustain Gu Yijjn's life force till now .

Song Yan approached the withered figure of her master who aged from a child to an elderly woman , and slowly bowed in respect " Master , apprentice is really thankful to you… rest in peace " Gu Yijin was running out of time and she was too , her time was finally up .

"Be happy Yan Yan " were Gu Yijjn's last words before the latter employed the last of her spiritual energy and a warm current washed over Song Yan before lighting stuck the ground shaking the foundation of the temple itself , burying everything and everyone inside it into utter chaos .


" Song Yan ! Are you pretending to be dead ! Don't act like you are dying when the car barely touched you , let me tell you even if you die today .. my brother will still not come to see you "

Song Yan heard a familiar arrogant voice before her eyes fluttered open . When her eyes flew open two familiar faces came in sight , one was flushed red in anger while the other has completely turned pale , as if she couldn't believe what she was seeing .

Song Yan raised her upper body and sat up straight , her head was aching badly as her soul finally settled down in a physical form after being a wandering spirit for son long .

" Song Yan did you hear a word I said , I said my brother won't come so you better stop this drama-"

" Shut up " snapped Song Yan fiercely , as she finally looked up . Her head was throbbing as if it was going to burst open any second yet this rich missy was busy throwing her temper tantrum . If she wasn't wrong this was the day when she was supposed to die , her master sent her back right on the day when her life force abruptly ended .

" What did you say to me ?" Fu Rong couldn't believe that the usually shy and timid Song Yan dared to snap at her . Song Yan has been married to her brother for five years and never once even dared to look in her eyes once but today she actually dared to scold her ?

" I said shut up !" repeated Song Yan coldly glared at Fu Rong , once she bowed her head and sucked to this sister in law because she wanted to treat the members of the Fu family well with all her heart , yet not a single member of the Fu family except Grandfather Fu liked her . She couldn't help but mentally slap herself for her stupidity, it was clear thar Fu Rong and everyone else in the Fu family liked Song Lan but she still stupidly kept her head bowed and let them trample on her head " I heard you the first time, do you think that your brother is so precious that I - Song Yan will rush in front of a car and kill myself ? No matter how precious he is , he isn't as precious as my life !"

After spending five hundred years as a Ghost , no one knew better than Song Yan how precious life was . To be neither dead or alive , she never wanted to go through it again ! Now that she was back she will never commit the same mistakes as before again !

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