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47.91% Mythologies: A Devil Prince's Revenge / Chapter 45: Chapter 44: Two Fathers of Opposing Sides (III) - Trial and Error

Chapter 44: Two Fathers of Opposing Sides (III) - Trial and Error - Mythologies: A Devil Prince's Revenge - Chapter 45 by SabergKeys full book limited free

Chapter 45: Chapter 44: Two Fathers of Opposing Sides (III) - Trial and Error

As night finally comes, the four Archangels gathered around in Uriel's room.

The three angels were currently waiting for Uriel to show up because Uriel said that he has something important to say to Yahweh and Michael, which is why the three are in his room waiting for Uriel to return from what he is doing.

And Zadkiel who was looking directly at Azrael felt pity at the depressed Azrael.

While, when he looked at their new ally Cassiel, she was looking at Azrael too, but instead of feeling pity she's putting on a sadistic smile like she's enjoying Azrael's mental suffering.

Zadkiel seeing the face that Cassiel was doing made him worried because he thought that Cassiel was enjoying Azrael's pain.

So he asked her. "What are you doing looking at Azrael with that face?"

"Nothing really... I think this is what you call enjoyment because I finally got to see Azrael sad, and seeing him in pain is like karma that he received when he kept shouting at me in the past. Hehe."

"I see..." I guess some people would enjoy seeing people who have bad blood toward each other suffer.

Even when Azrael is in the room with them and can hear what Cassiel is saying, he didn't react to it and just stayed in the corner without moving an inch.

Seeing that Azrael gave no reaction to what she said, Cassiel went closer to Azrael and asked him. "Azrael, are you sick? Because in many films that I watched, people whose mood has changed from what they've used to have; have some sort of sickness, well since you're an angel I guess getting sick is impossible though. Hmm... Then what could have happened to you..? Hmm..."

Azrael was holding back his anger from what Cassiel has said, so to prevent his temper from going up he went to the other corner of the room and put a barrier to trap sound from going in the barrier that he used.

Cassiel then went back to where she was before and sat at the chair to continue waiting.

"Seriously... I never thought that Cassiel was this childish..."

"Hmm..? Did you say something rude to me Zadkiel?"


The door opened, and there was a tired Uriel coming inside the room. "Finally... It's over..." Uriel said in a tired voice.

The three Archangels then went in front of Uriel to finally prepare to depart. "So? What did you do Uriel? By looking at you, I guess it's something important right?" Azrael asked.

"*Sigh* It was easy to get approval to our Lord, but Michael was challenging because of Raphael and Jophiel's constant nagging about what I'm gonna do."

"So what did you need to get our Lord and Michael's approval?"

"Since today is Saturday in Hell days, in two weeks it's now a new month for them and the barrier will break after the two weeks ends, which is why we need to stop Camael before a new month comes to Hell, so in those two weeks you two can stay in Hell and won't worry about constantly returning here in Heaven."

"I understand... Then I'll go there now." a portal appeared and Azrael immediately left, leaving the other two behind.

"Also in those two weeks, can I ask the two of you to try and support both the situation of Azrael and his daughter?"

"Sure, that's what I intended to do in the first place."

"Hmm... I think I can try to help if only I want to though."

"*Sigh* And before you two leave, be sure to stay safe in the upcoming battle, so make sure you three also the devils can get back alive, and also failure is not an option. As one of the four Archangel Leaders, be sure to bring victory in our pride as Archangels of the God Yahweh."

Both of them let out a grin at what Uriel said, and the two said at the same time. "Understood!"

"So get going to what you are tasked for, and show Camael who's boss!"

Zadkiel and Cassiel both bowed and finally left Heaven to go to Hell.

Uriel tiredly laid to his bed with a sigh and spoke to himself. "If either you three or the devils died, I may not ever forgive myself..."

The two Archangels were teleported to the base, and when Zadkiel opened his eyes, he saw Millie sitting in the room waiting for them. "*Sigh* So you finally back again, Zadkiel."

"And you're waiting for me again, Millie."

Coming from Zadkiel's back, a laugh came. "Ohh... Hehe."

"Cassiel?!" Millie shockingly said after seeing Cassiel. "What is she doing here in Hell, Zadkiel?"

"Nyahello, Princess of Hell."

"Oh, I guess Azrael has never told you yet, actually Cassiel is here to help us against Camael."

"I see... Then it's good to have you here, Cassiel."

Cassiel was confused about what Millie has said. "Hmm..? Aren't you suppose to say, 'How can you be sure that Cassiel won't betray us?' Or something like that, I think?"

"It's easy to know that you won't betray us, because if you were, then you would've told Yahweh and the other Archangels about what Zadkiel, Azrael, and Uriel are doing here in Hell helping us devils."

"Hmm... I can see how the Gods are afraid of your intelligence, Princess."

"Really? Then thank you for the compliment I guess, *Sigh* Let's get going to the others now because there's gonna be trouble again between Luna and Azrael."

As Millie left, both Zadkiel and Cassiel follow her from behind.

Cassiel who was stunned from the first conversation of Millie and Zadkiel told him with a sadistic smile. "Hehe, lolicon."

And Zadkiel, who doesn't have the slightest intellect of Japanese at all, asked Cassiel. "Lolicon? What's that?"

"Learn Japanese, and you'll know what it means."

"Really..? Lolicon huh? I guess if you're saying it then that means it's some sort of compliment, then I'll take what this word 'lolicon' is."


"Hoy, Even if I don't know Japanese, I'm smart enough to know a little bit of Japanese to know what you said means. Don't tell me that I said something wrong?"

"Hehe. Who knows."

They've finally arrived where the others are in.

And outside of the room were again the other Archdukes peeking at the door, but this time Lilith, Hans, Shota, and Vladamir were not outside with them.

Millie and Zadkiel immediately knew what was happening right now, so they went closer to the others to peek inside the room.

Inside was Luna holding her scythe in tears and Hans was restraining her to move, while on the other side was Lilith protecting Azrael who was severely injured.

Guessing from what they looked like, it seems to them that when Luna saw Azrael, she attacked him.

"I told you to not ever come near me again!" Luna shouted angrily.

Hans was hugging Luna tightly, whispering to her to calm down, and Azrael was quiet and couldn't respond to what Luna said. "I'm sorry..." Was again the only words he can respond with.

"Luna, please understand that Azrael didn't intend to leave you and your mother, please... I know that it's painful to you to ever see your again, so please can you at least try and hear what he's gonna say."

"What are you talking about father? I don't need him anymore! I don't want to see him or his siblings anymore! Because of them, everyone I know is suffering tremendously! And every time I see them in pain, I blame myself for being the daughter of one of the people who did that to them!"

"I know that it's been difficult for everybody else, but right now the person who did that to us is redeeming himself in front of us now! So can you at least try and redo what a family is?"

"Family? I already have a family! I don't need them because I got you father! I got Dawn, I got Akemi! I got Ruri, Talya, Chizuru, Shota, everybody else! And most of all, I also have Millie and Haruki with me! So why do I need him!?"

"Listen, Luna, you're my daughter, but he's your father, so that's why you need to accept the fact that your real father still loves and cares for you, and I know that he is willing to sacrifice his own life just for your safety. I know that as a father like him Luna."

"Sorry... But I still won't accept him, and I don't have plans to do it." Luna said that angrily; finally left, but before leaving, he started at Azrael and told him. _Azrael, mother used this scythe to protect your name, and when she died she gave it to me, but I guess that I won't need it anymore." And when she said that to Azrael, she threw the scythe back to Azrael to give it back to him and finally left the room crying.

Dawn after seeing Luna left, followed her to help her calm down after what has happened.

"Hmm... so that's how serious the tension in their relationships... I see... I see..."

"So Cassiel, what do you think of their relationship? Are you gonna help me try to fix it?" Zadkiel asked Cassiel.

"Hmm... I'll think of it, I think..."

In the room, Azrael picked up Luna's scythe that she threw back at him; saying to it painfully. "I'm sorry..."

As Azrael stood up again, he looked directly at Hans and Lilith with sorrow; saying to them. "It's pointless, maybe I should just give up on persuading Luna to accept me..."

Hearing that both Hans and Lilith were angered from what they've heard.

Hans went closer to Azrael and pulled the collar of his shirt, and shouted at him in an enraged voice. "Don't tell me that you're giving up easily Azrael!? This is just your second day with us, and now you're already giving up!? You know that there's still time right?!"


"Why aren't you responding? Why aren't you saying anything Azrael!? As her father, it's your right to keep on trying! It's just a matter of trial and error! So there's still chances!"


"You still won't say anything aren't ya? Then at least try to think about what you'll do for Luna... If she's ever in trouble, protect her in the shadows, can you do that Azrael?"

"*Snicker* Who do you think you're talking to Hans? The darkness has always been my friend, so that's why I'm surrendering in the light where she can see me, and move on to the darkness where she won't see me."

"*Tsk* You could've said that sooner dumbass, then it's a deal then Azrael."

Gripping Luna's scythe tightly and looking at it with sadness in his eyes, he let out a smile both filled in despair and hope and responded. "It's a deal, Hans."

All of the people who watched this were shocked upon seeing Azrael instantly cheering up, even if things happened with Luna and him a while ago.

Lilith smiled and patted Azrael in the back. "Remember that you won't break that promise you made Azrael, even if you're far away from Luna, just as long as you remember her, your lover, and the promise you made with Hans then know that it'll be okay."

He started to scream in sorrow, it was the very first time for the two Archangels here to see Azrael scream painfully.

His scream wasn't that type of scream that anyone would let out if their fear is near them, but more of a scream of pain and melancholy was the type that he let out.

It was so painful for Azrael, that he shed tears; tons of tears. And Azrael was being comforted by Lilith who was hugging him tightly to ease up the pain. "Let it all out, let it all out." Lilith whispered to the crying Azrael.

Zadkiel was in joy seeing Azrael letting all his problems out, and Cassiel seeing Azrael was left speechless from what she's seeing as of right now.

Seeing the brother who she knows is very ruthless and cold to his enemies was right now crying and letting out his pain to his very own enemies.

Like her, she knows that Azrael has no feelings toward his allies and enemies, even Azrael shows no feelings or remorse to his siblings and parents, in her opinion Azrael was just that type of a guy.

Being entitled as the Angel of Death has led to his name with lots of stereotypes that even the angels and some Gods believed on those supposed rumors and stereotypes about Azrael.

But what Cassiel saw was something different from those false beliefs that most people she knew believed, because she misunderstood and didn't even try to know what type of person is her brother.

Seeing right now that all of those rumors and stereotypes between the Angel of Death was false, made her for the first time feel sympathy toward someone else.

It made her smile in sorrow and joy for his brother, that even Zadkiel who saw Cassiel reaction made him smile too.

He reached for Cassiel hands; holding them, and asking her. "What do you think Cassiel? It's beautiful, isn't it? The happiness and comfort that an angel and a devil share?"

"Hmm... It's weird I think, but I can see what you're pointing at."

"Cassiel, let me ask this to you once more. Will you help me fix their relationship? And also help us who wants to have peace between Hell and Heaven."

"Hmm... The second question you said is already deemed beyond impossible, so my answer to that is still undecided, but the first question..."

"First question..?"

"The first question, I don't know about my feelings toward Azrael and the devils right now. It seems strange and hot in my chest when I look at them, and I don't know why. But since I felt all of those, I think the answer to your question is yes-"

"Ohh look at you two..! Seriously bonds with siblings are indeed higher than true love, that's why I've been telling Haruki the beauty of incest." Hearing the disturbance from Ifrit. Zadkiel, Millie, and Cassiel were all shocked and disgusted by what he has said when they knew that it's not the time to say something disgusting such as 'incest' right now.

"Master... I know that you're gross to begin with, but I didn't know that you were beyond disgusting..."

"Ifrit, you know that you're talking to an angel right?"

"Hmm... I should've known that not all devils are good, there are devils like him who are disgusting. Hmm... Better be careful."

"Really? So it's really is bad to promote incest to non-cultured people, then I guess I should start this topic with more cultured ones like Haruki, Sora, Lucas, and Shota if we reunited."

Vines grew below and constricted Ifrit; Millie who was looking at Ifrit in disgust put vines to his mouth so that he can't speak anymore. "Ignite." Millie said, and so flames have started to burn the vines.

"So you're here Zadkiel!" Shota shouted in the hallway, running to them in a hurry.

"Shota Beelzebub, it's nice to see you again."

"Millie; Zadkiel, you won't believe this news."

The two looked at each other and asked Shota at the same time. "What?"

"Actually, when I was testing my skills, I found that I can still send messages to Anya, and so we can take this as an advantage to report to them about the seventh floor and Camael's base, but the downside is that it'll be received by Anya in three days, so that's why we need to make a clear report since 50 words are my limit and I can only send three messages."

"Then we'll those three to report about the base and our plans, also Zadkiel and Cassiel, I want to know if it's okay to not tell them about the angels helping us?"

"it's okay, but why though? Isn't better if we told them?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-revenge_19386459505180005/chapter-44-two-fathers-of-opposing-sides-(iii)---trial-and-error_54101442096585651">;s-revenge_19386459505180005/chapter-44-two-fathers-of-opposing-sides-(iii)---trial-and-error_54101442096585651</a> for visiting.

"There's a problem because Yahweh and Satanael are working together to destroy Hell right? But because my brother and the others are getting help from Mammon which is both our ally and Satanael's ally, then things can get messy if he told Yahweh."

"I understand, since it's to make our mission successful then our alliance is a secret between us who are here on the seventh floor."

"Also, I don't know if you remember this Millie, but the barrier will break in two weeks, and my insects who were in Camael's base out preparing a massive operation to attack the eighth floor when the barrier breaks. And that was the last report they can get because Camael found out about the clones and killed them, but since he's busy making preparations then he won't try to find us."

"Then what do we do? If my and the other clones are all dead, then what can we use to spy on them?"

"Hmm? isn't that why I'm here Zadkiel? Since I'm the fastest angel, I can use my invisibility and speed to spy on them."

"So we'll start our operation tomorrow and get some rest today to prepare for the upcoming battle, do you guys have any objections."

All of them smiled and said at the same time. "No ma'am!"

SabergKeys SabergKeys

Thank you for still reading!

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