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Chapter 83: Epilogue

One year Later

It had been just a bit more than one year since that bet he made with Kaguya, and nothing popped up yet, but that didn't mean Naruto was any less prepared for the Otsutsuki Clan popping up.

Now in the rebuilt Uzushio, the blond in question was proud as all hell to see several of his wives in the simulation. They were having a 'Team Deathmatch' against Jiraiya, and three other people that were a surprise drop-in: Yahiko, Nagato and Konan. The women facing them here were Teams Undine, Jean and Miria - though Jean herself was having a clone take part, as the original was pregnant, again.

Seriously, the woman was a walking baby factory… and she wasn't the only one. Cynthia, Roxanne, Flora, and Priscilla all seemed to have themselves a little rivalry going to see who could push out the most kids for their man.

That aside, the Naruto clone watching was sorely tempted to join in with them because he wanted to fight against his senior disciples. The Boss fought Nagato, and knew personally that the Rinnegan bearer was strong. Very strong.

The redhead was holding back against them though. But from the wide smile he had on his face, his cousin was enjoying himself as he fought against Undine, Zelda, Glissa and Deneve all at once. This was just one of the many battles Team Undine has gone through when they were fighting against the Rinnegan bearer.

Jiraiya too was enjoying himself as he, Yahiko and Konan fought both teams Jean and Miria. As expected, the sandy brunette and her team were a bitch and a half to fend off. Their yoki, in combination with their chakra and Miria's tactics made for a frightening combo.

"Our fellow disciple's trained you all well!" Yahiko complimented the two teams with a wide, toothy grin. Even as he reinforced the kunais to block Miria and Queenie's claymores, he still had that wide, Naruto-like smile on his face.

"He had help," Tabitha pointed out from behind the orange haired young man and forced him to disengage from Miria and Queenie. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-quest(18-)_16084437105847905/epilogue_44292716028288242">;s-quest(18-)_16084437105847905/epilogue_44292716028288242</a> for visiting.

"But when he was teaching us, he did a good job of it," Miria added with a proud smile.

"I knew my sheer awesomeness would rub off on him, eventually!" Jiraiya boasted with a joking self-centred smile. The man was a lot happier now that all of his disciples were together. He ducked under Emelia, and Diana's swords when they tried to take off his head and retaliated by dropping down, planting his hands on the ground and in a show of great upper body strength he pushed up his feet and kicked the two women in the stomach, making the two women stagger back.

"Oi! That was all me!" Naruto yelled from outside the barrier.

"Oh, we know," the real Jean giggled, hugging his arm.

Naruto chuckled and gave her a peck on the lips. Then, he felt the other being hugged and turned to see a thoroughly swollen Tanya. Being the naughty girl she was, the former Number 13 wasted no time in taking advantage of the lower age of consent when they moved here. His smile widened and Naruto pulled both her and Jean into one-armed hugs as they all continued watching the match.

Meanwhile, with a literal horde of munchkins, the original Naruto and several more clones were bringing many a smile to the faces of the women present as they wrestled with the kids. Now having just a bit more than one-fucking-hundred and seventy kids, a total of one-ninety if he were to count the one-night stands, with another thirteen on the way, it was safe to assume that the Uzumaki Clan was going to stick around for some time. Not all of them were here, though, as several of his wives were back on the other continent, which the locals took to calling Narru, much to his embarrassment.

Riful and her kids kept watch over the West from Morris as expected, Raby Castle being entrusted to Harja. Neideen had also decided to stay, while Sistina went off to Rabona.

Meanwhile, Isley continued his rule of the North with Soleil's group helping out in that endeavour; Luciela went back South and took up residence in Sandy Crotch of all places, while Priscilla took up residence in a castle Naruto had built in the center of that crater Isobu and Kurama left of Staff with her own set of munchkins. Samantha was the exception, having opted to live in Raby with Harja, alongside Lilith, Hana and Susan.

Naruto goes to visit all of them frequently… and nine times out of ten, he ends up getting balls deep in them… yes, the girls in Raby included - though he never talks about it for obvious reasons. Ahem… They were quick to help him hide that. It helped that Riful, Priscilla. and the others in cahoots were the only ladies who ever went there.

Cynthia and Veronica also lived there, having taken up residence in Nile. Though that resulted in their team being disbanded. Helen and Pamela didn't really mind, as the former joined Team Miria while the latter opted to retire and focus on helping raise the kids.

Speaking of, he had to admit that Pamela looked adorable in that nursemaid's outfit she'd taken to wearing. She sat in a corner playing wet nurse for Moegi's kid, Junko, as the orange-haired woman helped out in the kitchen. Inonon was also there and just as thoroughly swollen as Tanya. Bringing her whole damn clan on over to Morris for the wedding had proven quite the chore, but it was worth it in the end.

The blonde giggled as she saw Undine's newest kid, Wolfgang, sitting on Naruto's shoulders and declaring himself king of the mountain. It was so cute! She couldn't wait for hers to finally pop out!

The Abyss Feeders, were predictably there as well, as they were always with Inonon and Naruto, these days. They were watching over their own kids, with buns in their ovens once more. After seeing so many kids running about, while they only had one kid each, the nine of them were quickly overwhelmed by the need to breed with Alpha, and breed they did!

Needless to say, despite the looming threat of Kaguya's clan popping up, the future looked rather bright for the reinstated Uzumaki Clan.


As for Konoha…

Kakashi took a deep breath and slumped in his chair, though getting to the summits was tiring as all hell, the other Four Kage were a joy to be around. The relationship with the rest of the Shinobi Union had improved to the degree the Land of Fire was allowed to rejoin them, even! Soon, though, there were going to be two more soon, interestingly enough. The obvious one was Naruto, as Uzushio was shaping up to be a superpower in its own right with the alliances that had been formed. Granted, they weren't ready for that just yet as Naruto was still training up his militia, but they were well on their way nonetheless. The other was Shion of all people, as she had been raising up a standing army of her own in light of a new threat on the horizon.

To make matters even more unnerving, no one here - except for Shion, that is - knew what that threat was; but Kakashi had a guess. After all, who else apart except those who are related to Kaguya Otsutsuki had the Rinne Sharingan? Granted, it was nothing concrete, but until he got some more information he'll keep it to himself until he is confident enough to reveal it.

"So…" he began, sitting up to address the priestess. "What can you tell us about this threat?"

The blonde in question had a grim look on her face as she replied with two words. "Kaguya's clan."

That alone said enough to send shivers up the spines of the Five Kage. None more so than Kakashi himself, since he and Team 7 had actually fought the woman and barely got out of that from the skin of their teeth.

"Shit." Kakashi gave the priestess a narrow eyes stare and said, "If they're related to her, I take it they have similar if not the exact same abilities as her then."

"There is most certainly no shortage of similarities," Shion replied with a nod. "They are capable of crossing dimensions, and possesses similar abilities she has. Both have the Hyuga Clan's Byakugan; however, out of the two, only one has the rinnegan. Thankfully, they seem to be incapable of utilizing the Goddesses 'Ash-killing Bone', but they are an even bigger threat than she is."

Kakashi and the other Four Kages all narrowed their eyes at that. "Tell us what you know of them so far. If they're a bigger threat than someone Team 7 and I barely defeated, then getting as much information on them will be vital."

Shion nodded and got to doing just that.


Meanwhile, far, far away, a figure sat in a lotus position, floating above the white surface. Looking up to the black sky, towards the earth, Tsukiko Otsutsuki, the last of her bloodline in this dimension frowned deeply,

She was garbed a very revealing, one-piece getup, resembling a skimpy halter top connected to a pair of hakama. It left much revealed, including her shoulders, back, sides, a generous amount of cleavage and most of her outer thighs, making it abundantly clear that she was wearing nothing underneath. The black sash was also quite clearly the only thing keeping it up to cover her rear. The main garment was mostly white with purple trim and she wore a black and purple haori draped over her shoulders like a cape. Black tabi, a pair of simple zouri, and just enough makeup to accentuate her natural beauty finished the look.

The woman herself, had long, silver locks, bound int a pair of pigtails, draped over her shoulders and reaching down to her hips, the long bangs were parted in the middle and reached down to her breasts . Her eyes were a pale lavender with her eyebrows trimmed into a pair of small dots, much like Kaguya's. Her face was slightly round but still feminine and a pair horns peeked out from behind her bangs, light brown in colour and resembling those of a young goat. If those and her ghostly pale skin didn't make it abundantly clear whom she was related to, the feature in the center of her forehead removed all doubt. Right there, just like her ancestor, Kaguya, this woman had a had a red eye with black lines rippling from the pupil, three of them each had three comma-shaped markings in alternating, triangular patterns - this was the Rinne Sharingan.

The woman was a slender beauty with wide birthing hips, practically a goddess in her own right in both looks and power… and she was not happy. Something was coming and she knew it was her distant relatives - the ones her many-times-great grandfather warned her ancestors about.

Tsukiko sighed. "Well… It would seem that this 'Ladykiller' is preparing for them, too," she thought aloud. "As are several others up there… But will they be ready in time?" Her frown deepened. She contemplated on whether or not she should pay them a visit, then she sighed and said, "I should go check…"

She made her decision; but, knowing how… jumpy that so-called 'Ladykiller' and his women are in regards to Kaguya and anybody from her side of the family, Tsukiko decided it would be best to wait until he was by himself. That way, she wouldn't be dogpiled by his harem. That would be more… convenient, if nothing else.

"Yes…" Tsukiko nodded to herself as she looked towards the planet with a sense of longing, "I most certainly will go check… later."

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