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3.92% Naruto: Blood & Pleasure / Chapter 2: Chapter II: System

Chapter 2: Chapter II: System

Chapter II: System


"What was the shriek about?" Mother asked, glancing at my sister, who trembled a little under her gaze.

I smiled and explained, "She was embarrassed about me seeing her bathing!"

Mother grew silent hearing my answer before bursting into laughter. "Pfft... Haha," she chuckled in her melodious voice.

"Really you!! Haha, I didn't expect something like that coming from you! After all the mess and tantrum you always threw before to have him wash you. Haha, I really didn't expect that," she said, chuckling between every word.

"I was a kid back then! I am grown up now!" she insisted.

"You are still a child to us, sis," I teased.

"You two are meanies," she said as her eyes started to get teared up.

We quickly stopped laughing and teasing as soon as we saw her tearing up.

"Aww, don't cry! I am sorry." I reached her quickly, scooped her into my arms, and apologised to her and consoled her. I didn't like her crying one bit; it pained my heart.

"Yeah, bad big brother! He made my little girl cry; he should be punished for that." Mother also consoled her and gave me a hard smack on my head to appease her.

"Hey!" I protested, but she quickly silenced me with just a glance.

"Hey, don't cry. Did you know your brother used to bathe with me until he was ten years old?" She said,

"Mom!!" I tried to stop her, but it was too late.

"Really, he did that?" My sister asked, stopping her crying and looking at me in wonder.

"Yes, he was even quite reluctant to give it up. He still wanted to bathe with his old momma, but as he grew older, he finally stopped due to embarrassment and asked me not to tell anyone," she shared with a fond smile, making me feel a bit embarrassed.

"Haha, brother, you were an even bigger child than me," she laughed at me, her earlier tears now replaced by amusement.

Sigh. There goes all of my big brother's respect. It's all the fault of the previous me. Why did he have to be such a mama's boy?.

After that, we had dinner in a pleasant atmosphere. My little sis also happy after learning something new about me.

"Where is big-sis?" She asked her mother about our other sister who was not present here now.

"Tomorrow is her {D.I.T} yearly exam for this year, so she is currently practising with her friends," Mother said.

"Oh! She won't come home then?" She asked.

Mother nodded. "She'll be sleeping over with her friends tonight."

"Oh." She nodded her head.

Observing their interactions with a smile on my face, I thought about the many changes that had occurred in this world because of me.

Even though I had remembered my memories just a week ago, my soul had been reincarnated into this world much earlier.

I was actually reborn as a baby here but just didn't recall any of my past life memories until a week ago and lived a 'normal' life here. So, while living this so-called normal life I noticed quite a numerous differences in this world compared to the original one, and when I say a lot, I mean a lot.

This should be expected since as a foreign soul that should have never belonged here, I inevitably would have caused quite a flurry of butterfly wings.

But not every change was directly caused by me. If we go by pure calculation, only 20% should be attributed to my actions, while the rest occurred naturally, diverging from the original Naruto.

This introduced a lot of variables, and more variables meant a higher likelihood of me or someone in my family facing danger. So, I had to be careful about my actions.

But I wasn't scared much because I had something that every overpowered main character is privileged with.

A thing that can elevate even a deadbeat bum to the Heavenly throne—the very thing that every reader once wished he had: A...


"Open Status," I thought in my mind.

[Name: Tatsuya Hyuga]

[Age: 13]

[Physical: 15]

[Spiritual: 15]

[Chakra Capacity: 20]

[Chakra Control: 4/10]


• Fire: {50%}

• Water: {50%}

• Air: {40%}

• Earth: {25%}

• Lightning: {60%}

Yin & Yang : Null

[Pleasure Points: 0]


Presence of Pleasuror: A unique ability that bestows upon the user a subtle aura, making those around them develop a liking and causing enemies to lower their guard. {Effective only on women}


Eyes of Eros: A unique ability that allows the user to perceive the relationship status someone has towards them.

Sub-Effect: Grants the user the most beautiful eyes in existence, capable of captivating anyone who gazes too deeply into them. {Only work on Women}


Body of Kama: Like a fine wine that improves as it ages, your body's appearance refines itself as it journeys through time, gaining enhanced allure with each passing moment.


-Art of Violence: 3/10

-Art of Pleasure: 7/10

[Relationship Panel]

[Missions Panel]

[Conversion Panel]




I scrutinised my status carefully, inspecting each ability and skill once again to ensure nothing was overlooked.

The ability, Presence of Pleasuror, was and can be called a subtle manipulation skill. That uses the aura naturally released by my body, to cause every female who meets me to develop a natural liking towards me. It wasn't exactly mind manipulation, but more of a favorability booster, creating a positive impression on others.

You could also think of it as having a perfume on nuclear steroids.

But to me, the Eyes of Eros were a much more interesting ability than any others.

Having the ability to change the look of my eyes was much appreciated. Even being a Hyuga myself, I sometimes felt creeped out by everyone's eyes. Imagine being in a dark room full of Hyugas with their Byakugan's open and shining due to chakra circulation – it's enough to scare anyone.

But its main ability to let the user be able to see the interpersonal relationships of people towards him was an amazing ability according to him. With it, anyone thinking about using the betrayal method on him should think twice.

As for Kama's body, that thing was a little useless; its sole perk only being the continual improvement of my appearance, evolving into an irresistibly attractive form as I aged. At some point, it might become so overwhelming that people could potentially suffer brain damage just from gazing at my face. I will then be able to arrogantly call myself a God of Handsomeness without cringing.

I couldn't help but shudder at the possibility. I had no idea how much time it would take to reach that level, but I knew it would happen since there was no limit specified in the ability.

"I might have to wear a mask all the time then. Can't I do something to at least toggle the allure off?"

"Brother, why are you spacing out?" Suddenly, my sister called out to me, breaking away from my thoughts.

"Nothing, I was thinking about something," I said to her.

"You should eat your food first. It is getting cold," she said with a chiding look in her eyes.

I offered her a small smile "Hai Hai! Imouto-chan (Yes-Yes little sis). I shouldn't let the food get cold"

Inadvertently as I looked at her, a small icon appeared over her head. I quickly knew it was the ability Eye of Eros being used here.

As I mentally focused on the icon, a small status panel opened in front of me.

[Name: Hanabi Hyuga]

[Age: 9]

[Chakra Capacity: 5 ]

[Relationship Status: Adorable Yandere Sister ]

[Affection Points: 85/100]

I raised my eyebrows when I looked at the relationship status panel- Yandere Sister.

How is she a Yandere when she gets shy so easily from me, or is the system malfunctioning or what?

But a small smile crept onto my face looking at the amount of affection points she had towards me. Heh! Even with her acting so shy she still loves me quite a bit.

Now, I was curious about the status panel of Mother, so I quickly glanced at her direction and used the ability.

And a status panel opened right in front of me.

[Name: Hitomi Hyuga]

[Age: 36]

[Chakra Capacity: 20]

[Relationship Status: Loving Mommy ]

[Affection Points: 90/100]

Her status panel was just what anyone would expect from a loving and kind mother. Her affection points were almost reaching the maximum points that were possible to have.

Then focusing my mind on the Affection points, another panel opened in front of my mind which gave me the details about how exactly the points worked.

[0: Abhorrence]

A hatred so intense that it persists even in death.

[1-10: Bitter Hate]

Intense negative emotions, harbouring resentment or animosity. To the extent that one would sacrifice much just to inflict pain upon you.

[11-20: Disgust]

Strong aversion, feeling repelled or disgusted

[21-30: Dislike]

Unfavourable feelings, but not as intense as disgust.

[31-40: Neutral]

A state of being neither positive nor negative, maintaining a balanced stance.

[41-50: Acquaintance]

A basic level of familiarity, but not necessarily close.

[51-60: Friends]

A friendly relationship, enjoying each other's company.

[61-70: Fondness/Bros]

A warm liking, experiencing a sense of affection.

[71-80: Like/Comrade]

A positive feeling, enjoying the presence and company.

[81-90: Love/Best Pals]

Deep affection and care, a strong emotional bond.

[91-100: Dao Partners/Brotherhood Pinnacles]

Intense and profound love/friendship, a connection that transcends surface-level affection.

Glancing at the panel, I quickly grasped the gist of it, understanding the different levels of affection the system measured. It appeared quite reasonable, with one scale describing romantic relationships and the other depicting friendships.

After dinner, Mom and I started doing the dishes, while Hanabi was busy playing with her kunai—or more like practising how to kill efficiently.

In the ninja world, children played with blades and kunai instead of toys, discussing who was the best killer in the world rather than watching cartoon characters. Oh! My bad. TV still hasn't been invented now.

"Are you going to attend the Academy tomorrow?" Mom asked me.

"Yeah, she specifically asked for me to come. If I didn't go, she would probably give me the silent treatment for a week," I chuckled, finishing my sentence.

Typically, ninjas undergo a seven-year course at the Academy to graduate. However, having completed my sixth-year exam ahead of schedule, I had kept myself a couple of months ahead of this year's students.

During this interim, I took a leave from the academy, waiting for my batchmates entering their final year, and allowing me time to practise on my own for that time. I could have, of course, bypassed the waiting and graduated directly from the academy if it weren't for Hinata being in the same group.

It appeared the previous me was quite considerate of Hinata, not wanting to leave her behind, and even the current me was no different.

Mom chuckled and joined in, "You know how she and Hanabi are. Both of your sisters are quite attached to you."

I nodded at her words. They are for sure quite attached to me. Well, there are quite good reasons for it too. Even without the memories of my previous lives, the previous me was still a very good sibling to each of them.

As the eldest, he ensured that Hinata never had to face the pressure that turned her into an outcast, causing her to lose any self-confidence and develop a meek attitude like she had in the original timeline.

Consequently, because she never developed the overly shy demeanor she had in the original, her relationship with Hanabi was also never jeopardized. Their sister relationship remained as good as it could be, even if they sometimes acted quite strange towards each other, it didn't change much. Ultimately, the bond between the three siblings was quite strong.

As we continued with the chores, the conversation drifted to mundane topics. When suddenly, I asked something that has been at the back of my mind, "What are the elders doing nowadays? I noticed them mingling and meeting with each other quite often these days."

Mom stopped washing the dishes when she heard that, and a cold look appeared on her face. "What can those senile old coots even do when meeting with each other, other than scheming about something? They are most likely discussing putting the Cage-bird seal on Hinata and Hanabi."

I shook my head hearing that and said, "It seems they never learn from their mistakes." After all, there is a reason why my father is dead.

- x - X - x -

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