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Chapter 28: Experiments

Me:" What I need is.... a spar with you."

Minato then looks at me and says.

Minato:*sigh*" You could have asked me normally I would have accepted anyway."

I just smirk at him and say.

Me:" I know, I know I am just feeling dramatic today. Anyway we will spar tomorrow after Fuijutsu studies with Kushina."

He looks at me and says.

Minato:" Ok."

We then make some useless small talk untill we part ways then I go into my house and see my clones training in the backyard I just go immediately in my lab to make sure everything is okay then do some exercises to keep in shape and go to sleep.


I just wake up take a shower wear my usual type of clothes and then sense the closest chunin, go outside and go towards him in about 2 minutes I see him in the training ground training with his ninken then I look at him he looks around 19 years old so I just say.

Me:" Hey there. I see that you are training very hard."

He turns and looks at me and says.

???:" Good morning Yami -sama."

He bows a little.' You know the Inuzuka really are eazy to manipulate and control with power. Even though it's a trashy clan, there are not many internal schemes so that is good.'

I then look at him in the eye and say with a determined face.

Me:" I saw you training hard in here. And I have developed a secret technique that makes Inuzukas stronger and I would like to reward you for your hard work by using it on you.

You will become the first Inuzuka that I will use this technique on, so that means when I start using it on others you will have to teach them. WILL YOU ACCEPT THIS REWARD AND RESPONSIBILITY FOR US TO MAKE THE INUZUKA CLAN THE GREATEST."

He looks at me with admiration.

You know if this was my old world looking at a kid like that in the middle of nowhere would be suspicious.

He then says.

???:" Yes Inuzuka -sama."

I look at his eyes and say.

Me:"Ok then we are going to my house for you to learn it and I will have to activate it."

He and his ninken come towards my house when we are walking I tell him to introduce himself like Tsunade did to us, likes, dislikes and hobbies. I wasn't really interested in them what I really needed was his name I don't want him to think that he was just chosen randomly because he was the closest ninja to my home,

but because I was impressed by him. By the way his name is Akimaru Inuzuka. Then we arrive at my home

we get into the lab and then I tell him to lie down on the table. When he does so, I pick up his ninken and tell him that it he shouldn't be so close and stealthy knock him out after all it might feel his owner in danger and interfere I also put him in the hallway tie it up not to move and have my dog watch the door when I close it, for no one to interrupt me.

I also put up the sign in the door that says doing something critical don't come in so I won't be interrupted by Tsume.

I then put 2 thin tubes his nose and he is immediately unconscious. Well not really this is one of the things I had my clone buy a kind of drug that you can't move and you are knocked out but it keeps the chakra activity normal like you are awake its expensive because of its rarity. I bought a lot of different things my clone spend about 1 mill ryo buying different things.

And this first experiment is not dangerous.

The worst he can get is memory loss or something trivial like that. I can just bash his head on a tree and leave him there on the training ground and most would think that he got injured while training.

I wrap him in the table tight with belts and ropes all over his body and the table leaving only the upper part of his head open and above his heart.

Then I took out an extra thin senbon like needle run chakra through it and stabed it into his brain. His body jolted a little after the stab, I immediately took it out. I just punctured a hole into the first gate, gate of opening. I run a full scan on his body, his body didn't have any injuries the punctured hole in the gate closed and gave him a small increase on strength and speed for 3 seconds.

That experiment was just to check if the gates can be punctured by someone else from outside.

Now starts the big experiment.

If he dies I will have to make it seem like a training acident or assassinations or something, but its not really that important nobody is going to thoroughly investigate a chunin death in war time well the head of the clan might make further investigations but I am the clan head soooo yeah.

I take another needle like the first one and run chakra through it. Then I look towards his heart and I make a small hole in it, his body immediately starts heating up and now he is jolting violently. I then immediately pull out the needle the hole on the gate is not closing itself but its starting to become bigger.

Well that is within expectation I just use my chakra to forcefully close the small hole but it only stops expanding and it doesn't close so then stab him again in that hole and use healing chakra through the needle while taking it out. It then heals.

I wish I had a dojutsu to be able to see what is going on there. But I don't have one so I have to fully 100% concentrate my chakra sensing in his heart and have different machines to be able to help me with the job and even then its not even 80% accurate.

I then run a scan through his body, its definitely taken a toll on his body. It even took some lifespan not a lot but still not a technique I would use on myself. It did raise his original chakra amount a little and his original body strength a little from the destroyed muscles. So it has an abbility to raise body strength and chakra temporarily and even raise it a little of it forever after every usage, but it's really like giving lifespan to get stronger.

Anyway I think I got the results I wanted and it was within speculation. I now can raise the strength of my clan. I could make a curse mark on top of their hearts to open and close the small hole I will make for them and keep the hole from expanding. I really need to be a master in Fuijutsu to be able to do that.

Of course I also definitely will put a kill switch in the curse mark. I am not Orochimaru to let my Pawns kill the King themselves.

Then I wake the guy up and dose him on pain relievers to not feel the pain that his body is in.

He seems confused and tired. I tell him that now I will call him after some time to get the final treatment. I even give him 500.000 ryo and tell him to go get something to eat and not to push himself. Then he goes away.

After some time of putting everything back in place and writing this method in a book of course I wrote it in English not in the same language as the naruto world I think it's Japanese.

I don't want anyone to be able to read it.

After some rest it is time to go to Kushina's lessons and after that... I can't wait to fight Minato. To truly see his talent and how much he has grown

after all he now does have the chakra levels of....

HolyJoker HolyJoker

Sorry for the late chapter had to fix a couch in my house.


Next chapter the fight with Minato and showing Minato's chakra level.

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