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Naruto: Evolution Naruto: Evolution original

Naruto: Evolution

Author: theusual

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Chapter 1: ACADEMY

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(Location - Konohagakure)

Ninja Academy - In a third grade classroom

"Listen well, tomorrow is the Academy Graduation Examination and it is also the time of the Early Graduation Examination. No matter if you can graduate early or stay in school for failing, you cannot miss tomorrow's evaluation, it is an experience new ..."

On the podium in front of the blackboard is Yue, a ninja master in his thirties and Chūnin master of this class, spoke loudly with a serious expression, which made the students in the class feel nervous.

Normally, the education system is a 6-year duration system, so those who enter at the minimum age will graduate at the age of 11.

But this year's situation is a bit peculiar and special.

Just a few days ago, Hokage issued a new instruction, which talks about this year's age evaluation, except for first years, all other years will participate in the sixth grade graduation exam.

In conclusion, this year of graduation will be large scale.

Graduating from the Ninja Academy is something every student is striving for. After all, in this Shinobi world, being a Ninja is something highly respected by the people.

But not every student in the classroom had the confidence to pass this year, so those with poor grades will inevitably feel nervous and impatient.

Previously we reviewed the Replica Jutsu and the Body Replacement Jutsu, and today we will review the Transformation Jutsu for tomorrow's evaluation.

Now I will begin a roll call based on the results of last month's evaluation, and those whose names are named will display the Transformation Jutsu. The first one on the list is… Gen Uchiha"

In addition to the Graduation Exam, Monthly Evaluations are also carried out for years, this is done so that students are not left behind.

After the teacher read the first name on the list, a teenager in the middle row of the classroom stood up from his seat.

The boy reaching adolescence was Gen Uchiha, who ranked first in the Monthly Exam last month.

He had perfect skin, which was like a well-made sheet of cloth... Her eyelashes, which were beneath her dark, silky hair..

He had a high-bridged nose that rested between his two eyes, and his soft but sharp lips

He wore the traditional blue high-collared Uchiha shirt.

After getting up from his seat, Gen walked confidently and calmly down the corridor between the desks, heading towards the podium. 

"Transformation Jutsu!"

Arriving in front of the board, without saying words, directly to the action, he completed the three seals in an extremely skillful and fast manner. With a smoke bomb, her body and outfit changed as the white smoke dissipated.

The shape of his face, arms, height, and even the smallest detail in his clothing, Gen has transformed into his Master Yue. The two located at each end of the podium, as if they were looking at each other in a mirror.


Yue observing Gen's demonstration for a few moments. first gave him his grade apparently and then went on to praise him: "Gen, your mastery of the Transformation Technique is first class, I believe that tomorrow in the evaluation, you will definitely get an Excellent grade." 

Grades at Ninja Academy are evaluated based on:






An "Excellent" rating is the highest rating.

Regarding Master's praise, Gen first canceled the transformation and then very humbly said, "Thank you very much, Master, but I still have a lot to learn from you."

His non-arrogant attitude immediately made Yue feel happier.

The Uchiha Clan's reputation in the Village is not very good. One of the main reasons is that most of the members of the clan are arrogant people and look down on all other people who are not Uchiha.

But Gen is different. No matter what time you meet him, he is very kind and helpful to the people he comes into contact with, and this attitude coupled with his outstanding appearance makes him beloved among teachers and popular with children his age.

Satisfied, Yue glared at the rest of the students and said out loud, so that everyone could hear clearly: "Everyone could clearly observe the Transformation Jutsu mounted by Gen just now, and it is the best target they can take as a rival.

Don't think that his teacher is just fawning over him, wrong, no matter what you focus on, Gen is worth targeting.

And just today, last year, his grades in class were only in the middle and lower levels, but in the past year, his grades improved rapidly under his own efforts. Half a year ago, he even became the student with the highest grades in our year.

Even for tomorrow's assessment, all the teachers, including me, are sure that you will get first place in tomorrow's exams."

Gen Uchiha is obviously a star student in the teachers' eyes and a role model to inspire other students. In this short speech, Yue gave her opinion on how Gen should be treated.

"Again... master, we already know, we also want to be like Gen, but we must have a little of his talent"

"Yes, Gen is a true genius, not to mention us, even the top students from other years, there is no one who can stand up to Gen."

"There is nothing to compare us on. With his grades, I think only Kakashi, who graduated at the age of 5, can match him."

"...yes, there are also..."

"... I don't think so…"

Each student reacts differently to the words of their teacher.

Some sighed in defeat, some with admiration, and some even looked at Gen with love.

The last are obviously the girls in the class.

The girls of this Cruel World generally develop faster, even if they are only eight or nine years old, they have already started looking for a partner.

After receiving praise from the teacher, Gen returned to his seat.

He has long been accustomed to girls' glances, so he finds it normal, he even responds to them with a soft smile, making them turn as red as tomatoes.

"Gen, will tomorrow's exam be easy?"

As soon as he arrived at her desk, sitting in her seat, his tablemate approached him and asked him in a low voice.

Gen turned his head to look at who was talking to him, and what he found was a pair of unique red eyes with an additional ring in them.


[To read advanced chapters and support me, here is my link to patreon: -]

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