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Naruto : Gojo Satoru Reborn As Kakashi's Brother Naruto : Gojo Satoru Reborn As Kakashi's Brother original

Naruto : Gojo Satoru Reborn As Kakashi's Brother

Author: Yeye_Qiu

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Cunning Hatake Satoru

Land of Fire.

Konohagakure Ninja Village, Hatake family.

A little boy with white hair and sunglasses was lying on his side on the tatami. Next to him was a food magazine. Looking at the various desserts on it, the eyes under the little boy's sunglasses unconsciously released a light.

"Brother, I knew you were slacking off here again. The ninja academy is going to start tomorrow. I hope you won't fail the entrance exam of the ninja academy , that would really disgrace father."

At this time, the door of the room was suddenly pulled open, and a little boy with white hair and a face mask spoke.

"Don't worry, Kakashi, your brother is very strong. The exam tomorrow is a piece of cake for me."

The person who just stood at the door and spoke was the future genius ninja Hatake Kakashi, a man who is strong when he meets the strong and weak when he meets the weak, known as Hatake Kakashi.

The figure lying on his side didn't turn around at all, but directly turned his back to Kakashi, waving his hand indifferently.

At this, a trace of helplessness appeared in Kakashi's eyes. His brother was good in every way, his talent as a ninja was also very strong, but his personality was a bit unlikable, and he seemed to dislike being a ninja. Kakashi had never seen his brother practice seriously.

But in the spars, Kakashi has never won against his brother once, which often makes him doubt whether he has the talent to become a ninja.

"Father will go with us tomorrow. Father asked me to tell you not to be late, otherwise he will personally carry your bed to the door of the ninja academy, letting you experience what it feels like to sleep in front of everyone in Konohagakure Village."

"Alright, alright, I know, Kakashi, you're really noisy, tell father, I will get up on time."

Although his face was thick, but that kind of sleeping at the door of the ninja academy, and on his own bed, was still very embarrassing. He knew that his father was definitely not just talking, if he really overslept tomorrow, Hatake Sakumo would definitely do what he said.

Kakashi left, and Hatake Satoru also closed the magazine in front of him, lying flat on the tatami, with both hands cushioned behind his head, looking at the ceiling above his head.

"Time flies so fast, it's been five years since I came to this world in the blink of an eye."

Hatake Satoru has a secret in his heart that he has never told anyone, that is, he is not from this world, or rather, he was reincarnated into this world with the memories of his previous life.

But if you ask how he died in his previous life, he doesn't know himself. He only knows that as soon as he opened his eyes, he came to this world, and next to him was a crying Kakashi.

He became a person who does not exist in the original Naruto world, Hatake Kakashi's brother, Hatake Sakumo's eldest son, Hatake Satoru.

Not only does he have a terrifying ninja talent comparable to Kakashi, but he also received the inheritance of a very powerful character from another world, that is, the undisputed absolute power ceiling in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, Gojo Satoru.

Although he received the inheritance of Gojo Satoru, it does not mean that he has the power of Gojo Satoru, he also needs to practice slowly.

But the only thing Hatake Satoru got without training is Gojo Satoru's eyes, the Six Eyes· a.ka. Rikugan.

This is also why Hatake Satoru wears sunglasses.

Of course, Hatake Satoru having a pair of special eyes is not a secret, but people are wondering 'is he Hatake Sakumo's son'? As the son of Konohagakure's White Fang, it's no exaggeration to say that he has been the focus of attention since he was born.

Although this kind of thing annoys him, he has no choice, he can't change his own life.

The next morning, Hatake Satoru got up early, which was rare, and had breakfast with Kakashi and his father.

"Satoru, if you don't like being a ninja, I won't force you, but you know, as my son, if you don't have any strength, it will be very dangerous."

During breakfast, Hatake Sakumo spoke. He was also very helpless about his eldest son. He clearly had a terrifying talent, but he seemed to have never seen him practice.

"Don't worry, father, I like being a ninja."

"That's good, in the ninja academy, you must study hard and strive to become a better ninja than your father."

Hatake Sakumo believes that if his eldest son is willing to study hard and practice diligently, surpassing himself is not a difficult task.

"And, as a brother, you must take care of your younger brother in academy."

"I should be the one taking care of him."

At this time, Kakashi muttered quietly, but both Sakumo and Satoru were not ordinary people, and they heard what Kakashi said word for word.

But neither of them said much, after all, Hatake Sakumo felt that Kakashi was not wrong, and it might really be his younger son taking care of his elder son in the end.

And Satoru was just too lazy to argue, after all, he came to this world, and he knew what he had been like in these five years. In life, he was completely a waste.

But as for whether he is a waste or not, perhaps only Satoru himself knows.

"Alright, Kakashi, after you finish cleaning up, let's go to the ninja academytogether."

"Yes, father."

Seeing Kakashi very consciously cleaning up the bowls and chopsticks on the table and taking them to wash, Satoru's face showed a smile. Originally, this was something he, as the eldest son, should do.

But after Satoru broke dozens of bowls, Hatake Sakumo decisively gave up the idea of letting Satoru do housework. He was afraid that Satoru would eventually lift the roof of the house, so this heavy responsibility naturally fell on Kakashi.

As for this, Hatake Satoru didn't feel guilty at all towards Kakashi. He claimed it was to give Kakashi all-round training and to cultivate Kakashi into a decathlete.

Satoru's smile naturally couldn't escape Sakumo's eyes, but what could he do? No one could force Satoru to do what he didn't want to do, so he could only let his younger son suffer.

"Let's go, let's go to the ninja academy, it's not good to be late."

"Yes, father."

Kakashi and Satoru spoke at the same time.

"Yes, father."

Kakashi and Satoru spoke at the same time.

At this time, Kakashi had not experienced the death of his loved ones, so he was still a very tsundere child, and he had a strong sense of competition towards his brother.

Although he was not as good as his brother in terms of strength, he did indeed crush him in other aspects.

Anyway, that's what Kakashi thought in his heart. As for what Kakashi would think after he knew the truth in the future, no one knows.

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