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Chapter 103: Chapter 103: Killing the Four-Tails

"Three tails have already appeared? But it's not fully transformed into a tailed beast, isn't that a bit too dismissive of me?"

Satoru said to himself, as if he didn't feel the terrifying aura and pressure coming from the tailed beast.

"Go to hell, Konohagakure ninja."

The figure of the other party jumped, and in an instant, he had already reached Satoru's front, raising his claws and swinging at Satoru.

The terrifying blade directly shattered everything around Satoru, but Satoru stood in front of him unscathed.

"Is your attack just like this?"

After finishing speaking, Satoru clenched his fist, and a terrifying black aura condensed on the surface of his fist.

"Black Flash."

Just one punch directly knocked the other party tens of meters away.

"Roshi, this guy is not an opponent you can handle now, you must fully transform into a tailed beast."

At this time, a voice suddenly came into the other party's mind.

Hearing this voice, the body of the Jinchuriki trembled, as if hesitating or thinking about something.

"Are you communicating with the tailed beast inside your body?"

Just then, a voice came to his ears again, and Satoru had already appeared in front of him at some point, stepping on his shoulder with one foot.

With a slight force, he directly embedded the other's body into the rock.

"Damn it, you bastard, who are you, why are you so strong?"

A ferocious voice rang in Satoru's ears.

As a Four-Tails Jinchuriki, Old Purple is now completely stunned. Even when he is wearing a tailed beast coat, this is the first time he has been beaten up by someone.

"I'm just an ordinary Konohagakure ninja, and now I just want to avenge my bullied younger brother."

Hatake Satoru exerted force again, directly crushing the other's shoulder bone, but under the powerful self-healing ability of the tailed beast, the injuries on his body were slowly recovering.

"Don't hesitate anymore, Roshi, if you hesitate any longer, you will really die."

At this time, the voice of the tailed beast came from the Jinchuriki's body again.

Roshi is currently also mastering the power of the tailed beast, but he can only borrow a large part of it. If he fully transforms into a tailed beast, then his consciousness will be instantly taken away by the tailed beast, and he will lose control of his body.

"Okay, I'll trust you this time."

Just then, Hatake Satoru also felt that the momentum of the person under his feet had undergone a huge change, and magma kept emerging from his body, and his body became very large, almost in a few seconds, it turned into a monkey with four tails.

"Kid, go to hell."

After the other party came out, he first patted his chest, and then directly punched at Hatake Satoru.

But when his fist fell, Hatake Satoru's figure had already disappeared, leaving only a deep fist mark.

"Don't hide, kid."

The Four-Tails naturally felt that his fist did not hit anything. With the perception of the tailed beast, he instantly knew where Hatake Satoru was now, and swung another punch, but it was easily blocked by Hatake Satoru with a finger.


Seeing this situation, the Four-Tails was full of shock. How could his punch be blocked by the other party's finger?

"You guy, what kind of person are you?"

The tone of the Four-Tails revealed a trace of panic. He had never seen anyone who could easily take his punch. Even Rikudou Sennin couldn't do it.

Of course, Hatake Satoru couldn't do it, but he used the Limitless technique to prevent the other's fist from getting close, creating an illusion that a finger blocked the Four-Tails' fist.

"The one who will kill you."

"Kill me? ridiculous."

The Four-Tails retracted its fist, opened its mouth, and directly spewed out a large mouthful of magma. The magma eroded everything and instantly engulfed Hatake Satoru.

"This time you should be dead, human."

But not long after, the expression in the Four-Tails' eyes seemed to have seen a ghost.

Because after the magma dissipated, he found that Hatake Satoru had appeared in front of him unscathed.

"You're too weak, Four-Tails, are you the weakest one among the nine tailed beasts?"

Hearing Satoru's question, the Four-Tails was instantly somewhat angry.

"Human, you've angered me, I'm going to tear you apart."

Just then, the Four-Tails raised its head, and the red and blue chakra instantly gathered on top of the Four-Tails' head, quickly forming a huge black sphere. The terrifying power contained in this sphere is enough to destroy a large ninja village.

"Go to hell, human, Tailed Beast Bomb."

The Tailed Beast Bomb flew directly towards Hatake Satoru, landed next to him, and directly caused a violent explosion. The intensity of the explosion made the Land of Earth tremble.

"What happened?"

In the Tsuchikage's office, Oonoki was directly startled by this vibration.

"I don't know."

An Anbu suddenly appeared in front of Oonoki.

"Don't know, then hurry up and check for me."

"Yes, Tsuchikage-sama."

The Anbu disappeared instantly.

"This time he should be dead, right?"

A few drops of cold sweat appeared on the forehead of the Four-Tails. The Tailed Beast Bomb just now was formed by him using a large amount of chakra. The power was very huge. He believed that no one could survive in such a terrifying explosion.

"Is it over, Four-Tails?"

Just as the Four-Tails was about to breathe a sigh of relief, Hatake Satoru's figure appeared in front of him again.

Hearing this voice, the Four-Tails' face immediately showed a look of horror. Upon closer inspection, Hatake Satoru appeared in front of him unscathed.

There was clearly a pit tens of meters deep around the other party, but he stood in it unscathed.

"You're too weak, I'm not interested in playing with you anymore.

Since you gave me a gift, then it's only right to return the favor, I'll give you one too."

After finishing speaking, Hatake Satoru clenched both hands.

"Cursed Technique Reversal, Blue.

Cursed Technique Reversal, Red.

Hollow Technique, Purple."

As Satoru's voice fell, a Hollow Technique that was not inferior to the Tailed Beast Bomb just now appeared in front of Satoru.

"Not good, I will die, I will really die."

Feeling that terrifying energy, the Four-Tails' heart was already filled with panic at this time, completely disregarding the face of the tailed beast, and quickly ran towards the back.

But how could his escape speed be faster than the speed of the Hollow Technique?

In an instant, the Hollow Technique directly caught up with the Four-Tails and directly swallowed it.

And the Iwagakure Village Anbu who had just rushed over only saw the Four-Tails being swallowed by a black energy and then disappeared instantly, and the white-haired figure that flashed past in their line of sight.

At the same time, all the tailed beasts felt a sense of perception.

The first to discover the abnormality of the tailed beast was naturally Killer Bee, who had the best relationship with the tailed beast.

"What's wrong, Gyuki?"

Feeling the change in Gyuki's mood, Killer Bee hurriedly asked.

"The Four-Tails is dead."

(End of the chapter)


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