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Chapter 105: Chapter 105: Minato's Apprehension

The Third Tsuchikage quickly got in touch with the Fourth Raikage. Although the Fourth Raikage did not explicitly say whether Hatake Satoru had the strength to kill a tailed beast, he hinted at the Third Tsuchikage through various languages. With Oonoki's intelligence, he quickly understood that the person who killed the Four-Tails could really be Hatake Satoru.

"Old man, we must demand an explanation from Konohagakure for this matter."

At this time, Oonoki's disciple, Akatsuchi, began to speak. Although the ideas of the Four-Tails Jinchuriki, Old Purple, did not agree with the Tsuchikage, they were still people of Iwagakure Village after all. And in the Land of Earth, they died in the hands of ninjas from other villages. They must have an explanation.

"Yes, father, we can't let Konohagakure be so arrogant."

At this time, Oonoki's son, Kitsuchi, also spoke.

"Immediately get me in touch with the Hokage of Konohagakure Village, this matter will not just go away."

Oonoki also immediately spoke.

"Yes, Tsuchikage."

After seeing Kakashi, Satoru went directly to Minato.

"Just now, the Anbu already told me that Kakashi has safely returned, thank you, Satoru."

Originally, Minato also wanted to take a look at Kakashi, but he was too busy now and didn't have time to go around.

"Kakashi is my younger brother, you don't need to say, I will go to save him."

Obviously, Hatake Satoru's heart is very dissatisfied with Namikaze Minato now. No wonder Obito harbors resentment towards Namikaze Minato. He clearly has the speed that ranks among the top in the ninja world, but he is always late on all important occasions.

"But the village should have some trouble next."

Hearing this, the expression on Namikaze Minato's face unconsciously became serious. If Satoru said it was troublesome, it was definitely not an ordinary thing.

"What happened?"

"I killed the Four-Tails."

Satoru said this sentence lightly, as if what he killed was not a tailed beast, but an ordinary person.


Hearing this, the Fourth Hokage was directly shocked and stood up. The matter of killing a tailed beast is really unheard of. Even strong people like the First Hokage and Uchiha Madara have not heard of their legends about killing tailed beasts.

"Are you joking with me?"

Namikaze Minato's eyes stared straight at Hatake Satoru's expression.

"Do you think I would joke with you about this?"

Hatake Satoru sat opposite Namikaze Minato, with a very casual posture.

"And you can ask the Nine-Tails about this matter, I guess they should be very clear about this matter among the tailed beasts."

Just then, the door of the Hokage's office suddenly opened, and a red-haired woman led a yellow-haired child in.

These two people are the wife and child of the Fourth Hokage, Kushina and Naruto.

But when the eyes of these two people noticed Hatake Satoru sitting in front, the chakra in their bodies suddenly rioted, and a red chakra directly emerged on the surface of their bodies.

"Kushina, Naruto."

Seeing this, Minato immediately shouted, and then quickly flashed in front of the two, two seals were directly attached to the foreheads of the two.


Kushina called out in a somewhat confused tone.

"What happened just now, Kushina, why did the Nine-Tails' chakra suddenly out?"

Minato asked seriously.

"I don't know, the moment I saw Hatake Satoru, I felt as if the Nine-Tails was filled with fear and anger, and then the Nine-Tails' chakra was no longer under my control."

Having been the Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails for over ten years, Kushina naturally also tried to use the Nine-Tails' chakra. Now Kushina can freely use the Nine-Tails' chakra. Logically speaking, the situation where the chakra was out of control just now should not have occurred, but just now the chakra did indeed go out of control.

Hearing this, Minato suddenly thought of what Hatake Satoru had just said and said seriously.

"Nine-Tails, the Four-Tails is dead, is it true?"

Minato knew that the Nine-Tails could hear what he said.

"What, the Four-Tails is actually dead?"

Kushina said in a shocked tone, she naturally knew that for a tailed beast to die, it is a very difficult and major event.

Only Naruto looked at his mother and father in confusion.

"Yes, the Four-Tails is indeed dead, killed by that man."

At this time, a phantom of the Nine-Tails suddenly emerged from Kushina's body, and the phantom angrily stared at Hatake Satoru, uttering a gloomy voice.

"You guys better be careful with this man, even if he wants to destroy Konohagakure, it's just a thought away, he has that strength, his strength has surpassed Senju Hashirama and Uchiha Madara."

After saying that, the phantom of the Nine-Tails once again immersed in Kushina's body.

But after hearing what the Nine-Tails said, both of them were somewhat stunned.

Although they didn't know how strong the First Hokage and Uchiha Madara were, they also learned some from the records of Konohagakure. The First Hokage, known as the God of the Ninja World, almost suppressed the entire ninja world at that time.

But now, the Nine-Tails told them that a person stronger than the First Hokage was in front of them, it would be strange if they weren't stunned.

But Hatake Satoru didn't find it surprising. He is now nineteen years old, and it is quite normal to have this strength. Now he has mastered all the abilities of the Five Paths Satoru, and he has long been an invincible existence.

His defense has the Limitless technique, no one in this ninja world can break it, and his attack has the Hollow Technique. Even if the Hollow Technique doesn't work, he still has the domain. As long as he wants, no one can get out of his domain alive.

At this time, the Fourth Hokage looked at Hatake Satoru with a deep sense of dread in his eyes. He knew before that Hatake Satoru was very strong, especially on the night of the Nine-Tails, he watched Hatake Satoru hammer the Nine-Tails on the ground.

But he thought he had the Flying Thunder God Jutsu and Sage Mode, and he might not have the strength to fight Hatake Satoru.

But now he found that his previous thoughts were really naive.

"What, knowing my strength, so you're a little scared?"

Feeling the gaze of Minato and Kushina, Hatake Satoru spoke.

"I just want to know if you will do something to harm the village? If you do something to harm the village, then even if I have to die, I will stop you."


Hearing Namikaze Minato's words, Hatake Satoru laughed out loud.

"Even if you fight to the death, you can't stop me. But I probably won't do anything to harm Konohagakure, after all, my brother and my father are still in this village."

Hearing this, Namikaze Minato breathed a sigh of relief.

As long as Konohagakure still has Hatake Satoru's concerns, then Hatake Satoru will definitely not do anything to harm the village.

"I trust you, I'll take care of the Iwagakure Village side, I'll handle it well."

"Thank you very much."

After speaking, Satoru, who was sitting on the stool, disappeared directly.

(End of the chapter)



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