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Chapter 137: Chapter 137: Team Promotion.

The matter about the gods has already come to an end. Although Minato has been paying close attention to some religions since that incident, there are very few clues related to the gods, and most of them are ordinary people pretending to be gods.

Time flies, and two years have passed.

"Brother, you are really getting more and more lazy now."

The door of Hatake Satoru's room was suddenly opened, and a man wearing a black and blue tight-fitting suit, with white hair and a scar on his left eye, appeared at the door.

This person is Hatake Kakashi. As early as a year ago, Kakashi had been called back by Minato. After all, Obito has the power of Kamui and is mysterious. Even if Kakashi knows the news of Obito's appearance, by the time Kakashi arrives, Obito has already left again.

So Minato called Kakashi back. After all, Kakashi is such a powerful force, and it's a bit of a waste to always chase one person.

"After all, there are no tasks worth my shot now, and the entire ninja world has now fallen into a period of peaceful development."

"How nice it would be if it could go on like this."

Kakashi sat next to Satoru and sighed.

People who have experienced war, so Kakashi knows the value of peace. In the last war, Kakashi lost one and a half teammates, one refers to Rin, and half refers to Obito.

"As long as there are ninjas, no, as long as there are people in this world, wars will never disappear, they will only temporarily stop."

Kakashi didn't refute anything, because he also knew that what Satoru said was the truth. Even if there is no war in this world, the struggle between people will not stop.

"I just don't know how long this peace can last."

Kakashi looked up at the sky, as if reminiscing about something.

In these two years, the team led by Satoru has made rapid progress.

Now Itachi is ten years old, and Sharingan has evolved to Three Tomoe. The Three Tomoe Sharingan at the age of ten can be said to be unprecedented in the history of the Uchiha clan, and it is estimated that there will be no comers.

Now Itachi has been hailed as the first genius of the Uchiha clan, a person who will surpass their ancestor Uchiha Madara in the future.

Under such a chase, Itachi naturally attracted many eyes, and many people hope that Itachi will not grow up and want to strangle him in the cradle.

But who made Itachi's teacher Hatake Satoru? Anyone who plans to take action against Itachi, none of them have a good end.

Itachi's strength has now reached Jonin. In addition to his high IQ and the observation power of Sharingan, even if he fights with veteran Jonin, he can make up for the lack of combat experience.

The strength of Tenma and Shinko is not weak, although they have not yet reached the level of Jonin, but they are also top-notch in Chunin. However, because they have not taken the Chunin exam for a long time, the three of them are still Genin in terms of ninja rank.

But if they want to be promoted now, it's just a matter of Satoru's words. As long as he mentions it to Namikaze Minato, the three of them will be promoted to Chunin immediately.

But Satoru thinks that ninjas should experience all the experiences they should experience, and that is perfect.

"By the way, the Chunin exam will start next week, you won't want Itachi and the other two to participate in the Chunin exam, right?"

Suddenly, Kakashi, who was sitting next to Satoru, said. As the head of Anbu, Kakashi naturally knew some secret things.

"They're actually going to hold the Chunin exam? It's been several years since the last one. I remember the last time the exam was held, I was the instructor for the final exam.

In a blink of an eye, so much time has passed. Time really flies."

Hatake Satoru sighed a little. Recently, Hatake Satoru would occasionally sigh about the passage of time. He didn't know why, but he always had a feeling that he would leave this world sooner or later.

He didn't know when he would leave, but he wanted to take care of everything before he left.

"Of course, Itachi and the others must participate. A life without participating in the Chunin exam is an incomplete life. I can't let them have regrets in their lives."

"We should really mourn for the examinees of the same period this time."

Kakashi made a slight complaint. He often dealt with Itachi and the others, so he naturally knew what level Itachi and the others were at now. Itachi was even stronger than him when he was the same age.

Fortunately, it's not a time of war, otherwise, the record of the youngest Jonin would definitely be broken by Itachi.

Having Itachi lead the team to participate in the Chunin exam is simply a piece of cake.

Time flies again, a month's time has passed in a blink of an eye, Itachi and the others have become Chunin without any surprise. After putting on the Chunin vest, even Itachi, who has always been very mature, showed a smile.

Not to mention Tenma, who has a very carefree personality. The moment he put on the Chunin vest, he couldn't help but show off in front of Hatake Satoru.

"How about it, Satoru-sensei, am I cool?"

Tenma pointed at himself with his thumb and turned around in front of Hatake Satoru.

"Well, now you have become a qualified and excellent ninja."

Hatake Satoru nodded in praise. Although he knew that the three of them becoming Chunin was a sure thing, when they really became Chunin, Hatake Satoru's heart still felt very happy and proud of them.

"But next, the time I go on missions with you may become less and less."

Suddenly Hatake Satoru's tone changed.


Tenma's tone was a bit anxious, the atmosphere was very cheerful just now, but now it suddenly became cold.

"Eaglets always have the day to spread their wings, and now it's time to train you to fly alone."

Hearing Satoru's words, Tenma slowly exhaled.

"I thought Satoru-sensei you were going to disband the team, it scared me to death."

"Yeah, Satoru-sensei, can you not gasp so much when you speak in the future?"

Shinko also couldn't help but complain.

"You didn't give me a chance to say the next sentence, blame me?"

Hatake Satoru spread his hands and said with an innocent expression.

"Of course it's your fault, Satoru-sensei, it scared me just now and I almost cried."

"Okay, okay, my fault."

Although Itachi did not join in the criticism of Hatake Satoru, from his expression, it could be seen that he was also very worried just now.

"So now I officially announce that Itachi, Tenma, Shinko, you three are now truly qualified ninjas. The road ahead depends on you to go on. I don't want to see you crying and asking me for help next time I see you."

Hatake Satoru clapped his hands and said very seriously.

"Yes, Satoru-sensei."

(End of the chapter)



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