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51.01% Naruto : Gojo Satoru Reborn As Kakashi's Brother / Chapter 151: Chapter 151: Satoru's Choice.

Chapter 151: Chapter 151: Satoru's Choice.

"However, Minato, let's talk about the village next. Although I really don't want to get involved in the factional war between you two Hokages, my identity forces me to intervene in this matter."

As a disciple of the Third Hokage and the teacher of the Fourth Hokage, Jiraiya indeed has no choice. Both people are very important to Jiraiya, so he doesn't want to see either of them get hurt.

"Jiraiya-sensei, I'm sorry, for this matter, I hope you can stay out of it."

Suddenly, Minato's expression became serious.

Seeing this, Jiraiya was slightly stunned. He felt that Minato at this moment seemed a bit unfamiliar, and for some reason, he also felt a pressure.

"This is a dispute between me and the Third Hokage. If Jiraiya-sensei wants to join my side, then I warmly welcome you. But if Jiraiya-sensei joins the Third Hokage's side, then I won't show mercy."

"Minato, you really have changed."

Hearing Namikaze Minato's words, Jiraiya shook his head helplessly.

"Being Hokage for so many years, changes will naturally occur. After all, I don't want to be a puppet that can be manipulated."

Minato spoke some of his inner thoughts.

In the first two years of his succession to the Hokage title, he had no rights in his hands except for the Hokage title. Over time, his heart naturally developed a disgust for the Third Hokage and others.

And this negative emotion will deepen over time. The rights he now holds in his hands, to put it bluntly, are all fought out by him bit by bit.

"The old man is indeed a bit too much. I really didn't expect that the power of Hokage would be so attractive."

"Teacher, you have never been Hokage, you will never understand."

Although Minato is not a person who covets power in his hands, he also does not want to be manipulated like a puppet. His purpose of becoming Hokage is to protect all the people in the village and to make the village stronger.

He will use a lifetime to fulfill his promise when he first became Hokage. Therefore, anyone who stands in his way on this road is an enemy.

"I won't join you, nor will I favor any side. I just hope that when you deal with the old man, you can show mercy."

Jiraiya already knew about Utatane Koharu. For Jiraiya, Utatane Koharu brought it upon herself and it was not a pity to die, but he did not want to see this happen to the Third Hokage.

"Don't worry, teacher, if there really is a day when I have to do it to the Third Hokage, I won't kill him."

Hearing Minato's promise, Jiraiya breathed a sigh of relief. He knew that Minato would not lie to him.

"Thank you."

"It's a pity that the Third Hokage can't die by my hand."

At this moment, a voice suddenly reached the ears of the two.

The two looked in the direction where the sound came from, and saw Hatake Satoru sitting on the sofa in the Hokage office at some point, holding an orange in his hand, and peeling the orange skin seriously.

"Sure enough, Utatane Koharu was your hand, Satoru."

Jiraiya stared at Hatake Satoru with an expression of not being surprised.

"Looking at the miserable state of that old woman, besides you, no one should be able to do such a thing."

"You really know me, Jiraiya."

He peeled the orange cleanly, put it in his mouth piece by piece, and talked while eating.

"Since you are here, then you can also talk about your views on the Akatsuki organization, Satoru."

Then Namikaze Minato asked Hatake Satoru.

"Akatsuki? The current Akatsuki organization is nothing more than a group of rats who dare to hide in the sewer."


Hearing Hatake Satoru's evaluation of the Akatsuki organization, Jiraiya was speechless. He didn't expect that the existence he regarded as a great enemy of the ninja world would be a rat that dared to fall into the sewer in Hatake Satoru's eyes. Such an image.

"You really are."

Jiraiya gave Hatake Satoru a thumbs up. In the entire ninja world, probably only he would dare to say such a thing.

"Now in the ninja world, there probably isn't anyone who can be your opponent."

"Who knows? But in the future, there should be some interesting opponents. Although the current Akatsuki organization looks strong, compared to the possible enemies that may appear in the future, they are still a bit inferior."

Instantly, the expressions on Jiraiya and Minato's faces changed.

"Do you mean that there will be stronger enemies in the ninja world in the future?"

Jiraiya asked in a somewhat anxious tone.

"Of course, the ninja world is not as simple as it seems."

In the current ninja world, the only person who could interest Hatake Satoru should be Otsusuki Isshiki, but he doesn't know where Otsusuki Isshiki is now.

If he could find Otsusuki Isshiki's location now, then he would definitely go to meet him.

"Is it because of you?"

Suddenly, Jiraiya showed a suspicious look and looked at Hatake Satoru.

"What's because of me?"

Hatake Satoru was also baffled by Jiraiya's words.

"Before you were born, the ninja world was always good, but after you were born, either the Third Ninja World War broke out, or the terrifying organization Akatsuki appeared, and in the future, there will be enemies stronger than Akatsuki. I feel it's because you were born."

Hearing Jiraiya say this, Hatake Satoru's face turned black.

In the Cursed Technique Lapse world, it was indeed because of the appearance of Gojo Satoru that the strength of the curses also had an overall increase. That was because the appearance of Gojo Satoru had already affected the balance of the Cursed Technique Lapse world.

But Hatake Satoru in the ninja world can be said to be completely innocent. Even if he doesn't appear, things that should happen will still happen.

"I have to say, Jiraiya, your imagination is really rich."


Jiraiya awkwardly touched his own head. He also felt that he was thinking too much. How could such a thing happen?

"We want to insert a spy into the Akatsuki organization. Who do you think is most suitable?"

Namikaze Minato also hurriedly changed the topic.

Speaking of the spy in the Akatsuki organization, the first figure that came to mind in Satoru's mind was Uchiha Itachi. After all, in the original work, this task was completed by Uchiha Itachi.

Uchiha Itachi can be said to be a proper spy.

"Out of selfishness, I really don't want to recommend this person."


Jiraiya and Minato's eyes lit up. The person that Hatake Satoru could recommend would definitely not be ordinary.

"My disciple, Uchiha Itachi, no one is more suitable for this undercover task than him."

"I've heard of Uchiha Itachi, the most talented ninja in the history of the Uchiha clan, but his strength may not be enough."

(End of Chapter)

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