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56.08% Naruto : Gojo Satoru Reborn As Kakashi's Brother / Chapter 166: Chapter 166: Disciples of the Water God.

Chapter 166: Chapter 166: Disciples of the Water God.

After receiving the task, Satoru set off after saying goodbye to Kakashi, Sakumo, and his other two disciples. After all, he didn't know when he would be able to come back this time he went out, it could be a month, or it could be a year.

But Satoru also left contact information for several people, in case they need his help and can't find him.

According to the news from the Anbu who investigated this matter, the Water God appeared on a small island, which is overseas. Normally, most of the islands in the sea are under the jurisdiction of the Land of Water, but they divided a small part of the island's territory to the Land of Fire in order to redeem the seven ninja swords of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen. Although the territories given were very poor islands.

But because of the uncertainty of the news, Hatake Satoru was not in a hurry. Because the news from Anbu was that the Water God had already appeared, but the appearance of the Water God could not be without any movement, so the possibility of false news was ninety percent, but they could not let go of that ten percent possibility.

Satoru directly came to the port of the Land of Fire, bought a small boat, and then sailed alone towards the island of the task target. But because Hatake Satoru is not a professional helmsman, the speed of sailing was a bit slow.

"I didn't expect that I would one day be sailing on the sea in a small boat. Maybe I could become the Pirate King in the future."

Satoru suddenly thought of something unreliable in his mind, and also wondered if there would be huge sea beasts in this deep sea.

Probably after drifting on the sea for two days, Satoru really couldn't stand the loneliness of being alone. At the beginning, it was okay, but as time went on, it became more and more boring. If he stayed another day, Satoru felt that he was going to get depressed.

In the end, after finding the destination, Satoru directly used 'Blue' to move there.

"I will never take a boat again, no, I will never take a boat alone again."

Hatake Satoru swore in his heart.

"But this island seems a bit weird."

The moment he stepped onto this island, Satoru noticed something wrong with the island. He flew directly to the sky above the island and took in everything on the small island at a glance.

"Indeed, something is wrong."

Hatake Satoru muttered to himself in his heart.

The islands that the Land of Water divided to the Land of Fire are all very poor, but on this island, there is no sign of poverty at all.

Although these people's clothes are full of patches, but each person's face is filled with happy smiles, and everyone is working, not worrying about food and drink, and there are a lot of food stored at home.

This food is not something that people in poor areas can accumulate.

But Hatake Satoru observed through Rikugan that these people's physique must have been malnourished for a long time, and being able to eat enough is something that has only happened recently.

Moreover, the mental state of these people also made Hatake Satoru feel something was off.

But he didn't see any chakra in their minds, which means they weren't under any Genjutsu.

That Anbu, Hatake Satoru can't contact him now, it's very likely that he has already encountered an accident.

"Let's find someone to chat with and get some information first."

When Hatake Satoru's body fell from the sky and slowly walked into the village, it naturally attracted the attention of the villagers.

"Young man, are you here to worship the Water God too?"

An old lady looked at the appearance of Hatake Satoru, and immediately showed a kind smile on her face, walked up and greeted Hatake Satoru.

Hearing this, Hatake Satoru was slightly stunned, and then immediately reacted.

"Yes, grandma, but I have always heard the legends from outside, I don't know if what they said is true, there are good ones, and there are bad ones, grandma, can you tell me about the Water God?"

"Of course, young man. I tell you, don't listen to the nonsense of outsiders, the Water God is a great good person, he gives us the hope to live."

Hearing the old lady's worshipful tone towards the Water God, Hatake Satoru became more and more interested. He was curious about what had happened that made these villagers become loyal followers of this Water God.

"Before the Water God came, our village was a well-known poor village."

The old lady said on the side, and Hatake Satoru nodded in agreement on the side.

"But a month ago, the Water God suddenly came to our village, he said, he will bring us the hope of life."

The more she said, the more obvious the worshipful expression on the old lady's face.

"So what exactly did this Water God do for you?"

"The Water God cast a spell, causing it to rain in the sky. The next day, the grains we planted matured. Now the food we have accumulated, even if we are full, we can't finish eating. But in order to prevent Shisui God from leaving one day, we are planting new seeds in the ground every day, and no matter what we plant, after the Water God's rain irrigation, it will mature the next day."

"I see."

Hatake Satoru nodded in understanding. For people in such poor places, being able to eat enough is the greatest satisfaction for them.

"Where can I find this Water God?"

Hatake Satoru asked again, he now seriously suspects that even if the other party is not a Water God, he must have some relationship with the Water God, otherwise, no Ninjutsu can make some crops mature quickly.

Perhaps some Senjutsu can, after all, Senjutsu belongs to the chakra of nature, but if you want to make crops mature within a day, even if you can do it, it will consume a lot of chakra, ordinary people simply can't do it.

"I don't know where the Water God is, we only know that every time at noon, the Water God will come by stepping on the waves, and then he will drop his divine power and rain for us."


Noon refers to the time period from twelve noon to one in the afternoon.

"It seems that it's almost time."

Looking at the sun in the sky, Satoru estimated that there was about twenty minutes left.

"In a while, you can go with me to witness the true face of the Water God."

"Thank you, grandma."

About ten minutes later, all the people in the village put down their work and ran towards the edge of the island like crazy.

"Young man, hurry up, if you are late, you won't be able to find the best position to witness the Water God."

Seeing the young people in the village rushing ahead, the old lady hurriedly said to Hatake Satoru.

"Okay, grandma, I will carry you and walk together, you have to hold on."

After speaking, Hatake Satoru directly carried her on his back, and then directly used Body Flicker Jutsu to reach the edge of the island.

"So you are a ninja, young man. The charm of the Water God is really great, even ninjas are attracted."

(End of Chapter)

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