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Chapter 193: Chapter 193: The Collapse Plan of Konohagakure Begins.

Facing the terrifying momentum of Chidori, even Gaara felt a huge threat. The Sand Armor directly surrounded his whole body, forming a very closed sand sphere.

"Hmph, watch me break your turtle shell this time."

Since being scared by Gaara last time, Sasuke has been wanting to regain his footing on Gaara. As the sound of Chidori became more and more piercing, and the explosion of lightning became more and more powerful, Sasuke's figure also got a rapid increase, almost forming an afterimage.

Wherever he passed, whether it was walls or the ground, a trench appeared.

In the stands, both Kankuro and Temari were looking at Gaara, who was enclosed in the sphere of sand, with worried expressions. After all, they were not sure whether Gaara's Sand Armor could withstand such a powerful attack.

With the final piercing sound of Chidori, Sasuke's arm pierced through Gaara's Sand Armor like it was piercing through tofu.

However, the triumphant expression on Sasuke's face immediately disappeared, replaced by a very serious one. For some reason, Sasuke felt a very violent aura from within the Sand Armor, and his subconscious told him that if he didn't pull his hand out now, his arm might be ruined.

Thinking of this, Sasuke suddenly pulled out his arm and quickly retreated. Then, at the gap where Sasuke broke the Sand Armor, a huge arm with patterns and a strange feeling directly attacked Sasuke from the gap. But perhaps because Sasuke had been on guard all the time, so the moment he noticed something was wrong, Sasuke retreated several meters again.

Feeling this ominous aura, Uchiha Fugaku on the stand immediately stood up. The Three Tomoe Sharingan directly appeared in Fugaku's pupils, and he looked at the arm that looked like a monster with a serious face.

"What's wrong?"

Seeing Fugaku's posture, Mikoto asked with a worried face.

Although Mikoto was also a ninja, her ninja talent was not very good, and after marrying Uchiha Fugaku, she basically didn't understand anything about ninjas.

"This feeling, this chakra, it's a Tailed Beast. The Sunagakure Ninja actually sent a Jinchuriki to participate in this exam."

Uchiha Fugaku said seriously. Although he believed that his children were absolutely top-notch among their peers and absolutely talented players, they were obviously not enough in front of a Jinchuriki who could control a little bit of the Tailed Beast's power.

And Gaara on the opposite side was obviously someone who had mastered a bit of the Tailed Beast's power.


Mikoto heard what Fugaku said, and she was also shocked and stood up. She covered her mouth with one hand and said with a worried expression.

Fugaku actually noticed that the little devil of the Sunagakure Ninja was a bit wrong at the beginning, but at that time he only regarded Gaara as a person with special abilities, and he never thought that the other party would be a Jinchuriki.

If he had known earlier that Sasuke's opponent was a Jinchuriki, then no matter what Fugaku said, he would have to stop this exam.

"I didn't expect the Kazekage to let a Jinchuriki participate in this Chunin exam."

Minato said with a very gloomy face. He didn't notice that the little devil was a Jinchuriki at the beginning, and the Nine-Tails inside his body didn't tell him either.

"Hehe, didn't the Hokage also let a Jinchuriki participate in this exam?"

After the Kazekage sneered, he said, his tone full of ridicule and playfulness.

"It seems that the Kazekage really trusts our Konohagakure, isn't he afraid to leave the Tailed Beast here forever?"

When he said the last sentence, you could hear a dangerous tone in Minato's voice.

"Believe in Konohagakure, which has the strongest Tailed Beast, the Nine-Tails, should not spy on our Sunagakure Village's mere One-Tail."

The tone of the Kazekage's speech seemed not afraid of the One-Tail being snatched at all, as if this Tailed Beast was not their village's general.

This indifferent tone directly made Minato's heart feel a strong vigilance.

And on the exam field, Shiranui Genma, who was the examiner, had already blocked Sasuke's front with a vigilant face. Even he, a Jonin, felt a strong threat, let alone a Genin.

The sand armor that wrapped around Gaara gradually shattered, revealing that Gaara had already transformed into a beast with half of his body, and there was a piercing wound on his left chest, where blood was continuously flowing down.

"Impossible, Gaara is actually injured?"

Seeing this scene, Kankuro and Temari's hearts were suddenly clenched, filled with tension and a hint of worry.

At this moment, you could see that Gaara's face was full of a ferocious expression, with shock and madness on his face. This trip to Konohagakure had experienced too many unforgettable things.

First, a Konohagakure Jonin easily broke through his absolute defense and directly knocked him out.

Now another Konohagakure Genin directly injured him with a powerful Ninjutsu. This was the first time he had bled since he was a child.

"It's not good, Gaara is going to rampage."

Noticing Gaara's abnormality, Baki immediately spoke nervously. Now is not the time for Gaara to rampage, but they can't stop it.

"In that case, the plan can only be implemented in advance."

Just then, one of the Anbu members behind the audience directly formed a seal, and countless white feathers fell from the sky, making everyone feel dizzy.

In an instant, all the Konohagakure ninjas on the scene were on alert, because they knew that this was a Genjutsu.


All the Konohagakure ninjas who noticed the anomaly formed a seal, disrupting the flow of chakra in their bodies, and their brains woke up instantly.

And when they woke up, several Sunagakure Ninja and Otogakure Ninja had already appeared in front of them. Feeling the strong hostility emanating from them, it was clear that they were not good at first sight.

Minato and the Third were just about to take action, but four Otogakure Ninja suddenly appeared and surrounded them.

"Ninjutsu: Four Purple Flame Formation."

A purple transparent barrier instantly surrounded Minato and the Third.

"Kazekage, what are you trying to do?"

Minato asked seriously, his face full of murderous intent. Through this barrier, he could already see some parts of Konohagakure Village that had been destroyed.

"Isn't it obvious, Minato, Kazekage is trying to start a war."

At this time, the Third Hokage, who had been silent, suddenly spoke.

"Hehehehe, it's as expected of being a teacher, he really understands me."

Suddenly, Kazekage's tone changed, and this tone instantly made Minato and Sarutobi Hiruzen feel a familiar feeling.

(End of the chapter)



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