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Chapter 196: Chapter 196: Kakashi's Joining

The two individuals who leaped into mid-air instantly felt a dangerous aura. They quickly turned around; the Third Hokage used his Adamantine Staff to resist the First Hokage, while the Fourth Hokage used his Kunai to resist the Second Hokage

However, due to the First Hokage and Second Hokage being in a higher position and the element of surprise, Hiruzen and Minato fell into the sand iron and gold sand below.

Seeing this, the Third Kazekage and Fourth Kazekage naturally pursued their advantage, using the gold sand and iron sand to entangle Hiruzen and Minato.

But as the sand climbed onto Minato, his figure disappeared directly into the sand pile. The Third picked up his Adamantine Staff and swept around, the powerful wind instantly cleared the surrounding gold sand and iron sand.

"This can't go on, Minato" 

The Third Hokage talk to Minato with a serious face. Unlike the robust Minato, Sarutobi Hiruzen could be said to be in his twilight years. Plus, he hadn't done any fighting or training in recent years, so it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say his body was rusty.

"Third Hokage, I'll leave the two Kazekages to you. I'll handle the First Hokage and Second Hokage."

Minato, who had teleported to the other end of the barrier, spoke.

"Are you sure, Minato?"

Although Sarutobi Hiruzen knew that the First Hokage and Second Hokage didn't have the terrifying strength they had in life, they were still two very powerful Kage-level individuals. Even if they could only exert half of their strength, that was still Kage-level.

"Don't worry, Third Hokage, leave it to me."

Minato gave the Third Hokage a slight smile. Seeing this smile, for some reason, the Third Hokage's heart settled down. Perhaps this was why Minato was called the Little Sun.

Even though he had gained a lot of imposing aura, this attribute of the Little Sun that could warm people's hearts had not disappeared.

At this time, Kakashi had also finished cleaning up the miscellaneous soldiers around the Chunin exam field and came to the barrier. Looking at the scene inside the barrier, he immediately frowned.

"Captain, what should we do now?"

An Anbu appeared next to Kakashi and asked. Even though Kakashi had already resigned from the position of Anbu captain, the old members still had great faith in him, except for those who had just joined the Anbu.

"This barrier is not something you can handle. Even if you break into the barrier, the fight inside is not something you can participate in."

Looking at the battle of the six kage inside the barrier, Kakashi's heart was also filled with long-lost passion. Now, in order to prolong the battle time with the opponent, Kakashi would subconsciously suppress his own strength. This led to him being able to have a close fight with anyone and narrowly win in the end.

But when he met someone stronger, Kakashi didn't need to suppress his own strength.

"You guys go help others. Leave this place to me."

Kakashi said to the Anbu again, not only because he wanted to participate in the fight inside, but also because one of the people fighting inside was his teacher.


After several Anbu responded, they immediately disappeared. Because Kakashi was right, they were of no use here. It was better to go where they could play their part.

"Brother, why aren't you making a move yet?"

Even if Kakashi was a bit slow at this moment, he definitely noticed that something was off with Hatake Satoru, and asked with a slightly wary expression.

After all, under normal circumstances, with such a big incident happening in Konohagakure, Hatake Satoru naturally couldn't just sit back and do nothing. But not only did Hatake Satoru do just that, he even watched with great interest. If you gave him a bucket of popcorn, he might even treat this place like a movie theater.

"I'm sorry, but you'll have to handle this battle on your own," Hatake Satoru said with an apologetic expression.

"Why? Did you make some kind of deal with Orochimaru?"

"You're really smart, as expected of my little brother. So, you should try your best now."

Hatake Satoru patted Kakashi's shoulder, then once again turned his gaze back to the battle within the barrier.

At this time, Kushina, who was wearing a yellow tailed beast cloak, also jumped up. Looking at the barrier in front of her, she raised both hands and directly fired a Tailed Beast Bomb.

Instantly, the Four Purple Flame Formation was bombarded and began to wobble, looking like it could break at any moment. The four Otogakure ninjas supporting the barrier directly spat out a mouthful of blood, their faces instantly turning pale.

"One more shot, and it'll break."

Seeing this, a look of joy appeared on Kushina's face. This Tailed Beast Bomb, for Kushina, had almost no consumption.

Just as Kushina was preparing to make another move, Minato's stern voice suddenly came from inside the barrier.

"Stop, Kushina."

Hearing this voice, Kushina was slightly stunned, then dispersed the Tailed Beast Bomb in her hand.

"If the barrier is broken, the battle will affect the entire village."

While using the Flying Thunder God Jutsu to dodge the attacks of the First and Second Hokage, he explained.

"What should we do then?"

Kushina asked in a somewhat anxious tone. All her attacks were simple and brutal. If she wanted to concentrate all her power on one point, she simply couldn't do it. The carefree her simply couldn't achieve such precise chakra control.

"Leave it to me."

Kakashi lifted his forehead protector, unsealed his Sharingan, and instantly turned into Mangekyou Sharingan, then stared intently at a certain spot in the barrier.


As Kakashi's Sharingan started to rotate, the barrier directly twisted, and a huge gap appeared instantly. Taking advantage of this time, Kakashi immediately rushed in.

Kushina also wanted to follow Kakashi in, but unfortunately, she was a step too late, and the barrier had already been repaired.

"Damn it."

Kushina cursed under her breath, and directly punched the barrier. Immediately, Kushina's fist felt a burning sensation, but under the healing power of the tailed beast, it quickly recovered.

"Kakashi, go help the Third Hokage."

Seeing Kakashi break into the barrier, Minato immediately spoke.


At this moment, seeing that the Third Hokage had already been surrounded by sand iron and gold sand, Kakashi held the Raikiri in both hands, and immediately rushed over, directly splitting the sand around the Third.

"You're here, Kakashi."

Seeing Kakashi appear in front of him, the Third Hokage breathed a sigh of relief. If he were younger, dealing with these two puppets would not be a problem, but now it was impossible.

"Kakashi, you take one person."


And as for Orochimaru, the mastermind behind all this, he stood to the side, smiling as he watched everything, as if he had everything under control.

Kakashi being able to get in was indeed a bit surprising to him, but don't forget, he hadn't made a move yet.

(End of Chapter)



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