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Chapter 79: Chapter 79: Hatake Satoru vs Nine-Tails

The Nine-Tails raised its giant claw and was about to fall. This strike would at least cause several ninjas in Konohagakure village to be injured or killed. Sakumo returned to the secret room in the shop and took out a knife, a knife that was a one-to-one replica of the one he used to have.

"Hatake Sword Technique, Thunder Slash."

Hatake Sakumo jumped high, slashed down with a knife, and the knife wrapped in the power of thunder directly slashed down, and a terrifying bloodstain suddenly appeared on the palm of the Nine-Tails.

This blow directly caused the Nine-Tails to roar in pain, and all the Konohagakure ninjas who had been rescued were all looking at that figure with an incredulous look.

"Who is this? There is such a powerful sword technique."

And the Third Hokage, who had been paying attention to the movements of the Nine-Tails, showed a shocked expression on his face.

"Is this sword technique from White Fang? But didn't White Fang already die? Could it be Kakashi?"

But now the Third Hokage doesn't have time to think about these things. The Nine-Tails, who was hurt by this blow, is obviously a bit angry, and the Tailed Beast Ball is directly condensed.

"Oh no, if this blow falls, Konohagakure village will be finished."

Feeling the violent energy contained in the Tailed Beast Ball, the Third Hokage is already a bit panicked.

"It can't be stopped."

Hatake Sakumo also looked at the chakra energy body above the Nine-Tails with a serious face.

"Everyone first quickly evacuate the civilians, and then immediately leave here and take refuge in the surrounding direction."

Although Hatake Sakumo's appearance is still the form after transformation, those ninjas who had just been rescued by him have completely recognized Sakumo, and when Sakumo is a hidden card in the village that has not been exposed, a powerful ninja.

The Tailed Beast Ball was quickly condensed, and it was immediately shot out by the Nine-Tails. The place where the complete Tailed Beast Ball passed, a smooth trench appeared on the ground.

"The target is actually the Hokage Rock."

However, the Fourth Hokage, Namikaze Minato, appeared on his statue in an instant.

"I won't let you run wild anymore, Nine-Tails."

The Fourth Hokage took out a Flying Thunder God Kunai, and then quickly formed seals with both hands.

"Flying Thunder God Guide Thunder."

Dense runes appeared on the Hokage Rock, and a terrifying force of space burst out, and the Tailed Beast Ball with terrifying power was immediately attracted in.

And an explosion occurred outside the village of Konohagakure.

"The Fourth Hokage-sama is here."

As soon as Minato made a move, it immediately boosted the morale of the Konohagakure ninjas.

"If that's the case, then I can't fall behind."

"Summoning Jutsuue, Monkey King, Enma."

At this time, an old monkey appeared next to Sarutobi Hiruzen.

"Nine-Tails? Hiruzen, what's going on?"

Enma was shocked when he saw the huge creature, Nine-Tails, in front of him.

"There's no time to explain anything now, first we need to get the Nine-Tails out of the village."


After speaking, Enma turned into a Ruyi stick and fell into the hands of the Third Hokage.

Then it quickly lengthened and directly pushed the Nine-Tails out of the village.

"Third Hokage-sama, why did the Nine-Tails appear?"

At this time, several Anbu also appeared next to Hiruzen.

"I don't know, but the primary task now is to suppress the Nine-Tails, and the problems in this will be discussed later."


Although they know that the attack of the government office is insignificant to the Nine-Tails, they must do so.

"The Third Hokage has already made a move, so there's no need for me to do so."

Then, Hatake Sakumo re-sheathed his sword. At this point, his sword was already full of cracks. Because this sword was only made of ordinary materials, it couldn't withstand the terrifying thunder attribute chakra of Hatake Sakumo. With just one strike, the sword was already damaged. If he strikes again, the sword in his hand will completely shatter.

"But where did Minato go? With just the Third Hokage alone, I'm afraid it's hard to suppress the Nine-Tails."

Hatake Sakumo also found that Minato's aura had disappeared. He was clearly on the Hokage Rock just now, but now, he was gone.

Just as Sakumo was planning to observe the battle between the Third Hokage and the Nine-Tails, in case he needed to make a move again, Satoru appeared directly in front of Sakumo.


"Satoru, have you completed your task?"

"Yes, but I was delayed on the way back. I didn't expect the Nine-Tails to be released."

Hatake Satoru said with a difficult look on his face.

The barrier that Obito had created was unexpectedly troublesome. He had to expend a lot of effort to get out of the barrier.

"You go back first, Father. I'll deal with the Nine-Tails."

"Can you handle it?"

Hatake Sakumo had doubt in his eyes, but more than that, he was worried about Hatake Satoru. After all, the Nine-Tails is the most powerful existence among the Tailed Beasts.

"Don't worry, Father, I'm very strong."

Hatake Satoru showed a smile at the corner of his mouth, indicating that Hatake Sakumo could rest assured.

Then, in the next second, Hatake Satoru's body appeared between the Third Hokage and the Nine-Tails.

"Hatake Satoru, why are you here? Hurry up and take refuge."

Seeing Hatake Satoru appear, the Third Hokage immediately frowned and said. He had already ordered all the young ninjas to take refuge and store more backup power for Konohagakure.

"Don't worry, Third Hokage, I'll deal with this beast that has lost its reason. If the opponent is the Nine-Tails, I should be able to take it a bit more seriously."

Satoru took off his eye mask, revealing the Blue Sky Eye with white mist, and a confident smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. There was no fear on his face when facing the strongest Tailed Beast.

"You guys retreat a bit first with Third Hokage, otherwise, I'm afraid it will affect you."

After speaking, Satoru's figure directly appeared in front of the Nine-Tails, his fist wrapped in black directly hit the Nine-Tails' abdomen, the powerful force made the Nine-Tails' eyes turn white for a moment, and it seemed to spit out a few drops of saliva from its mouth.

The huge body also slid back several tens of meters due to Satoru's fist.

This scene directly scared the Third Hokage and the Anbu standing around him.

"Is Hatake Satoru's strength so strong?"

An Anbu swallowed, murmuring to himself.

"If that fist hit me, I might be gone."

"It's not over yet, Continuous Black Flash."

Then, Satoru's voice rang out again, and he threw a flurry of combination punches at the Nine-Tails' body. The Nine-Tails' huge body was also continuously retreating due to Satoru's fists.

"Just relying on physical strength can beat the Nine-Tails like this, I'm afraid Hatake Jonin's strength has long surpassed Hokage-sama."

Although the Anbu didn't specify whether it was the Third Hokage or the Fourth Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen always had a feeling that the other party was implying him.

After all, when he was dealing with the Nine-Tails just now, he was very embarrassed.

(End of the chapter)

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