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Naruto: In Pursuit of Happiness Naruto: In Pursuit of Happiness original

Naruto: In Pursuit of Happiness

Author: Eroos

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Chapter 1: Reincarnation?

[A/N: This chapter is the introduction to the novel, I recommend reading to the end before drawing the conclusion about the personality, since at the end you get a hint of what happens. I also note that I will try to be as realistic as possible, so there may be a lot of blood and a death or two. Enjoy]


"And your third skill is..."

"What is it!?" With visible excitement in his voice, a translucent, illuminated silhouette asked excitedly, staring at the glowing being in front of him.

Today is Adam Wood's lucky day.

After 27 years of a failed life in which not only did he die a virgin, but his whole life was nothing but novels, manga and games, Adams was lucky enough to be chosen by some sort of cosmic being who for some reason gave him the option to revive in the world of his choice.

How could he not know this subject matter?

He has literally read thousands of similar fanfics and only he knows how much he wished it was all real.

His situation was as follows, he was awarded the chance to go to another world with 3 gifts that unfortunately for his dreams, are random.

The only nice thing about the situation, is that he can choose where to go, in what body to arrive and at what time to arrive.

Sure, you could go to a whole new world and have your own identity, but...

As a fanatical fan of this industry, how could I pass up this wonderful opportunity?

He knows the future, he knows great secrets and he would literally be fulfilling his biggest dream.

So without complaining too much, he pulled the small roulette in front of him and waited in silence, getting with some bitterness the following three advantages.

-Bloodline enhancement-

-Lightning element-

And lastly...

What just came out.

"Ranmaru's Dojutsu!?" With his face distorted in disgust, Adam shouted in indignation "After those two shits I get this fucking garbage!?"

"It's the result of chance among everything we can give you from that world"

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!!!?" Raising his voice even more, Adam continued "I waited my whole fucking life for this moment and now that I get it I end up pulling this shit!?"

"The results can't be changed" Still maintaining his calm smile, the luminous being continued "Now that we have the three gifts decided, we will move on to look at the final details of your choice. You chose to go to the world of Naruto, an animated franchise of your world... but I have a little problem with the exact timing you chose"


"Of course it can, but there will be problems... let me explain" Remaining silent for a few seconds, the luminous being continued "Although you choose in which timeline your souls will merge, we always recommend that it starts in the newborn period. You have to understand that the more experienced a being's consciousness is, the stronger it is, something that can most likely cause some problems in your merger"

"And they can't fix it!?"


"Fuck, they're fucking useless!" Openly cursing, Adam bit his thumb and muttered for a few seconds in obvious frustration, then snorted "Never mind, it's nothing I can't overcome"

"Are you sure?"

"Will you do it or not!?"

"*Sigh*" Shaking his head as he sighs, the luminous being continued "Then following your wishes... you will be born as Naruto Uzumaki and carry that life until your awakening. Based on your request, the fusion will be done at the exact same moment where Naruto comprehends the Shadow Multiclone Jutsu, and thus, all the gifts will be implemented at the same moment"

"The upgrades are instantaneous?"

"Only the lightning element will come congenital, the rest will be implemented on the day of assimilation."

"Will it hurt?"

"You will not feel any pain, but the assimilation will be gradual"

"How gradual?"

"It may take some time to finish the bloodline enhancement, just as it may take some time for his body to get used to Ranmaru's Dojutso."

'Great, I got the most useless god' Clenching his fists as frustration washed over him, Adam stared at the silhouette and thought grumpily 'Just wait, once I get stronger I'll come back to kick you in the face for making it so hard for me'

"Are you ready?" Keeping his smile impassive, the luminous being asked.

"Yes!" Nodding excitedly, Adam continued "Send me now!"

"Good luck" Nodding as he waved his hand, the luminous being watched in slow motion as the soul slowly disappeared and officially began its new life.

But before he face finished disappearing, an excited murmur echoed around he.

"Hehe, little Hinata, wait for me~"


Staring at the place where Adam disappeared, the luminous being was silent for a few seconds and muttered "I shouldn't do this but... it's really unpleasant."

Waving his hand again, the being looked light years away and focused on Adam's traveling soul, then waved his hand and began to slowly eliminate it.

"To wait another thousand years" Sighing while shaking its head, the luminous being suddenly turned its gaze to where it disintegrated the soul and raised its eyebrows, then waved its hand and muttered "The child ate it before it was eliminated... this is new"


"W-what's going on?" With a deathly pale face as cold sweat trickles down his forehead, Naruto shivered violently while breathing heavily.

"N-no, no, n-no..." Slowly shaking his head as a myriad of emotions run through his previously naive gaze, Naruto quickly looked to his sides and began to form seals with his hands, causing numerous clones to instantly appear around him as smoke blankets the place.

Erasing his troubled face with difficulty, Naruto struggled to smile brightly and laugh out loud, only to form seals with his fingers again and raise another layer of smoke.

"Sexy Jutsu!" instantly, numerous female versions of naruto visualized themselves, as soft voices blanketed the place.

Laughing openly as his main body swept his gaze around, Naruto finally nodded and formed more seals in his hands, instantly making multiple more clones appear on the spot.

"Take the scroll and open it while the smoke covers us, memorize each technique as best you can. We don't have much time."

With sweat running down his forehead as the minutes slowly ticked by, Naruto looked to his sides and watched his clones, then nodded to each other and disappeared in clouds of smoke.

"F-fuck..." Falling slowly backwards as all of his clones disappear, Naruto slowly closed his eyes in the fall as only one thought passed through his mind 'What's going on?'


Falling heavily to the ground as dust and dirt cover his body, Naruto breathes weakly as his consciousness fades away completely.

*Tweet* *Tweet* *Tweet* *Tweet*

Birds sang, the wind whistled as a noisy silence covered the place, until suddenly a man appeared next to Naruto.

"Naruto!" Rushing over to the boy on the ground, Iruka crouched down beside him and took his pulse, then sighed and frowned slightly "Why is he unconscious?"

"The scroll" Looking at the scroll sealed between Naruto's arms, Iruka took it and looked at the obviously tampered seal, then looked at Naruto and muttered "Was he training some technique?"

"Iruka-sensei!" Arriving next to Iruka, Mizuki walked over to him and asked with concern "How is Naruto!?"

"He's fine, he just had to have fainted while trying to learn a jutsu" Shaking his head, Iruka stood up and walked towards Mizuki "Although the seal was removed, the contents are still intact, we have to report it to the Hokage."

"Relax, I'll handle it" Smiling as he walks even closer to Iruka, Mizuki stood in front of him and held the large scroll with one arm, then waved he free arm quickly and smiled viciously "You always were an idiot, hahahaha!"

"..." Opening his eyes wide, Iruka looked down and watched with trembling eyes the kunai embedded deep in his heart, while a line of blood began to trickle out of the corner of his mouth.

Instantly, all the noise from outside disappeared completely for Iruka, as little by little the realization of the situation flooded him and from one second to the next, all his memories crossed his mind.

Totally ignoring the laughter of the man in front of him, Iruka turned his gaze to the unconscious Naruto in the distance and smiled weakly and sadly, then suddenly moved his hands and made numerous pieces of paper appear in his hands.

"...!" Widely opening he trembling eyes, Mizuki's face distorted from horror as he quickly tried to turn around.

But before he could even take a step, it was all over.



"It's a pity..." Shaking his head while watching the explosion through the crystal ball, Hiruzen sighed heavily and stared at the unconscious figure of Naruto bathed in blood and flesh "But it's really beautiful to see the will of fire in our teachers... Naruto will never forget it."

Rising from his seat while stretching his old body, Hiruzen picked up his pipe and muttered as he walked towards the exit "I have to prepare a speech and a funeral...I won't be able to make it home today."



Slowly opening his eyes as the warm sunlight covers his face, Naruto growled softly as his eyelids twitched with exhaustion.

Yawning as he stretches his body, Naruto scratched his hair and looked sideways in a daze, then frowned slightly and lowered his gaze.


Blinking dazedly for a few seconds, Naruto's eyes opened wide as various memories flood his mind.

His face distorted and filled with negative emotions, Naruto clenched his fists tightly as he whispered in a broken voice "I-It can't be real..."

"Naruto, you've woken up" Entering with a tray of chopped apple in his hands, Hiruzen walked towards him with a stoic face and asked "How are you feeling?"

"H-hokage..." Without even looking him in the eye, Naruto smiled faintly and commented "I can graduate now."

"Congratulations on learning the shadow clone jutsu" Nodding, Hiruzen sat down next to Naruto and stared at his haggard face for a few seconds, then reached into his clothes and pulled out a forehead protector with the symbol of Konoha "This is for you."

With a hint of happiness on his face, Naruto quickly took the forehead protector and held it firmly in his hands, but before happiness could lead him to try it on, suddenly his face became distorted again by numerous feelings and became completely still.

"Sigh..." Hiruzen shook his head, his face reflecting a mixture of sadness and pride. His eyes seemed to contain a universe of unspoken emotions as he watched the young man in front of him "What Iruka did for you is something truly exceptional... something only a true ninja with the will of fire in his heart could have accomplished."

"W-what?" With a shaky look, Naruto quickly turned his gaze to Hiruzen and stuttered "W-what about I-iruka-sensei?"

"..." Frowning slightly, Hiruzen stared at Naruto's face for a few seconds, then put his hand on his shoulder and replied sadly "Iruka gave his life for you Naruto... Mizuki betrayed the village and tricked you into stealing the scroll... he came to you when you fell unconscious ready to take the scroll and kill you... Iruka fought until the last second for you."

"N-no..." With his eyes instantly filling with tears as his face became even more pale and haggard, Naruto firmly shook his head and replied in a broken and trembling voice "I-it's impossible, I-iruka-sensei can't die!"

"I'm sorry Naruto..." Shaking his head while sighing, Hiruzen comforted him calmly.

Gritting his teeth tightly as tears fall down his eyes, Naruto growled lightly from the strong pain in his heart as he buried his fingernails tightly into his palm.

"It's okay if you want to cry Naruto, no one's stopping you."

Shaking his head, Naruto continued to shed bitter tears as his empty gaze wandered from one point to another.

Eroos Eroos

The novel will have a slow but steady start, then we will have more time jumps and it will have a normal course. The personality of the protagonist will evolve constantly and what you see today, will not be seen tomorrow, something that is already assured since I have a lot written about this novel. Enjoy.

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