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Naruto-Legendary Harem of The Hidden Leaf Naruto-Legendary Harem of The Hidden Leaf original

Naruto-Legendary Harem of The Hidden Leaf

Author: Yuri_Lover23

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Chapter 1: Tapping The Hokage In Her Office

(Midora's POV)

"Ahhh~" I heard Tsunade moan loudly as I pinned her on her desk and thrust my cock into her, "H-Hang on~~!! You're too rough~!!" 

"Ohhh, Tsunade-chan!" I said as I fucked her, "You're so godamn good, your pussy is amazing as always!!" 

I had one of my hands pressed against her back, using my strength to keep her bent over as I had my other hand gripping her fat ass while I was moving my hips rapidly, thrusting my large and girthy cock into her tight and wet pussy. 

We were in the Hokage's office, I had the blinds of her windows closed so nobody could see from outside that I was railing Konoha's busty and sexy leader. I also made sure the door was locked and have Shizune stand guard outside as she heard the loud clapping of Tsunade's cheeks. 

"Midora, please calm yourself~!!" Tsunade moaned loudly, "I-I....I know we haven't seen each other in weeks, but this is too much~~!!" 

Her pussy was clamping tightly down on my cock as it thrust deep inside her pussy, rubbing viciously against her wrinkles. The feeling of her old but gold pussy just coiling right on my rod was something out of a dream, Tsunade's body was something else. I don't care if it's a trick or anything, she was tight, and her "form" Was real as it could get. 

I shook my head, "You know that is the reason I can't stop myself." I said, "I yearned for your body the whole time I was in that mission, Tsunade, how dare you send me away." 

"S-Sorry~!" She moaned loudly, "Y-You know I had to....You were the only available Jonin!" 

I then slowed my thrusts down and let go of her ass and back. As I slowly fucked her, I leaned in and groped her massive breasts, they were so fucking soft that my hands sunk into them. 

"Ohhh~" She moaned 

I pressed myself against her as her pussy drenched on my cock, "Don't ever do that to me, Tsunade." I told her softly before gently biting her ear, "Know this, I am the only one that can fully pleasure you and make you feel like a real woman."

"Enough!" She said firmly as she scowled

I then felt her pussy clamp down tightly on my cock, crushing it. 

"Ooooh!" I shouted, "Kegels!" 

I leaned back as I gripped her ass, trying to move my hips but the grip her pussy had on my cock was so tight, it could barely budge. 

"Ahh...." She panted, "You like that?" 

I nodded, "Oh, yea." I said as I slapped her fat ass with my other hand

She looked back at me as she gave me a slight smirk, "Do you think you can fuck the Hokage like a silly little girl in her own office, Midora?" She asked, "Think again, my counterattack begins now...." 

I smirked, "Oh?" I said, "This sudden change of attitude, that's what I love about you, Tsunade. It turns me the hell on...." 

"Let's do this!" 


"Whew." I said as I closed the door behind me, "She thought she can win? A fight is one thing, but in sex, I'm the Unrivaled." 

I was patting my clothes down as I took a step before hearing a throat clear. 

I turn to see Shizune sitting down on a chair with her eyes closed as she slightly blushed. 

"What?" I asked

"You were too loud...." She said all flustered, "I doubt nobody heard that...." 

I shrugged, "I don't care." I said as I turned to her, "She's gonna be out for a while, she's on the floor and uhm....there's a mess.....when she wakes up, make sure she takes a thorough bath. Got in some crevices and all...." 

Shizune frowned, "What is your problem?" She asked, "Every change you get, you always defile Tsunade-sama's dignity!" 

I chuckled, "We are the Last Senju, Shizune-san!" I said, "It is only right I attempt to rebuild our glorious Clan!" 

She closed her eyes and shook her head, "Y-You must know it's too late for that...." She said, "With Tsunade-sama's age and all...."

"Tsk tsk." I said, "Don't let her hear you say that. And besides....." 

"It's Creampie City until it happens." 

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