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4.54% Naruto: My Relationship Book / Chapter 1: Chapter 1: The Wheel of Fate: A New Chance

Chapter 1: Chapter 1: The Wheel of Fate: A New Chance

In front of the woman dressed in a formal suit, whose long black hair was tied back in a bun and who wore gold-framed glasses and beautiful eyes of the same color, there was a huge line.

Another woman beside her, behind a desk, had just directed one of the 'travelers' and said, "We're going to have to work overtime for a few days... My god, who was the fucking idiot who let an immortal truck collide with a planet inhabited by humans?"

"It must have been that eccentric Tyrant Demon..." the first woman affirmed.

"A-Are you talking about the one with ten holy names?" stammered the woman beside her.

"Yes, that's the one." She confirmed.

"Don't... Tell anyone what I said!" She looked incredibly fearful.

In front of this same woman stood the soul of a young man between the ages of 19 and 20.

He overheard their conversation, his eyes blinked, and a strange light passed through his eyes.

"I heard that." He said.

"Kid, what do you think you heard?" The woman exuded a majestic aura, making the poor boy crumple almost like a crushed can. "Besides, how did you end up here? The next one hasn't been called yet!"

"I don't know." The young man replied. Almost breathless, since the aura of the woman in front of him was so colossal that it made him shrink back involuntarily.

It was true that he didn't exactly know how he had ended up there; he too was waiting in line, but someone pushed him and somehow, he ended up where he was now and overheard an interesting conversation.

"No matter what, I know what I heard." The young man said slowly with great effort.

The other woman beside, who seemed stoic, laughed: "Hahaha, Naab, you'll be in hot water if Tyrant Demon finds out what you said."

"...He wouldn't do something to me, right?" She asked, uncertain.

At the same time, she cast a glance toward the young boy who had the misfortune of overhearing the conversation with Nyx and said coldly: "Kid, you're in luck, I'll make an exception and let you use that golden roulette. Don't make any more demands, if you dare ask for more to keep quiet, you might just spin the regular roulette like everyone else and screw yourself. Besides, the chances of you ever meeting Lord Tyrant Demon are almost none, humph!"

Rising to his feet, the young boy looked at her and simply nodded. He would not be foolish enough to ask for more than that. And, as she said, he didn't even know who exactly this Tyrant Demon was, or if he would ever have the chance to meet him. The best course was to seize the chance he had been given for a better opportunity.

From what he had overheard earlier, each soul in this line had one chance to spin the roulette, and depending on where it stopped, their next reincarnation would be sealed on another habitable planet, and with it, the memories of the life they had lived before would be erased. It would be almost the same as being wiped from existence.

On the other hand, when she told him to spin the other roulette, she said nothing about his memories. Did this mean he could still retain his memories?

If so, he felt excited.

After all, if he would lose his memories on the first roulette, wouldn't that mean he would forget the conversation he had overheard?

With this thought, he hurried.


When he heard her voice behind him, he figured she must have realized the same thing he did, and without wasting time, he placed his hand on the lever and spun it.

With the sound of a ratchet, an explosive glow occurred, and before he knew it, he was no longer in the same place.

The last thing he remembered was hearing that woman cursing loudly.


Aizen Kurama, that was the name given to me by my parents, Murakumo Kurama and Uroko Kurama.

It has been two years since I came to this world, and today, my little sister was born.

"Isn't she adorable, Aizen?" My father asked, holding my little sister in his arms.

I looked at the tiny and fragile baby and smiled: "Yes, she's beautiful."

"Haha, isn't she just?" My father laughed loudly, but his laughter frightened my little sister, making her cry.

"Murakumo, you're being loud again, give her to me!" My mother, who was lying in bed and should have been resting after the childbirth—which, by the way, was a natural home birth—still had the strength to scold my father.

"Haha..." With an embarrassed chuckle, my father handed little Yakumo to my mother.

"There, there, my little princess..." My mother said in her sweet and gentle voice while gently patting my sister's back.


It's been a year since my little sister was born. Today, I left home with my father and saw the faces of the statues of the previous Hokages and the current Third Hokage.

A ninja world, fraught with danger on every side, endless risks, and an environment where children go to war to fight for their villages.

In such an environment, although the village prospered to a certain extent, one could not deny the tension in the air that I felt, different from my world of origin.

It was a situation akin to being in a neighborhood where drug trafficking was constant, with police appearing at every moment and possible exchanges of gunfire.

But that was it. Human adaptation is something frightening. Even people manage to adapt and live in that kind of neighborhood; the same can be said for the people of this world who have become accustomed to living in this dangerous world with ninjas, etc.

Of course, being only 3 years old, I decided not to think too far ahead.

One good thing was that I retained the memories of my previous life on Earth. Something that I most desired when I knew I would have a new chance to reincarnate.

"Isn't it incredible, son?" My father asked as he looked at the faces of the Hokages.

I could hear the pride in his voice and see it on his face; it was like the religious fanatics who gaze upon the crucifix of Jesus in a church.

Well, I could understand to some extent, after all, the Hokages gave their lives for the village; in a sense, they were a symbol of the prosperity the village currently achieved.

If there are dangers now, it was even worse before, with constant wars, droughts, and famine, something they no longer wished to experience, especially the older ones who experienced it firsthand.

So, although I have often heard in my world how foolish the First Hokage was, I still respect him. This respect came from the fact that he managed to create a village that prospered for so long. Although, after his death, it became clear that it was a mistake for him to distribute the bijuus to other villages, still, one mistake does not erase many successes.

At least that's how I like to think.

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