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Naruto: My Unique System Naruto: My Unique System original

Naruto: My Unique System

Author: Cloe23

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: First Friend

"Minato-kun, are you out early again for your training? You truly are a prodigy destined for the Academy!"

As the sun cast its warm glow upon the streets of Konoha Village, an elderly lady organizing groceries observed the golden-haired child emerging from an alley. Still in the midst of stretching, she addressed him with a kindly smile.

The child, known as Minato, nodded, the remnants of sleepiness vanishing from his expression. His face seamlessly transformed into a radiant and innocent smile, revealing the gap between his baby teeth, rendering him both pure and immaculate.

"Yes, Grandma Matsui, but you're even earlier. I just noticed you setting up your stall here."

Upon hearing Minato's words, Grandma Matsui playfully feigned a worried expression and remarked, "I hope I haven't disturbed the slumber of the future Ninja-sama. That would indeed be a tragedy."

Minato, well aware of Grandma Matsui's jest, simply shook his head, assuring her, "Don't worry, Grandma Matsui. I'll be back later to purchase groceries. Please set aside some for me."

"Very well, very well. Grandma will set aside some tender greens just for you."

With a smile and a wave of her hand, Matsui, displaying her slightly damaged teeth, couldn't help but marvel at why her own grandson couldn't exude the same charm as Minato.

In addition to exchanging pleasantries with Grandma Matsui, Minato warmly greeted several other vendors in the vicinity, effortlessly securing the essential ingredients for the day. The neighboring stall owners were more than delighted to assist and cater to the needs of this endearing child.

However, as Minato ventured away from the familiar street where he resided, the radiant smile on his face gradually faded, making way for a serious and focused expression. His recent receipt of the admission letter to the Academy weighed heavily on his mind, with tomorrow marking his inaugural day. 

Effectively, he was now a preparatory student at the esteemed institution. Since the arrival of the admission letter, Minato had become acutely aware of the need to intensify his physical training.

Aware of his commoner status, Minato acknowledged the absence of the privileged background and abundant resources enjoyed by those born into shinobi families. Consequently, in order to keep pace with his peers at the Academy, he recognized the imperative need to invest extra effort on his individual training.

Given the turbulent state of the ninja world during this period, even within the secure confines of Konoha Hidden Village, Minato's innate perceptiveness had already detected the shifts occurring around him.

In these unsettled times, sightings of ninjas leisurely strolling through the streets of Konoha were rare; their movements were purposeful, undoubtedly engaged in various missions. Moreover, discussions among vendors and shopkeepers hinted at the recent surge in transportation costs, suggesting that some significant trade caravans had relinquished their routes, reducing the availability of some essential goods.

Though unacquainted with the harsh realities of war, Minato found himself gripped by a growing unease fueled by the observations and snippets of conversation he encountered. Standing pensively at the street corner, his gaze fixed upon the distant Hokage Rock, he quietly murmured, "I hope it's merely my misunderstanding."

Redirecting his attention, Minato shifted his focus to a self-assessment of his physical readiness. Ensuring the flexibility of his ankle and knee joints, he conscientiously adjusted his breathing, priming himself for the impending exercise.

Uncertain about the specific training regimen undergone by children from shinobi families before entering the Academy, Minato remained in the dark regarding the optimal path for his own growth. Nonetheless, he was convinced that speed, strength, and endurance stood as indisputable pillars essential for any aspiring ninja.

Prepared and poised, Minato shifted his gaze towards the corner of the opposing street, musing aloud, "Are you putting in this much effort because you foresee a future akin to mine?"

Engrossed in his solitary conversation, a diminutive figure gracefully turned the street corner, materializing before Minato. The boy, adorned with naturally curled blue-white hair, radiated a sunny smile that immediately caught Minato's attention.


At the sight of this boy, Minato's countenance once again brightened with a smile. Clenching his fists, an inexplicable surge of motivation enveloped him whenever he laid eyes on this peer of the same age.

"Hey, Minato-san, hitting the training grounds early again? You're really something! How about a little race to the Academy gate?"

Swift as a breeze, the boy dashed past Minato, leaving behind words that reverberated in the air. Minato nodded, his gaze following the retreating figure, before turning to sprint in the opposite direction.

Truth be told, the boy's path led more directly to the Academy, but Minato adhered to his own training route, a routine meticulously followed for the past month. Despite the boy's persistent invitations, Minato remained steadfast in maintaining the course he had set for himself.

Minato found himself puzzled by how the boy was privy to his name, considering they had never been formally introduced. In the initial days, he didn't invest much attention in the boy—or rather, time didn't allow for idle conversation, as the boy showed no inclination to pause for a chat.

Nevertheless, as time elapsed, Minato's curiosity about this same-aged companion burgeoned. In the boy, Minato sensed the blossoming of a genuine friendship.

Yet, Minato couldn't shake the embarrassment that he remained oblivious to the boy's name. Contemplating this, Minato, who had just embarked on his run, abruptly halted and turned around to catch one last glimpse of the boy's retreating figure.

"You're likely an Academy student as well. Even though I'll find out your name tomorrow, I'd prefer to be friends sooner!"

With determination, Minato altered his course and sprinted toward the boy. Fortunately, the boy's pace wasn't exceptionally swift; after all, it wasn't a sprint but rather a long-distance run.

Over time, Minato steadily closed the gap between them. The boy appeared to sense Minato's approach, and as he turned to glance at Minato, he hesitated for a moment before breaking into a grin, showcasing a row of small white teeth, with one noticeably absent.

The boy even flashed Minato a thumbs-up. However, in an unfortunate twist, his attempt at a show of approval coincided with him turning his head, causing his foot to collide with an empty can and nearly sending him stumbling.

This mishap led to a sudden drop in the boy's speed, allowing Minato to swiftly catch up. Extending a helping hand, Minato and the boy exchanged a brief glance, not needing words to convey the unspoken understanding between them. Instead, their shared gaze was directed toward the Academy gate, a mere two hundred meters away.



The moment Minato released his grip, both of them surged forward, their eyes fixed on the prominent character "忍" (Ninja) above the Academy gate. The smiles that adorned their faces faded, replaced by a solemn and determined expression.

Two hundred meters, one hundred fifty meters, one hundred meters, fifty meters...

Approaching the climax of their sprint, the two, devoid of formal Ninja training, struggled to maintain balance at their heightened speed. Their attempts looked somewhat awkward, yet they pressed on with determination, drawing closer to the Academy.


Almost in perfect unison, both stepped onto the weathered wooden board in front of the Konoha Academy gate, bearing visible signs of the passage of time. Exchanging a glance, they simultaneously reached out, their hands making contact with the Academy gate.



"As expected, Minato-san! Your speed is truly impressive, but this time, victory is mine!"

Withdrawing his hand, the boy supported his ribs and flashed a triumphant smile at Minato. Minato, not overly concerned with the outcome, pressed against his own ribs, regulating his breathing.

After a brief recovery period, Minato finally caught his breath and extended his hand toward the boy, introducing himself, "I'm Minato Namikaze. May I know your name?"

The boy glanced at Minato's outstretched hand, opting not for a handshake but delivering a high-five instead. This unconventional greeting seemed to leave Minato slightly uncomfortable.

Before Minato could decipher Tatsuma's intention, the boy smiled and responded, "I'm Tatsuma, Sakamoto Tatsuma."

As Tatsuma uttered his name, a notification sound resonated in his mind.


"Praised and defeated opponent; can unlock talents [Speed+3] and [Stamina+2]. Would you like to acquire them?"


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