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1.05% Naruto: My Unique System / Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Unique System

Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Unique System

Meet Sakamoto Tatsuma, an intriguing character navigating the complex tapestry of his existence as both a transmigrator and a war orphan. The origins of his parents, potentially being ninjas, remain shrouded in mystery. His identity, current abode, and financial support are all orchestrated by the village that has taken him in.

While these years have brought a semblance of stability to Tatsuma's life, one perplexing detail nags at him incessantly:

Why, of all things, does Sakamoto Tatsuma boast a head adorned with a riot of blue and white curly hair?

Regrettably, Tatsuma finds himself in the Naruto world, not the Gintama Universe he longs for. In that alternate reality, he envisions using his inherent strengths to stage a spectacular resistance against aliens, akin to the heroic exploits of Gintoki and his three comrades. Alas, the boundaries of his current reality confine him to grappling with the peculiar nature of his own existence.

Embarking on life as an orphan in the perilous realm of Naruto, Tatsuma dedicated his early years to fervently exploring his innate talents and strengths.

Ultimately, the fruits of his self-discovery revealed that, beyond possessing a radiant and captivating smile that endeared him to the elderly, Tatsuma lacked any remarkable abilities.

Originally resigned to the idea of leading an unremarkable life, a mere month ago, everything changed. Upon waking up and spotting the Konoha Academy enrollment notice on his table, Tatsuma unlocked his own game-changing advantage—a praise and challenge system.

"Host: Sakamoto Tatsuma


Strength: 30/120

Speed: 43/248

Stamina: 37/210

Wisdom: 100/200

Ninjutsu: 0/120

Illusions: 0/120

Spirit: 40/120

Seals: 40/120

[Note: Genin's minimum ability threshold is 100, Chunin's minimum ability threshold is 1000, Jonin's minimum ability threshold is 10000]

Special Talents:

Space-Time: 20% (Possesses a modicum of Space-Time Ninjutsu talent)

Ninjutsu Development: 10% (Displays a small aptitude for Ninjutsu development)

[Note: The algorithm for Special Talents differs from the regular talent algorithm; percentages indicate the extraction rate]

This represents Tatsuma's basic system panel—a moniker he coined himself. In Tatsuma's perspective, this system serves as a refreshing breath of air in his journey.

In a system community where the prevailing methods involve looting and resorting to violence for rewards, Tatsuma's unique system takes a distinctive approach—requiring authentic praise and triumphing over adversaries to acquire their talents.

What sets Tatsuma's system apart is the gratifying realization that defeating opponents doesn't necessarily entail direct combat. For instance, in recent times, Tatsuma has orchestrated daily sessions with Minato Namikaze, discovering that even running can trigger system rewards.

As a seemingly inconspicuous figure with talents capped at 120, Tatsuma recognizes that the system stands as his sole avenue to alter his destiny. In these days, he has gleaned substantial benefits from his interactions with Minato Namikaze, including acquiring talents in Space-Time and Ninjutsu Development.

Casting a brief glance at the subtly altered system panel, Tatsuma wore a genuine smile as his gaze shifted to Minato, his "friend" finally responding for the first time today. "Planning to continue training later? I'm heading to the training ground for some practice with the ninjas," Tatsuma suggested.

Upon hearing Tatsuma's proposition, Minato's eyes lit up, a realization dawning on him that this approach hadn't crossed his mind earlier. Without hesitation, he nodded enthusiastically and replied, "Absolutely!"

Tatsuma's nod was accompanied by an even more radiant smile. His motive for bringing Minato to the training ground was straightforward—most individuals there were seasoned ninjas. 

Tatsuma couldn't outmatch these skilled practitioners, especially in training. Bringing Minato along served the dual purpose of "defeating" him and continuing to reap benefits from their interactions. Despite this calculated intention, Tatsuma maintained his cheerful demeanor as he looked at Minato, who remained blissfully unaware, and suggested, "Let's grab breakfast first, my treat!"

"How can I accept that?" Minato's gaze shifted to Tatsuma's attire, noticing the misprinted logos on both their clothes—likely cheap knock-offs from a street vendor.

Swiftly recognizing that Tatsuma, much like himself, belonged to the lower economic class, Minato shook his head and asserted, "Let's each get our own breakfast; I can't let you spend money."

Minato graciously declined Tatsuma's offer, refraining from assuming the role of an affluent individual and reciprocating with an invitation. He was acutely aware that his financial means were derived from village subsidies, and he couldn't afford to frivolously spend even a single coin.

Although the idea of treating his newfound friend appealed to Minato, he recognized the practical constraints and opted to wait until he achieved the status of a ninja with a steady income before indulging in such gestures.

Observing Minato's understanding demeanor, Tatsuma shook his head, offering a friendly pat on Minato's shoulder. With a nonchalant excuse, he stated, "I forgot to bring my ninja tools today. Can you lend me yours? I'll treat you to breakfast as a thank you."

In response, Minato cast a brief glance at Tatsuma and verified the absence of a ninja tool pouch. After a moment of consideration, he nodded and replied, "Sure, but next time, remember to bring your ninja tool pouch. It's often required for class."

"Oh, by the way," Minato added, "I haven't asked you yet, Sakamoto-san, are you also a student at Konoha Academy?"

"Yeah, my classes kick off tomorrow."

The duo, their figures diminutive amidst the burgeoning crowd, meandered through the increasingly bustling street. In this era, Ichiraku Ramen had yet to grace Konoha; that iconic ramen shop wouldn't materialize for another decade, well into the youth of Hatake Kakashi. The two casually procured breakfast from a street vendor and made their way to the nearest training ground.

"Minato! Let's have a contest to see who can complete one hundred pull-ups faster!"


"Remarkable! You tackled those pull-ups impressively for a first-timer. However, this round, victory is mine!"

"Ding! Successfully praised and defeated your opponent; you can acquire the talents: [Stamina+3] and [Strength+2]. Would you like to claim them?"


"Minato! Let's challenge each other to complete two hundred squats in record time!"



"Ding! Successfully praised..."


"Minato! Let's hone our skills in Shuriken throwing! See who can hit the target's center first!"


"Impressive, you nearly clinched the victory. If your strength had just been a tad more, hitting the target would have been a certainty."

"Ding! Successfully praised and defeated your opponent; you can acquire the special talent: [Ninja Tool Throwing (Minato Namikaze Limited Edition) 20%]. Would you like to claim it?"

Abruptly halting his contemplation of the upcoming competition, Tatsuma cast his gaze upon Minato, who stood hands on hips, wearing a resigned smile with a subtle glint of surprise in his eyes.

To Tatsuma's astonishment, he hadn't anticipated Minato possessing a limited edition Ninja Tool Throwing talent. After all, talents such as Ninja Tool Throwing were presumed to be something general not unique to an individual, weren't they?

However, Tatsuma swiftly reconsidered Minato's trajectory, taking into account his formidable abilities like the S-rank Ninjutsu Flying Thunder God Jutsu and the refined Flying Thunder God: Second Step. In that context, it seemed entirely reasonable for Minato to harbor his own distinct Ninja Tool Throwing talent, didn't it?


As Tatsuma re-focused on the moment, he promptly claimed this newfound talent. Instantly, his mind became a repository of diverse throwing techniques for an array of ninja tools, spanning from Kunai and Shuriken to Senbon, flash bombs, and even the audacious concept of hurling people?!

Distinguishing themselves from regular talents, Special Talents operated on a 'what you pick is what you get' basis. Unlike regular talents that merely elevated the upper limit attainable through training without directly enhancing abilities (increasing the max cap), Special Talents were a straightforward acquisition with no need for additional development through training.

However, these memories retained a somewhat fuzzy quality, likely a consequence of the incomplete talent extraction—Tatsuma had only acquired 20% of the talent. Especially when it came to techniques involving the unconventional use of people as ninja tools, the impressions were fleeting, hinting at the potential necessity for coordination with other Ninjutsu.

Despite these nuances, Tatsuma found himself sufficiently content. He turned to Minato, who had adjusted his mindset, and remarked, "Minato, your talents are truly impressive."

In response to Tatsuma's continued praise, Minato regarded him with a wry smile. This "friend" had triumphed over him in various fields throughout the afternoon, consistently showering him with accolades. It led Minato to ponder if he was being treated akin to a toddler taking their first steps.

However, Tatsuma didn't just convey sincerity; his enthusiasm was palpable. He pressed on, "Although your throwing technique is good, there are some nuances that need refining. Allow me to demonstrate the correct method, and we can resume our friendly competitions afterward."

"Oh? I appreciate the guidance, Tatsuma-kun. Thank you so much."

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