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Naruto Online: The Strongest Shinobi Naruto Online: The Strongest Shinobi original

Naruto Online: The Strongest Shinobi

Author: Fat_Cultivator

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Naruto Online: A Hero's Secret

Chapter 1: Naruto Online: A Hero's Secret

"You have got to be kidding me," muttered Michael as he stared at his computer screen, disbelief etched across his face.

The announcement of a new VRMMORPG game called 'Elemental Nations' had just appeared before his eyes. It promised an immersive experience like no other, and the United Federation was even providing Tier 1 for a dirt cheap price. Something Micheal could afford with his savings.

"This is really happening, isn't it?" Michael said, standing up from his seat and accidentally knocking his chair into a cluttered bookshelf. Torn clothes and empty cans cascaded onto the floor, a reminder of the cramped and confined space he called home.

Longing for his old life, he couldn't help but reminisce. Michael was not from this world. In his universe, Earth had never faced the horrors and devastation that this world had endured.

Around 200 years ago, nuclear warfare had ravaged the planet. Nations turned against each other, unleashing destruction that claimed the lives of half the world's population. In the aftermath, living on the surface became untenable, and humanity sought refuge in underground bunkers—cramped and suffocating spaces that offered little comfort.

Michael's own living conditions were far from ideal. Sharing three tiny rooms and a living space with his family, his room barely accommodated his computer and bed. To fit his belongings, he had crammed in a bookshelf and stowed items beneath his bed, making the already limited space feel even more cramped.

"Did anything fall, Michael?" his mother's voice echoed from her room, distant and muffled.

"It's nothing, don't worry about it," Michael replied, though he hadn't actually seen his mother's face in three days. Opening his door was nearly impossible due to the cramped quarters. The living room, now occupied by his brother's latest project, confined Michael, his parents, and himself to their respective rooms.

Despite the discomfort, complaints were rare. Michael's brother was earning a substantial amount of credits, and the hope of moving to a more spacious environment motivated them all to endure.

Surviving in this world came with its own set of challenges. Michael's food supply was down to a few days' worth of canned goods, and the bathroom consisted of a button-operated compartment that was perilously close to overflowing.

"A couple more days," Michael repeated to himself, a mantra he clung to in times of hardship. Survival required resilience and patience, qualities he had honed over time.

He then sat down and watched the trailer sent by the new company that had taken the world by storm, known as 'Rangers Tech Limited.'

'Is this really what I think it is.' He thought, as he saw a headband that was extremely familiar to him.

Following this, he saw a man clad in red armor, looking down at tens of thousands of people, which were staring at him in fear.

"Do you know what I was like during my glory days?" He asked in a cold tone to a man that was wrapped in bandages.

The man then stared down at the thousands of people and smiled at them, his eyes turning red and rotating while he spoke, "Fire style: Majestic Flame Destroyer."

The clip ended, right with that, barely lasting 30 seconds.

[We do not want people to know too much. So, simply enjoy what has been shown. Now, for a little background about the game before you begin to play. Everyone will begin in this vast world which is split into 6 separate continents that are connected to each other through various means. The world is massive yet there will be a limited number of players who can join the world as Shinobis of 1 of the 5 great villages. It is on a first come first serve basis. Additionally, for safety reasons, those below the age of 16 and above the age of 40 are unable to become Shinobi. However we will not ban you from experiencing the world of 'Elemental Nations.' Now, enjoy yourselves!]

'This is definitely the Naruto world.' Micheal couldn't help but think.

In his old world, where anime was extremely popular, Micheal was a big fan of this series. In this world, while anime still existed, it was mostly slice–of-life, since people were sick of war torn shows.


(POV Micheal)

It had been a day since the announcement, and after clearing the clutter in the living room for about an hour, my brother was able to pass me the Tier 1 headset that I was able to purchase.

I was extremely excited. Mainly since if this really was similar to the Naruto world I knew about, I would definitely be able to become a powerhouse inside of this game.

The United Federation had already promised that there would be a possibility to earn money through the game, which made me excited. This might be my way to help my family!

Being unemployed in this world, which barely had an education system sucked. More than that, the business degree which I had from my old world didn't help since there barely were opportunities to earn here, since the Federation had control of everything.

I sat down on my bed, with the Gear set covering my eyes. It just looked like a regular helmet, yet had a google like part covering my eyes.

I plugged it into the wall and then closed my eyes.

A timer showed up, for 30 seconds, to which when the servers would be activated and everyone could log into the game.

[The game is now online]

This was the last thing I had heard before I reopened my eyes to be in a completely different location.

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