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Chapter 15: The Start Of Chunin Exam

We finally arrived at Konoha and we report to the hokage and received our reward, Yuto then tells us to rest at home for the rest of the day. So I walked to my home and removed the sign and I entered.

I take out the chakra metal and inspect it closely so I can recreate it I start to recreate it the first one is just normal metal, I keep making it until I can recreate it right.

l after a few hours of recreating It, I finally did it. "Now that's done I can combine it with my armor"

"System search for a skill that can help me with this"

System:[Searching skill, Skill found]


[Allows you to create, combine, and salvage weapon or armor]


"Buy it"

System:[Host has purchased Blacksmith you now have 45 Sp]

I combined my shoosuva with chakra metal,

I added a lightweight black chest plate that stops near my stomach and added spiked shoulder armor. "That should be enough"

I equipped it and channel my chakra into it, my armor is covered with a dark aura and it's now more powerful than ever.

"Can't wait to test this thing" I said excitedly.

I entered the [Dojo] and retry my fight against

Lv.70 [Ravindra] I teleported, here again, I activated my sharingan and I saw it, I immediately channel my dark chakra and use my taijutsu against him.

I punched his face and follow up with a round kick. He smashed into the wall and I look at his health

Lv.70 [Ravindra]

HP: [4302/6000]

I got super excited at the damage and I use almost all of my dark chakra and combine it with my Lightning affinity and I channel it to my leg, now my leg is covered in

black lightning.

I forward-somersault and I slammed my leg at his head bringing it down to the ground and it exploded in lightning making a big crater on the process.

I got flown off and I landed on my feet. "Woah..." I got speechless and I said to the system "System show me my chakra"

Chakra :[2709/6430]

"That took a lot of chakras, I will name it

[Lunar Bomb]" I said and I looked at Ravindra

he stand up and activates his avatar like state I observe his health.


"It still alive, better get rid of it because that state is annoying" I use my jutsu

"[Lightning style: Lightning Beast Tracking Fang]" I don't want to fight him so I keep spamming until it died.


Lvl Up 4 times

[Lightning Ravindra Taijutsu] Level Up

[Sharp Nail] Level up

I got teleported back to my home and said

"System check my status"

Hayato Arashi

Title: Loner

Occupation: Genin

Lv.[68]/ next level 5%



STR. : [205]

INT : [230]

DEX : [289]

DEF : [158]

WIS : [132]

CHA. : [120]

Skill:[Gamer Mind On/Off Lv.Max] [Gamer Body Lv.Max] [Chakra Camoflauge Lv.Max] [Absolute Chakra Tenketsu Lv.Max] [Chakra reserve Increased Lv.Max] [Afterimage Lv.Max] [Observe Lv.10] [Killing Intent Lv.2] Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

[Lightning Body Lv.4] [Electrokenesis Lv.2]

[Invisibility Lv.1] [Burst Lv.2]

[Lightning Ravindra Taijutsu Lv.2]

[Sharp Nail Lv.3] [Blacksmith Lv.1]{New}

[Lunar Bomb Lv.1]{New}

Jutsu: [Lightning Beast Tracking Fang Lv.4] [Lightning Oppression Horizontal Chop Lv.2]

[Bunshin no Jutsu Lv. Max] [Henge Lv. Max]

[Kawamiri Lv.Max] [Lightning Style: Calamity Discharge Lv.1] [Rasenringu Lv.2]

[Lightning Release: Shadow Clone]


I placed my armor in my inventory I heard a door knocking "Hisato-san are you there" I heard Choji yelled. "I'm coming" I go outside and saw them. I greeted them and they wanted to play "I had nothing to do so I might just play" we just played a simple tag game, and some other stuff when it's afternoon they left.

-4 months later-

I'm now training my sword I'm already proficient enough to use sword in combat suddenly I hear Hayate sensei said

"Today you will spar again so I can check your result," Hayate said. "You can give up now if you want," Yugao said. I just ignored her and Hayate said "Start".

'Heh I will show you now' I quickly use

[Secret Sword: Moonlight] and I rushed there leaving after image behind me and I strike her neck, she didn't react fast enough and got hit with it.

"The winner of this spar is Hisato, looks like you learn it quickly," Hayate said smiling before coughing. Yugao was still shocked at my move and I taunt her "You should give up when you had the chance" I said smugly.

She looks at me with an angry face. "Well see you later sensei" I leave the training ground 9 and start walking home I check my watch and it's already 07.00 PM. I looked around for a bit

and I'm finally at home. I close my eyes and sleep.

-2 months later-

I and my friend are eating at Yakiniku Q just chatting and eating "What do you guys think Yuto-sensei are doing" Yosuke said. "I don't know lately many jounin teachers are busy," Haruka said.

"How do you know about that Haruka?" I said.

"I asked my parents about it they just say others are busy, I asked them why but they don't answer me" She explained while eating.

After we finished we walk toward training ground 5.

"Hey sensei why do you want us here," I said.

"I wanted to give you this," he said handing out an envelope to each of us.

"Huh? what is this?" Yosuke said.

"Inside the envelope is a letter for the chunin exam if you want to enter then all of you must sign it, " he said.

"My mother said the Chunin exam will be hosted in a different village each year, which village will host it this time sensei"

Haruka asked.

"This year It will be hosted at Sunagakure so we have to travel there, you must all agree to enter if one of you don't then you can't go," Yuto said.

I said, "I'm pretty sure we all agree right?".

"Right" both of them replied to me.

"The exam will be held 3 days later so prepare yourself," He said before leaving.

"I hope my parents agree to this" Haruka said,

"well I hope they do," Yosuke said.

-Hisato Home-

I just got home and 3 day from now is the chunin exam so I use My

[Random Epic Weapon] and I got a sword so I use observe on it

[Blade Axis]{Epic}

Description: This Blade must be powered with a chakra source the more chakra it uses the more powerful it becomes. The sword will change elements according to your chakra nature.

Skill: [Warp] [Switch Style] [Adrenaline]

[A/N: Time to explain all of this

1. [Warp] You can teleport to the sword or the sword will teleport to you

2.[Switch Style] You can change to 3 different


-[Power] your attack deals heavy

damage but it will reduce your speed.

-[Speed] the longer you use this the faster your sword becomes but if it's too fast you can't control it.

-[Energy] Every attack will produce a chakra wave but it will drain your chakra fast (Basically every attack produce a small getsuga tensho)

3.Adrenaline: You take no recoil or knockback

and you can't feel pain for a while and your sword will become more powerful than ever

this mode will end when you ran out of chakra.

And that's about it if you want to know what it looks like just search: blade axis 28000]

"Woah this is a powerful sword but, looks like it drains my chakra" I equipped it and I channel my chakra into it, the sword glows for a bit and I can feel the sword become stronger, I use my chakra nature and the sword is covered in lightning.

"So if I put my chakra nature into it the sword drains my chakra faster, this sword is similar to samehada but different" I exclaimed. "Better start using it now"

-3 days later-

For the past few days, I have been training using my Blade Axis and I'm getting the hang of it but I can't proficiently use [Speed] style.

I strapped the sword on my waist and head towards the Konoha front gate.

When I arrived I saw many teams here I counted that there are 30 genins so there are 10 teams here and most of them are older than me but some is still my age, I searched for my team and found them sitting near a tree

"Hey, guys am I late?". " Yes you are we are supposed to be here at 07.00 AM," Haruka said angrily. "That our team meeting so technically you're not late," Yosuke said grinning. "Yeah, I agree with you man" me and Yosuke snickering. Haruka got mad and ignored us. "Hey, that's a cool sword you got there Hisato where do you get it?" Yosuke asked " I know right this is a cool sword I'm not gonna tell you where I got it though," I said. He keeps asking me about it but eventually gives up.

The Hokage arrived and we started moving from Konoha to Sunagakure it took us 5 days to get there because of the number of Teams here. We then finally arrived at the front of Sunagakure "It's really hot here" I complained.

" Yeah, how can people live with this heat," Yosuke said.

We entered the village and stayed at their Hotel, The jounin and the Hokage are having a private meeting so our sensei told us to go to our room soon. When we got there I go to the bathroom and changed my clothes.

I recreate my clothes so the sleeves are gone and I make myself short pants. "Now this is better" I go out with my friends and explored Sunagakure it's different from Konoha, The chunin exam start tomorrow so we have free time to explore.

"Wow don't know about you guys but their economy is very poor" I whispered to them, "Hey be quiet you don't want them to hear us right," Haruka said. "Now you talk to us I thought you were mad," Yosuke said,

"Shut up," she said. We continued our walk for a while and come back to the Hotel.

When we got there I stayed in our room and both of my friends are talking to their friends.

I don't wanna interrupt them so I walked to the roof and enjoy sightseeing. I looked from above and see some Iwagakure and Kumogakure shinobi walking towards their hotel. Better get ready for tomorrow

-Next Day-

We are now standing outside of the village waiting for the exam to start the instructor

come and talk to us "Your first exam is to survive for 5 days outside of the village, our instructor will escort you to the checkpoint with some water and food" He then gives all of us a consent form

"Sign here so we will not be responsible for your death," he said loudly, Yuto sensei come to us and said, "Good luck, you need it". Then an instructor come and told us to follow him, we follow him and he leads us to a makeshift cave and gives us our food and water, and leaves.

" So we just have to survive here for 5 days that's easy," Yosuke said, "Yeah it's pretty easy for us". Haruka takes the food bag and opens it she looks shocked and says "guys there's not enough food and water here for us to survive even two days"

"What? how are we supposed to survive, " Yosuke said panicking. "Don't you guys see look, there's another cave right there they probably wanted us to steal from each other"

I said calmly ' this will be easy because I can just recreate food' I thought


Quest alert

Survive the first chunin exam without using your recreate ability

Reward: 10.000XP, 50SP, [Evolve Card],

[Lucky Number]{Exclusive Skill}

Punishment: Failed Chunin exam, Your teammate possibly died, You will get the effect [Malnourished]


"What the? you seriously want me to choose" I said quietly.

I looked at the evolve card and asked the system "System what is an Evolve Card?

System: [Evolve card is used to evolve an object, monster, weapon, even skill]

I looked at the second one 'Exclusive skill?'

"System what is an exclusive skill and also what [Lucky Number] does?

System: [Exclusive skill is a skill that can only be received by a mission or achievement,

[Luck Wheel] is a skill that will randomly choose a number from 1 to 10. The higher number you get, the luckier you are

(This effect will only last for an hour)].

'You're making this hard for me system,

I don't want my friend to die or fail the exam

but, the rewards are tempting' I contemplated my choice but I got an idea.

"The quest said not to use my recreation ability but, the quest doesn't say I can't use my recreated item.

I talk to my friend "hey why don't you guys see if there any other people there" they nodded and went out of the cave and began scouting.

After they are gone I recreate a storage scroll, foods, and drink and store them inside it.

"Alright System I accept the mission," I said confidently.

System:[Quest Accepted]

I test out my theory and open the storage scroll and take a slice of cooked pork meat and eat it

I wait for any notification sound but there's none.

'Feeling good just scammed a system' I thought happily.

Deadbeat_Guy Deadbeat_Guy

I write a long ass chapter. Also thank you for reading.

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