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Chapter 23: Chapter 23


Suddenly being pulled by Feng inside the house made both Kurenai and Rin froze for a while, the precocious little girls thought for a second that together with Feng they would run away.

What is Feng gonna do?

Suddenly pulling them into the house, is it to...

'But Rin is also next to her, do you want the two of us together!? This is too shameless! No, absolutely unacceptable!' Kurenai thought.


This is also an opportunity...

Rin's thoughts were also the same on the other side, as her expression and movements turned a little stiff. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Taking the Chunin exam was a mission assigned to me by Lord Hokage."

In this weird atmosphere that made the two girls afraid to speak, Feng walked towards the living room and said: "...It's not a secret mission, so it's okay if I tell you, But it's best if no one else knows."

Feng's words made Kurenai stunned.

She and Rin glanced at each other, and their eyes flashed with embarrassment as they turned their heads to the sides, and the trace of hostility faded.

After Feng saw their appearances, he couldn't help but be amused. If it is an adult setting then these girls would've already fought one another, but if it is replaced by two girls who are even not yet nine years old, then he can only describe them as cute. But then again, what the hell were the both of you two nine-year-old lolis thinking about just now?!

Feng walked to the living room, poured himself a glass of water, pointed to the refrigerator, and said, "There are milk and soda in there.. Take whatever you want to drink."

"...Uh, oh."

Hearing Feng's words, Kurenai and Rin gradually came back to their senses, both of them looked at Feng and a hint of surprise flashed in their eyes, and said: "Feng, you just said... Lord Hokage's mission?"


Feng nodded and said: "As you know, this Chunin exam would be similar to a war. The outcome may affect the negotiations between Konoha and the other villages. Even a small amount of victory would be very important, so we participants from Konoha will have to try our best and win with all our strength. I am one of the people who have been specially handpicked to take the exam."

Rin was briefly astonished when she heard these words, and said: "Are you telling us that Lord Hokage personally instructed you to apply for the early Graduation?"


Feng nodded and said helplessly: "If it weren't for this mission, I would still stay in school and continue to accompany you for the remaining few months of classes."

Kurenai was shocked and thought of something. Looked at Feng with a bit of shock, and said: "Why did Lord Hokage specifically choose you to join the Chunin exam Feng? Could it be that your strength was personally recognized by Lord Hokage himself?!"

Rin also looked at Feng with shock.

This kind of thing sounds too unbelievable. If the person who said these were not Feng, they would probably think that that person was deceiving them.


Feng smiled and said, "If I said that Kakashi would not be able to defeat me, would you believe it?"

Regarding this question, Kurenai and Rin had the same answer.


They are completely convinced regarding who was stronger between the brothers; they know that Feng was stronger than Kakashi!

Even if Feng didn't have such amazing performances during this period of time, they would still believe him a little bit, after all, seeing Feng easily defeat Hizashi, they hardly had any thoughts about Feng's strength.

Kurenai said in a slightly shocked voice: "That means all those rumors are false... but Feng, you never denied those..."

"Kakashi is my younger brother, I don't have to compete with him? Right?"

Feng smiled, and said: "What's more, if I graduated early, I won't be friends with both of you. It would be a pity."

Kurenai and Rin both nodded their heads, expressing that they agree to this point, however there was a faint blush on their cheeks.

And another thing was.

Feng received all kinds of criticisms around him everyday but he still comes to class with indifference, he was never influenced regarding all of this as he was still talking and laughing every day. The impulsive and naïve demeanor of the boys in class are simply incomparable to him. It was like Feng had no shortcomings and he has no flaws!

This is probably the feeling of falling on someone.

The two of them looked at Feng making him embarrassed, he couldn't help but cough, breaking this weird atmosphere.

In the Ninja world where the average life expectancy of people is not that high, you'd already be considered an adult starting from fifteen years of age. Such a look would just be nothing, but now in this situation, it is really dangerous to show such a look.

The degree of danger may not be inferior to Otsutsuki Kaguya.

"This, uhm that, I didn't expect to be a guest at the Hatake household this time, sorry for the intrusion." Kurenai quickly looked away and hurriedly tried to change the subject.

Rin also recovered, looking at Feng admiringly, and said, "No wonder Lord Hokage chose you to attend the Chunin exam...but you still have to be very careful. There might be strong opponents in the enemy villages.

"Don't worry, I will pay attention."

Feng responded with a smile, looked at Kurenai and said: "It was a bit rude of me to suddenly pull you guys in here hastily, but I didn't want to end up exposing my mission if I told you guys outside…"

While explaining, Feng glanced at the direction of the door calmly while smiling.

At that moment.

At the door.

Kakashi, who was about to push the door open and go in, silently retracted his hand when he heard that there was movement inside, and said: " finally stopped being a human..."

Even though he knew that Feng was very popular in the Academy, it was the first time that he actually brought home someone and it's two girls at that. After hesitating for a while, he gave up his plan to go in.

Kakashi grumbled.

He didn't quite understand Feng's behavior.

In his opinion, girls are extremely troublesome creatures, especially when doing missions, they are just dragging their team down. However, there are still people in the team who lose their minds and give up on their task just to protect these girls. And those instances almost made them fail their mission.

This happened not long ago, which caused him to have a violent argument with his teammate after the end of their mission. They almost fought but was then finally stopped by their team leader.

One girl is already so troublesome, not to mention two, it means double the trouble...but at the same time, this is also something to be admired.

At least Kakashi felt he couldn't do it.

What worries him the most is that if this situation continues to develop, he will have a lot of sister-in-laws in the future. And that would be a headache to deal with.

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