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Chapter 118 - Naruto: Time control - Chapter 118 by Gunitlo full book limited free

Chapter 118: Chapter 118

Kumogakure Front camp.

A huge number of Shinobi was in the process of preparation and collection.

The third Raikage and Dodai were standing on a large plain in front of the camp.

Dodai's plan was quite simple, he wanted to create chaos in the rear of Konoha's camp, relying on the incredible speed of the son of Raikage, and the monstrous chakra of Jinchuriki.

It is not so important whether they can ambush the strongest Shinobi Konoha, even the destruction of the usual elite team will be enough to achieve the goal, because after that Konoha will be forced to send there Tsunade or Silver Flash.

At that time.

The third Raikage will lead the Kumo forces to attack from the front, and A. B. Conby will attack the camp from the rear once he has defeated his opponent, taking Konoha by surprise and completely crushing her!

When the Raikage was thinking about this, a shinobi ran up to them and dropped to one knee.

"Reporting to Lord Raikage! Information just came in from the ambush team...Hey and Bee are facing off against Tsunade and Silver Flash, right now there's a battle going on between them!"

There was a hint of nervousness in the voice of the reporting Shinobi.

This information made Raikage and Dodai frown.

Dodai frowned and asked the shinobi, " How could Konoha send Tsunade and Silver Flash together, did they figure out our plan? The surprise attack also failed?"

The Shinobi nodded, " The specific situation isn't clear, but the surprise attack didn't seem to have any effect."

Dodai's frown deepened.

Luring and instantly destroying Konoha's elite team was the basis of his plan, and if he could kill Tsunade or Silver Flash, it would be even better.

But suddenly, Konoha decided to send such a powerful team. If a battle breaks out on the territory of the Land of Fire, of course the Konoha shinobi will provide support much faster than they do!

By this point, Killer B and A may be in a dangerous situation!

"It looks like things didn't go as we expected, Konoha is very careful."

Raikage folded his arms, remaining completely calm, " But there's no way A. B. Conby is going to lose to Silver Flash and one of the Sannins."

Dodai nodded.

He is also confident in Ei and Bi, because he is well aware of how strong they are, although Ei is no match for his father, but being the son of a Raikage and a recognized heir, he is still an extremely strong shinobi.

And Killer B is not even worth talking about, the perfect Jinchuriki, able to freely use the power of Hachibi, once he goes all out, even the Third Raikage will have to make a huge effort to suppress.

"Keep in touch!"

Dodai looked at the shinobi in charge of communications.

As soon as the information about Killer B and Eya's victory over Tsunade and Silver Flash is received, they can immediately launch a full-scale offensive!

And once A and Killer B attack from the rear, even with the Third Hokage present, Konoha will inevitably crash!

"There is!"

Shinobi accepted the order and returned to the camp.

The third Raikage looked at the numerous Shinobi running around the camp and shouted loudly, " Move faster, everyone gather!"

Phew! Phew!!

The Raikage's shout caused the Shinobi to speed up.


On the plain in front of the camp, a huge number of Shinobi gathered and quickly formed several large detachments, they were fully prepared for the upcoming battle, taking with them all the necessary equipment and consumables.

Time goes on...

Everyone was waiting for information from the ambush team.

Soon, the shinobi in charge of communications ran out of the camp.


Shinobi quickly ran up to Raikage and Dodai, but his face did not show joy or anything like that, instead he was in a nervous and anxious state, cold sweat dripping down his forehead.

"Lord Raikage! We have a problem!!"

"Hey was severely injured by Konoha's Silver Flash and lost his fighting ability, now Killer Bee is fighting alone and is in a very dangerous situation!"

This report caused the Raikage and Dodai to freeze, a moment earlier, the Raikage was already ready to give the command for a full-scale offensive.

Dodai exclaimed incredulously, " How is this possible? How could A. B. Conby lose to Silver Flash and Tsunade?!"

The power of Ey and Killer Bee cannot be questioned.

As for cooperation and mutual understanding, they have trained together for many years, and now have absolute superiority in this aspect over any shinobi, defeating A. B. Conby in a two-on-two battle is impossible!

The shinobi's body was visibly shaking: "This is the information that was passed to us. Now Killer Bee has entered an uphill battle with Silver Flash and has no way to retreat..."

Dodai clenched his fist. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Bad business!

They never considered defeating A. B. Conby, but now A. B. has lost his fighting ability and Killer B. can't retreat, it's an extremely bad situation.

Konoha most likely also received this information and has already sent a massive force to support them, they have no way to get ahead of Konoha!


The third Raikage was also extremely gloomy.

This news was too unexpected, if the real situation really matches the information received, then Killer B and A might die there!

Dodai's mind was full of thoughts, searching for a way to deal with this situation, but he couldn't think of anything, and cold sweat was running down his forehead.

At this point.

The third Raikage, who was in a terrible mood, spoke up.

"Prepare the Heavenly Transfer Technique immediately!"

"...Heavenly Transfer Technique?!"

Dodai gave a startled exclamation and visibly stiffened: "Lord Raikage! This technique is designed to deliver things and can't be used on people! The human body will simply be destroyed!!"

Raikage looked at Dodai and said resolutely, " There's no problem with that, my body is much harder than any object!"


Dodai ground his teeth and finally nodded decisively, " Yes!! Everything will be prepared in the shortest possible time!"

He couldn't find any other solution other than using the Heavenly Transfer Technique, under normal circumstances, it was simply impossible for their support to arrive before Konoha.

If the son of Raikage and Jinchuriki fall into the hands of Konoha, they will have no choice but to admit complete defeat in this war!

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