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Chapter 126 - Naruto: Time control - Chapter 126 by Gunitlo full book limited free

Chapter 126: Chapter 126

Bringing Eroiche sacrifice in exchange for peace dogs with Kumo was not endorsed and was not even discussed.

The reason for this is quite simple.

Yeruashi is a hero who killed the Third Raikage, and a student of two Sannins at once, it's hard to say about Orochimaru, but Tsunade is here now and she will definitely be against it, besides, who said that Yeruashi will be willing to sacrifice himself in exchange for winning the war?

Not everyone is ready to be a hero who sacrifices his life for the sake of peace. If Erase flatly refused, anyone who had previously supported the proposal, will deserve his negative attitude.

Nobody wanted to go against Erase.

This is a powerful shinobi who killed the strongest Raikage in history, not an inexperienced eleven-year-old boy!

In the course of further discussion, no new strategies were devised, because Kumo decided to disperse their forces and not engage in a full-scale clash with Konoha, in the current situation, it was difficult for them to do anything about it.

Yeruashi is incredibly strong, he can kill the Third Raikage and maybe even fight a thousand enemies, but he is only one person, and the Kumo forces did not suffer too many losses, they still have almost ten thousand Shinobi on their side, and the territories of the Country of Lightning and the Country of Fire are too large.

Not to mention almost ten thousand shinobi.

If it is ten thousand pigs scattered over a large area, it will take a considerable amount of time to catch them.

It was the same in the two previous wars, none of the five Great Villages were completely crushed and destroyed, because everyone is well aware that as soon as one of the parties refuses to face a head-on collision and decides to disperse their forces, the attacking side will inevitably get bogged down in the swamp of war, it will be a bottomless pit, daily consuming a huge amount of resources and


A few days later, the news that Yeruashi had killed the Third Raikage finally spread through the shinobi world.

If earlier, killing Chiyo, Yeruashi just made a noise and became famous in the world of shinobi, now he struck terror into the hearts of many Shinobi around the world!

This is the Third Raikage Kumogakure!

Of course, Chiyo is recognized and widely known throughout the world of shinobi, but the status of shinobi who have the title of Kage is on a completely different level, there are only five people in the entire world of shinobi who bear this title!

In the eyes of the entire world, these five people are the strongest Shinobi standing at the very peak!

And now.

The third Raikage was killed by Konoha's Silver Flash!

Whether it was the Third Tsuchikage Oonoki, or the Third Mizukage, they all felt a strong shock. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Oonoki was one of the first to notice Yeruashi, but he never thought that this kid would grow to such an extent in such a short period of time!

He has already surpassed the White Fang of Konoha!

Oonoki couldn't help but feel a lot of pressure, watching the appearance of such a powerful shinobi on Konoha's side, fortunately, Kumo didn't give up on continuing the war because of the death of the Third Raikage, otherwise it would have been the end.

In the end.

Almost all the major villages, including Iwagakure and Sunagakure, simultaneously issued an almost identical order.

No matter what mission you are on, in the event of a collision with Konoha's Silver Flash, you have every right to immediately abandon the mission and run away!

With the issuance of this order.

The name of Konoha's Silver Flash shocked the entire world and struck terror into the hearts of countless shinobi!


Somewhere under the ground.

A thin old man with white hair and a wrinkled face is sitting on a chair, one hand resting on his chin, and his eyes are fixed on the ground, as if he is thinking about something.

Attached to its back is a strange tube, the other end of which hides in the dark depths of the cave, connecting with a huge monster that looks incredibly frightening and terrible.

That old man was...

Uchiha Madara!

Behind-the-scenes boss of the Naruto world and a lover of a good dance.

He may not be the strongest being in the world of Naruto, and he does not dominate all the events behind the scenes, but according to Yeruashi, Madara certainly deserves the title of King of the Shinobi dance world!

Something like his words "I, Madara, name you the strongest!" or the Dance of the greatest shinobi is definitely a Naruto classic!


The figure of a White Zetsu slid out of the ground, appearing in front of Madara.

"There is something that deserves your attention."

"That kid Hatake of Erase, I mentioned earlier days killed Third Raikage..."

A light flashed in the depths of Madara's eyes: "That kid again? At the age of ten, he was able to kill one of the Kage?"

"No, he seems to be eleven years old now."

White Zetsu shook his head.

Madara thought for a few seconds and said: "Specific conclusions?"

To kill one of the Kage at such a young age without being a Jinchuriki, even to Madara it seemed incredible and raised questions, he and Hashirama certainly weren't that strong at that age.

"Concrete seems that this guy has the ability to accelerate the growth of the body, he does not look at all like an eleven-year-old, but rather looks like fourteen or fifteen years old."

"Although he's not very good at perception, but I didn't dare to get too close. Based on the data obtained, it can be concluded that he has the ability to influence the flow rate of his time."

Hearing this, Madara narrowed his eyes slightly and said, " Changing the speed of the time stream? Hmm, this is an extremely rare ability."

White Zetsu spread his hands, " This is just my guess, there is no confirmation yet, but the probability is very high."

"Then it makes sense."

Madara said thoughtfully: "The ability to influence the speed of time flow can speed up the growth of the body, but even so, this kid is pretty good, if nothing unexpected happens, this scene will belong to him."

White Zetsu said slowly, " Should we do something?""

"Don't pay attention to him."

Madara shook his head, leaned back in his chair and said indifferently: "Since there is such a shinobi, then let this era belong to him."

In the world from time to time there are some special and very strong Shinobi, as, for example, shortly before the beginning of his era with Hashirama, as well as there are various historical records of the mighty Shinobi who dominated the world, even before the Era of the Warring States.

Yeruashi must be one of those shinobi, but he doesn't belong to the Uchiha clan and won't be able to read the stone tablet left by Rikudo, knowing the truth of this world, after all, no matter how strong this guy is, he remains a mere mortal.

There's nothing to worry about.

No matter even if Erase will unite the whole shinobi world.

As long as everything goes according to plan, he will resurrect and take this world into his own hands.

"What about that guy from the Uchiha clan?"

Madara stopped thinking about Erase and turned to the White Zetsu.

Zetsu shook his head, " No major changes, he's still incredibly stupid and naive...perhaps you should choose a more suitable target?"


Madara said confidently: "All the kindness and love for the world that is in his heart will turn into strength and hatred, after realizing the cruelty and ruthlessness of this world."

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