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Naruto: Time Traveler Naruto: Time Traveler original

Naruto: Time Traveler

Author: Sycore_w

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Chapter 1: Choice

[Congratulations! You are chosen for reincarnation in to the world of Naruto! Please, distribute your points by selecting your bonuses and start your new life] 

'How long I'm looking on this text in front of me, for hours or maybe for years? I have no idea.' 

I'm currently in a black empty space and the only visible thing here is that text in front of me and a button 'Begin' at the bottom of it. I'm not in a hurry to press that button and just trying to figure out where am I and what happened to me. 

I'm just an ordinary guy with a normal life who likes to play video games and watch anime and works an ordinary job as a software developer in a small company. 

'What happened to me and why am I here, and where is this 'here' exactly?' 

'Well, if what is written in that text is true, it looks like I died, but I don't remember how it actually happened. One moment I just go through my usual Monday and the next moment I'm here, staring on the text in front of me…' 

'And what's with that 'world of Naruto' stuff, huh? Isn't it just a fictional story from anime? Why am I reincarnating in that world? Why exactly does it have to be the Naruto world? If I'm going to reincarnate in a fictional world – I want it to be a world of fantasy and magic! Not a dark and cruel world of shinobi where if you live up to 25 years old and not die – it's a huge achievement!' 

'Just damn my luck! In that world is so many crazy and powerful people that I have to worry about, like Orochimaru, Danzo, Akatsuki and Otsutsuki clan on top of that! And if this is not enough, the majority of shinobi is divided among 5 major villages where everyone's biggest desire is to destroy all other villages, and in this crazy madness I'm going to start my new life? Just great!' 

'Well, it might've been worse. It might've been an insufferable world of cultivators with huge bloodshed on every step in an endless ladder to the havens with no end, where one mistake and you are in an eternity of suffering inside of some demonic cultivator's artifact that collects souls… No thank you!' 

After spending an unknown amount of time in a black empty space without any sense of time or directions at all, thinking about my life that can be called 'the previous life' from now on as it seems like, I finally came to a conclusion that there is no point stalling anymore because I can't figure out anything just by staring on a text and doing nothing. 

The moment I wanted to press a button the old text was replaced with a window that seemed like a typical interface in a RPG video game for a character creation, with tabs, buttons and stuff. 

[You have 1000 free points] 

'Seems like I can spend points by pick bonuses, changing my next life's background, starting point and other things like that' 

By default, its states that I will start as 4 years old civilian orphan in Konoha, right after Naruto's birth. My shinobi talent that includes all shinobi aspects will be average, nature transformation affinity will be random, and that's all about it. 

I can change anything by spending points. 

I can change the starting point in time to start some years before or after the Naruto's birth with the cost of 50 points for each year, with that I can start a 4 years after the Naruto's birth with the cost of 200 points to be the same age as him and probably attend the academy in the same class as him. 

'Well, that idea is great but spending 20% of total available points by decreasing my time before shit hits the fan by 4 years is not so great in my opinion. But the idea of spending all points for pushing my starting point to the 20 years in to the future after the Naruto's birth is interesting, that way I can skip all the trouble about original plot of Naruto series!' 

'The problem with that is that I will not get any bonuses that way and also, I don't know anything about the Boruto plot as I didn't watched that crap, who knows, maybe there is even more trouble. So, I'm not moving my starting time point for time being.' 

By spending 100 points I can change the village I will start in, but there is no sense in doing that. 

Also, I can spend points to start as a clan member instead of being just a civilian. The prices are: 

[Uchiha – 500; 

Senju – 400; 

Uzumaki – 400; 

Hyuga main/branch family – 400/200; 

Inuzuka – 200; 

Aburame – 200; 


It seems like the stronger the bloodline the bigger the price. 

'Picking Uchiha clan is tempting but there are too much problems with that, like Uchiha massacre and Danzo with Orochimaru are after them if I somehow survive the massacre, so no thanks! Senju is good but they are also hunted, Uzumaki is looking good, but who knows what plot-twists it may trigger if I'm to be the only other Uzumaki besides Naruto himself, maybe I will return to that choice after checking all that on the table.' 

'There is also Hyuga, but becoming Hyuga, even if main family might become too restricting for me, as I remember, they have a lot of strict clan policies. Other clans are not that interesting.' 

There are choices for shinobi talent in general, that are includes chakra reserves and control, talent with weapons, taijutsu, ninjutsu, genjutsu etc.: 

[Good talent – 200; Great – 500; Best – 1000] 

'That is important thing, I should pick good shinobi talent for 200 at the very least, and that left me 800 points to spend for other things, if there is no better stuff for spend, I will return here and get more expensive option.' 

[Elemental nature transformation affinity – one random by default; 

Pick 1 – 100 points; 

Pick 2 – 200 points; 

Pick 3 – 300 points; 

Pick 4 – 400 points; 

Affinity with all 5 basic elements – 500] 

'That's a difficult choice here! Picking 1 out of 5 is a waste, it not going to make me stronger as I already will have one at random. Picking 2 out of 5 is interesting, Fire and Wind is a good combination, Water and Earth also should be great, Lightning is cool, but I don't know with which element it will make good combination. I will return to this choice later.' 

The last option to spend points is bonuses. There is a large list of bonuses to pick. There is a unawaken bloodlines that needs to be awoken somehow in the future, where the Uchiha bloodline cost 400, and others cost also slightly lower than choosing to become the clan member that will have it naturally. 

'If price only slightly lower it seems that awakening it will be easy and I also can hide it well from others and survive all the Uchiha clan troubles that way, that is a great option that I'm inclining to pick already! Regretful, but it seems like I can't pick two sleeping bloodlines that way, and I can't choose to be part of one clan and pick a sleeping bloodline of another, that might've been an OP to combine Senju and Uchiha bloodlines that way…' 

Among the long list of bonuses to pick – there is also special affinities: 

[Yin – 100; Yang – 100; Space-time – 200; Natural energy – 400; …] 

'Space-time affinity costs 200, as I remember there's one cool Space technic for teleportation that Minato used, called Flying Thunder God. Mastering it for myself would be nice, with that I'll be able to teleport everywhere in an instant, what a good ability to have in a crazy world of killers!' 

'Well, that choice is giving me a headache! It seems that without picking Yin – practicing genjutsu will be harder; Yang probably related to medical jutsu; without spending 200 on Space-time - mastering Flying Thunder God technic might be difficult or even impossible to master, damn. And the Natural energy, If I don't spend 400 on it will I still be able to master the Sage mode?' 

'The more I look at all of the options the more depressed I feel… Where is my cheat OP ability that all reincarnates in novels get? I want that, and not just a good talent and the ability to learn teleportation and sage mod somewhere in the future! Or just a best talent with one random elemental affinity on top with possible inability to learn teleportation and Sage mod in the future!' 

'All this choices is full of compromises and hurt my inner perfectionism!' 



'Found it!' 

And there it is, at the end of the long list of options there is some interesting and expensive unique items: 

[Space control ability – 1000; Time control ability – 1000] 

'Well, that might be it, the OP cheat I wanted! But will I gamble everything and choose one of those 1k abilities? I probably will! The problem is that it will cost everything, and I can't back it up with additional talent on top.' 

'First things first, I need to think about what I even wanted to do in the next life in Naruto world.' 

'If I just want to become strong and eventually secure my place in the new world to not fear to be killed by someone, then the best choice will probably be to get great talent for 500, space-time affinity for 200 and something on top like some unawaken bloodline or additional affinities' 

'But is it what I wanted and there is nothing more? If so, I will have a good chances to survive and eventually rise to the top, but if I do so, I will always be curious and regretful about that space and time control abilities!' 

'Based on the price of these abilities – they should be very OP, I can't just ignore them. If they are what I think they are – they can allow me to cheat my way to the top or let me become strong just by having them. But if I'm wrong and they not that great then it's just a game over for me, with average talent and no other bonuses my new life as a shinobi will be hard and most probably not very long.' 

'Well, I have the knowledge of the Naruto's plot, but without power to rely on I doubt I will able to utilize it to my advantage, at most I will able to try to avoid the biggest dangers, nothing more than that.' 

'With the knowledge about some techniques and practices I will able to improve my strength to some degree and will not fall behind other shinobi my age, but becoming as good as someone like Itachi or Kakashi with average talent and nothing else will be impossible.' 

'But even if that's a huge gamble I just can't let it pass!' 

'Well then, if I need to pick one of them, let's think which one. Space control sounds great and OP, it will probably allow me to escape any dangerous situation or even deal with any strong opponent and rise me to the top just by having it, but… If Time control will allow me to travel back and forth in time – it will be completely broken and much more interesting, even if it will not make me stronger directly!' 

'What I want from my new life is to survive and become strong, that much is a very least that I should achieve. But is that's all that is there for me to do? If so, then picking a talent and maybe some sleeping bloodline, or affinities will be the safest bet to do so.' 

'In my previous life there is no chakra, magic or anything like that, and the greatest and coolest thing I was able to achieve there is probably making a lot of money or become famous or something like that, but I never wanted something like that and always doing only what needed to be done to live a good and comfortable life, nothing more.' 

'But now that fundamental thing is going to change. It's a world with chakra, where a lot of crazy stuff is possible!' 

'Like becoming immortal, exploring the space outside of the planet, discovering all the mysteries there is about chakra and nature energy, or maybe even travel to other worlds? I somehow doubt that picking the talent that boosts the chakra capacity/control and ability to perform jutsu with some bloodline on top is enough for that, I want more than that!' 

'I definitely need some broken OP cheat for that, and Time control ability seems just like one!' 

'Starting just with Time control ability without any other bonuses and stuff probably will be hard, but I believe in the end it might grant me the most value of the points spent!' 

With those thoughts I canceled all the earlier choices, freeing all the points and spent all of them on Time control ability. With that is done there is nothing more I can do with 0 points left, so I just wished to confirm my choice and start my new life, and with that thought everything goes dark. 

'I wish I'm not making a huge mistake with that choice…' My last thought before I lost conscience. 


When the place once again becomes desolate, a sinister laughter can be heard, who knows what is the owner of that voice was... 


[AN: Well, what do you think about this so far? It's my first work and writing first few chapters was harder than I thought it would be, for example the first 2 chapters were rewritten completely multiple times until it becomes what I want from it. 

I also might've skipped the whole process of choosing ability and just gave MC the Time control, but I wanted to make it more entertaining. Well, what would you choose in that situation? Please let me know in the comments. 

And MC will still be able to master Hiraishin and sage mod so don't worry. Those additional affinities would've just given MC a huge boost, that's all.] 

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