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60% Naruto Uzumaki- Unforgotten Legacy / Chapter 5: Learning of the Uzumaki clan 02

Learning of the Uzumaki clan 02 - Naruto Uzumaki- Unforgotten Legacy - Chapter 5 by Black_Sun_5533 full book limited free

Chapter 5: Learning of the Uzumaki clan 02

It's been one year since I met Lee and learnt of my heritage(part of it ,doesn't know the whole thing though) and I was determined to find out more about it. I found the secret section of the Shinobi part about days of endless waiting and stake outs waiting for ninjas to come and go through the sections but alas this place isn't he most popular with people , after almost giving up I saw a genin by his height lack of vest and a headband being guided throught the hidden section.

(*Flashback*) no jutsu Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

I was ecstatic, on finding it out now the only problem was how to get in myself , the problem wasn't that it was guarded no it was actually a sort of chakra lock in which people with the specific amount of chakra would pass in. That led to problems , I haven't released or unlocked mine yet. So with Lee he went for information gathering and we found out how to do it . I went back to the forest and meditated , it was hard at first due to the chirping of birds and the wind willowing around me also I was a stamina freak, maybe that was a part of me being an Uzumaki. I inwardly smiled.

I decided to do it In a different approach, I sat in a lotus position and instead concerntrated on the nature around me, that brought me peace as I now went deep within , after what felt like a century I finally found my pool of chakra. It wasn't as I had expected honestly it was an ocean that flowed softly, I felt as thought it had been waiting for me to arrive for me to meet it, through it I could see it had a red purple hue. It was warm and I felt as though it was alive in some way, guess I would ponder in that later on. Now I had to unlock it ,which was easy, all I had to do was guide it to the mouths of the river like veins which honestly were all around me.

Immediately I felt as though something missing was put in place . I felt ecstsy, I felt powerful and rejuvenated I opened my eyes to find out I was bathed in my own chakra which was actually amazing .it wasn't like how they described it to be , being Plain blue,no it a myriad of colours , azure blue with a hue of amethyst and also a bit of black which was Abit concerning but I didn't feel hurt at all. From what I know ninja can't see their chakra unless they are releasing it for a long time or using chakra only based techniques.

I don't feel tired at all, I could still see chakra around be like an Aura of a flame, and my reserves weren't even half yet still three quater full. I could sense every living being strong me mostly animals due to their low chakra reserves, but looking more closet I felt some one else, a person he had huge chakra reserves, as I turned from where I was standing to look at a tree further up in the distance I still felt him until he disappeared.

"Huh, so I was a sensor ,"I said that to myself. I stopped exerting chakra from my body and it seemed to work as I stopped.i felt as though I had eyes at the back and all around me, because for one I didn't have to do anything , but I could still sense all around me, I wonder if this was how it felt like to have the byakugan.yes I read about the clans in Konaha which are surprisingly many .

Turns out I'm a natural sensor from what I could tell.and after that I have been practising my sneaking skills, by running in dry leaves and trying really trying not to make any sound ,(this was my own training which I invented) it was hard as hell, after three months I tried using chakra by flowing it through my feet, it was hard manipulating it as it was chaotic like a stormy sea and it's hard trying to tame seas, (unless you are Susanoo).

I was able to learn how to do it , but i still needed time to learn how to adapt to not create sounds while walking, sometimes that frightened me more that I would want to believe. Next was stealing I'm the market districts ,one for food and the other for training. Things never went as expected honestly , there were times i crossed the wrong guy and almost got my bones broken, I found out that day I had an insane healing ability that even didn't leave scars. I added that to the things my clan had as a kekki genkai.

Luckily I was able to adapt from stealing in rainy days to also bright sunny days , morning and night fall.Everything went well, I already had abnormal speed and strength as well as a sturdy body even though I was skinny but the healthy kind. Now after those sessions of learning and also escaping the Uchiha police whenever I almost got caught due to things I never did.(that would be not running fast enough)

From whatever clan I came from I could tell they were powerful as I was as fast as chuunins , even faster in my best days and my senses were greater than the norm having acute hearing to even differentiating scents if people.i was just lucky my vision didn't change and I could still see colors .

Lee already started the Academy and things never went well for him as he had undeveloped chakra coils hence couldn't use chakra outwardly like ninjutsu, but that actually never made him despair as he focused solely on taijutsu, he did become the most proficient at hand to hand combat in his class, except for a Hyuuga whom was also powerful in his own as well, from that he gained a rival and also a guidance or a guardian by a man of the name Maito Gai, the green beast of Konaha,turns out he is the most powerful taijutsu user known .

I would be drowning in jealousy to have someone to train me but honestly I didn't , I lost faith in humanity long ago, living seeing the worst part of humanity makes you desensitized to trying and seeing them in a positive light.

"Foosh," a looming shadow descended last me, I don't try to run or panic , once the shadow like creature landed nest to me or on my shoulder it was revealed to be a Raven, it had black feathers resembling the night sky with a purple hue around it's feathers which made it look majestic it also had three legs, it was a shocker at first , honestly 's I thought it ,would snatch up my soul and present it to Shinigami.

Abit of research helps when finding out that s mythogical creature favors you and that you are blessed by death.It said to guide souls to the after life I wouldn't have believed it but some situations need one to believe lest lose sanity.

I named it kuro, due to it being black. At first it was against it by the behavioral pattern and the noised which it made but later on it just gave up on the naming thing. Oddly I could understand it . Not in a language similar to which I understand but what it means as it 'talks ' I guess.And from our time together I named him Murasame oddly it fitted him, with his bloody red eyes that seemed to linger and stare through my soul

He would at times go on his ways and return later whenever he felt like him, honestly I didn't know the gender yet.

(Flashback no jutsu Kai)

I was now in front of the library time to do a bit of infiltration. I smiled joyously beging my red scarf that still hid my whiskers. I decided to keep the look ja in grown to it as well as the hoodie. It was about twilight hours , I walked, no more like glided running but not at the same time as I masked the sound coming from my feet. I reached the entrance , I crouched and crawled on the floor, lucky me the librarian was more interested in looking at the ceiling , maybe she was asleep, or croaked .(smiles evily)" No bad Naruto bad, that's for later!" I reprimanded myself.

Stage one successful, now for the next step, I went to -01 lane and searched for the hidden compartment which was suppose to be an ordinary scroll but with the lead insignia overshadowing the fire symbol which to my guess was the will of fire.

It was harder to find honestly , but I got it . I stayed stationary waiting or trying to listen to any noice but none , my instincts were quiet, so green all the way . I took the scroll away from it s compartment and returned it again. I didn't know how it's mechanism worked but that's what happened. After nothing happened like opening of trap doors I thought I made a blunder. I thought back to the day I saw the old lady doing this and I remembered one small observation I foresaw . Blue mist. At first I thought I was just seeing my own things but turns out by then I was still ignorant to what was happening.

I had to channel huge amounts of chakra to it for it to open that would explain it having being able to see it clearly. I quickly took the scroll back to my grasp and then returned it back to it's compartment but not before releasing my hold on it as I channeled chakra to the scroll. I had to hold back as it came it gushes like a waterfall.

Having compared my chakra capacity to others I realised I have huge amounts of chakra. Just estimating mine with others made my confidence boost go up a few notches. I also realised I have another chakra source one that was red like anything I've seen and it was like comparing an ocean to a cup of water. That second source actually made me lose lots of sleep trying to figure it out .

Back to the situation , unlike others who had to pull their chakra to travel through their veins to specific body parts , maybe was like a waterfall where by I had to restrain it from flowing out and creating problems for me.

Once I stopped the flow , or in this case restrained it, I had a small click which would've gone unnoticed of not for my senses being insanely up a few notches that others. The floor caved in and a flight of stairs made way descending down the pit which I knew nothing about on the other honestly looked intimidating, but living I a forest where upon during the night time comes I've seen worse and experienced it. I descended slowly, I could still sense the librarian in her position still seated. Lucky me. The trap door closed in on itself and I was left in the dark, if not for my night vision is have panicked.

I walked , I had already arrived till three no way I'm giving in. Determination was etched in my face as I descended down .

Black_Sun_5533 Black_Sun_5533

From this on point Naruto will learn more about Uzumaki lineage and stuff about their clan , later on I believe I will introduce Sandaime , as well as Naruto meeting kyuubi I believe they should've meet earlier but nothing we can do about it now can we.

As he will also be forced to go to the academy., You'll know why I said forced and not him wanting/willingly


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