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The Party - Neo's Adventure - Chapter 49 by NeoSG full book limited free

Chapter 49: The Party

(A/N = What should you think Marina's Sacred Gear should be? I'm choosing one from the Highschool DxD Fanon wiki. I have made some choices there but I need to... lower them down a little fr the op stuff... I don't want any too OP sacred gears... Maybe give it debuff? or a side efffect? )

[The Next Day] (POV Shizuku)

Is it time? Is he finally going to get healed? Can Asia heal him? No. She can't we asked her to try yesterday. She can't heal souls. We can split the body again for Hashi but that is not the problem. The problem is the soul not the body.

My disappointment was immeasurable and my day was ruined. I really thought we could cheat this... The only thing we can do now is to go to the Vampire Clan and find the Sephiroth Graal.

Butthe thing is there is a good news and a bad one. The good news is I know who we can get it from and someone to help us. The bad news is I didn't read the light novel. I only know about ExE and those healing sacred gears from some fanfiction that I read. I didn't go to far because none of them went to ExE yet.

Why? One of the ExE gods did a 360 no scope and one shotted Great Red with MLG sound effects in the background. No, but seriously they killed him one shot. That is the only thing I knew about the future volumes.


We need to leave after this... because we can't fight them... Maybe if we went to some more worlds, we could get stronger but DxD would have a time limit. I don't know anything about when they will come or how strong they are but one skill = Great Red.

So were fuck.. I don't know why did people choose this world... Some even killed Issei who is suppose to be the link to everything that happen in the story.. Oh shit... Am I doing the same..? No... Let's just hope it won't happen, Amen.

"Come on Shizu! We're going to be late! Wear this dress!" I heard Marina said in the background. I look at the dress and frowned, "Are you joking? I like cosplaying and stuff but I won't and you will not make me use that in public."

Seriously! What the hell is this?! My boobs are huge and you want me to use a dress with open shoulders?! And use high heels?! Just give me the damn sweater and be done with it woman!

"Hah?! This is literally just the same thing you wear at your cosplays!" "But I still have some manly pride to not use it in public! People will stare!" "You stare at your own damn pictures! Now stop being a baby and use it!" "Can I just pick another one?!"

"Fine! It's all in this bundle of dresses!" She sighed frustratingly and left with a dress. I sighed and looked at the dresses. Kayama already chose and is waiting outside. He already felt comfortable with it.

"Grr.. Why is white dresses look like wedding dresses?! Fuck! I wanted to match the colors!" I look at all the options in the closet. "How long is the party starting!"

"A few more hours! But we need to at least get ready and be there!" I facepalm,"What?! Few hours?! Why the hell did you tell us to wear now?!"

"Because of you! I knew you are going to take a long time choosing the damn dress! So take your time but not to long!!" I sighed and look back att my options. 'Why does this woman have so many dresses. And the dresses Sirzech gave us to choose...

[45 minutes later]

'FUCK!! WHY IS ALL THIS DRESS HAVE OPEN CHESTS WINDOWS!!! MY DAMN CHEST IS FUCKING BIG!! I'M SCARED THEY WOULD JUST WENT OUT BECAUSE OF MY CARELESSNESS!!' I look at the choices... I chose red because Kayama chose blue and Marina chose light blue and we don't have another blue that fits me...

"You know what fuck it! This is a softcore hentaiworld of course the dresses are sexy! innie minnie minnie mo!" I pointed at the red dress. My face winced and became normal again. "Just think like Kayama. I can do kicks and punch without getting blocked by anything... I can run too... perfect... Haaa..."

[After a while]

'Is this how you use it? Why is there so many accesories I need to use... Boys can just use a tuxedo and be done with it...' I look at the mirror and shook my head. "Something's missing..."

I look around and sees a flower hair pin. I used it and looked again. "Perfect, although if I can change my hair color back to black it would be perfect. Marina! I'm done!" I went outside and saw Marina who is playing my phone and Kayama who is training his chakra.

They looked at my outfit and nooded, "Nice, good looking and fiery. Better if you have black hair." "Great job. Looks sexy and great for fighting without getting disrupted."

I smiled and gave them a thumbs up, "Kayama, you looks like Weiss but older and Marina, if you had black hair you would look like those chinese manhua girls."

I looked at the time and onlyan hour left before the party started. "Alright everyone, let's go to the ORC." Went to the ORC by walking... I'm still trying t get use to walking on heels...

'Ow... Ow.. That hurts... slowly... watch out for the gaps...' I thought while walking to the ORC. I fell... too many times... I'm very pathetic... Those damn traps everywhere on the sidewalk...

I finally went inside the damn room, 'FINALLY! I made it without the help of chakra! and my ghoul powers!! just raw human POWAH!!' I sat on the sofa and took my heels off. I waited for the rest to come which is Issei and Asia.

[50 Minutes later]

"Alright! It's going to start soon so let's go there early.." Rias said as the floor light up red and a magic circle appeared. *SHINE* And then I found myself in a lobby filled with other high-class devils.

"Hmm... So? Where's the party?" I ask Rias. She pointed at a big building with a phoenix logo. "Right there. We should go now." with that they opened their wings and fly... "I can't fly you shit heads."

They stopped and went back to carry us to the building. 'Really need to learn magic. I think I could go and find some magicians to teach me how to use magic. Yeah, they're not as good as maguses. So I should be fine.'

We finally arrived at the landing spot for the devils that flew here. "Let's go." I said as I went inside with the others. This is less than what I imagined. I mean there is food and all that...

I see other high-class devils that we are suppose to meet in the future. And.. there he is Sirzech Lucifer. "Yo, Sirzech!" He looked at us and smiled, "Oh! Hello, you're finally here."

"Yes, we are. Now what are we suppose to do here?" He shrugged, "Just have fun. Go talk with other devils or something. There is literally nothing planned except for a celebration of Rias' win."

"Hn, okay." I went to Kayama and Marina who said they wanted to meet someone they saw before. "But... who am I suppose to meet..." "Hey you there!" I look to where I heard the voice and found someone that I am not familiar with.

"Hello! Are you the one who trained Rias' peerage members? Are you smart? What are your talents?" She just started shooting questions in highspeeds. I gave her a wry smile, "Uh.. You need to go slower.. What's your name?"

"Ah! Sorry, when I meet someone new, I can meet I can be very energetic.i'm usually not this energetic. My name is Aziraphale Belphegor, the heiress of the Belphegor Household. Our household represents the sin of Sloth."

"Sloth? You don't look like a devil of Sloth?" She nodded and smiled wryly, "I know... I'm the weird one in the family... I am a devil of Sloth but mostly in things I don't like to do. Like for example if I were force to do my homework, I become someone too lazy to do it. But if it's something I like to do, I can become someone very energetic."

I nodded, "Okay, that's cool. My name is Shizu Marisa. And yes, I am one of the people that train Rias' peerage nice to meet you, Aziraphale." She smiled and we started talking about stuff related to how I train them and the magic she uses.

She is a young girl with pale skin and a constantly-sleepy look but now she has an energetic look with stars in her eyes. She has long messy white hair with pale-blue and pink. She also has large orange-colored eyes with golden flakes around the irises.

She is the smartest devil in her household and is a friend of a high ranking Grigori member. I was shock when I heard that. I guess some devils like her have other connections.

She wanted me to help her in some stuff because if I can make Rias' peerage members that strong in a week she also wants to know if I could help her in making something.

We agreed to meet tommorow at 8:00 A.M. in her laboratory. She is a fun girl, really nice. She looks like a 13 year old girl but she is as old as me. Not only that she also is very similar to Azazel. They would be best friends if they meet together.

(POV Kayama)

"Hoh... You're strong." I said to the big guy in a suit. He was also analyzing my power while drinking some wine. "You too. My name is Sairorg Bael. Thank you for helping my cousin."

"No problem my little sister was the one who wanted it. You are strong but I don't feel any Power of Destruction in you even though your a Bael." Because of my comment, his face slightly became angry before going back to normal but his fists are still clenched. "I don't need it to be strong."

"Hn. That is true. People like Rias tends to overuse it's ability. You're good." We stare for a moment and smiled, "Want to spar?" I shook my head, "Not in this dress. Although, I want to see how strong I am against you but now is not the time."

He nodded, "You could still fight with that dress... It's not even a ballroom dress.. it's a battle dress." I nodded, "It would be perfect if someone wanted to ambush us. I could fight normally without getting disrupted by my own dress."

We talked about our fighting styles and when we should fight. We came to a conclusion that we both have too much things to do this week and the week later. So we decided to postpone the match until we are free.

(POV Marina)

I wanted to meet someone who could feel my presence even when I have erased them. Because I want to learn from them. So far the only people I know who could sense my presence when I hid it was Ophis, Kayama and Sirzech. But for aura and scent, no one has ever caught me.

Shizu could do the same but he is not as good as Kayama. I'm walking around the place going near devils but they didn't react to me. 'No one is good... Haa... I guess it was good to be true...'

I stopped going everywhere and just grabbed some wine. "Oi, are you some kind of spy? Because your presence is hidden." My instinct and myself was scared shitless. "Gah! What the he-?!" His hand blocked my mouth.

"Shush, you're too loud. Now answer me are you an enemy?" Black things came out of his fingers and went into my body. "No, I'm not an enemy of the underworld." 'What the hell?! Why am I answering?!'

"Then who are you?" "My name is Neo Marina. People call me Marina. I am here because I am invited by Sirzech Lucifer for helping her sister's peerage in training." 'WHAT THE FUCK!? HE THAT IS NOT ME! IS HE CONTROLLING ME?!'

"Why did you erase your presence?" "Because I'm trying to find someone strong. Someone who could teach me to be stronger." 'Ugh... This is getting annoying.'

"Why? Why would you want to be stronger?" "I want to kill the people who killed my race and my family. I want to kill them all but I'm still too weak to do it." 'No! Why would you say that?!'

"Hmm.. Good answer. All the ones that participated in the Nekoshou Massacre is already killed or went to the Old Satan Faction. My name is Calico Dantalion. My wife was also killed by the Old Satan Faction."

"So.. your the same..." He nodded, "Many devils' family members died when the civil war happened. So now the ones that survive wants to eliminate them from existence. They even made a group called Old Satan Eliminators."

"Are you with them?" He shook his head, "No, although I want to go and kill them all for killing my wife. I still have a daughter to raise. So I hope you can get your revenge."

He wanted to leave but I stopped him, "Wait! Can you teach me how to be stronger? You could sense my presence when I erased it. It means your very strong right?"

He looked at me and sighed, "Look kid, I'm only here because I felt someone erasing their presence, I don't train people. I'm just a father that is helping her daughter to grow."

"But-" "No buts. You can ask someone else to do it. I need to find my daughter." With that he left. 'Dammit! There is finally someone who could sense me hiding my presence. Well... Only presence... I didn't erase my aura or scent.

But it's still impressive. "Haaa... dammit I'm just going to get a drink..." I went to the tables and grabbed myself some wine.

(POV Shizuku)

Being a girl has many advantages and disadvatages.I could be friend lots of girls that won't make me look like a flirty boy and they would be more confortable. They won't be uncomfortable and would not have any romance brewing for me.

The bad thing is... As a beautiful femlae I am wanted.. Right now I am surrounded by high-class devils.. some even tried to seduce me, 'Fucking hell... Are boys this annoying?! Am I this annoying before?! No... Definetly not.'

I look around and found Rias a few meters away, "Hey Rias!" I left the boys and went to Rias. 'Safe!' "Rias! When is the party over?" She looked at the clock andsays, "In an hour. Though you can leave sooner."

I smiled, "Great! I should go back with the others I don't want to make the fallens lonely thinking we are kidnap or something." 'Great Excuse!' Rias nodded, "Sure, there is a magic circle outside that makes you go to the human world."

"Thanks, I'm going to get the duo and go back home." I went to find the othersand found Kayama talking with Sairorg and another person. I went to him and whispered, "Kayama! Let's go back. I'm getting seduce dammit!"

He laughed, "Hahaha!! You getting seduced?! That's the funniest shit I've ever seen! Can't wait to tell MaWang about this. Sorry Kuisha and Sairorg I need to go." He smiled, "No it's fine you can meet us again in the future bye."

We left them to find Marina drunk with someone creepy looking. "He's going to take advantage of her! Beat the crap out of him!" We ran to the guy and beat his ass to the floor. "Get fuck, you asshole!" "Creepy fat ass bastard!"

"Come on grab Marina and leave." Kayama carried her like a suit case and we left the Underworld. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-adventure_20527970405151705/the-party_55497356128342459">;s-adventure_20527970405151705/the-party_55497356128342459</a> for visiting.

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