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Chapter 38: Chapter 38

When she put on the pair of boots, her energy and strength increased - especially her speed.

Looking at Choko and the others, Nero asked, "Are we going back now?"

"Yes, we better do that." Agreeing, Jana said, "We killed many monsters and acquired a good number of monster cores. If we use them, we'll level up and it'll be easier for us to come back and explore the third floor of the dungeon."

None of them objected, so they started down the stairs on the second floor of the dungeon, heading towards the first floor.

As they walked, they already reached the exit of the dungeon.

'Who is this girl? Is she new in town? Mm, she is beautiful!' The guard at the entrance to the dungeon thought.

He was not the guard who was stationed there in the morning. After all, it was already night and the other guard changed his shift.

"Good night. Be careful on the way back." The dungeon guard tried to act as professionally as possible.

"En. Good night." Choko and her group nodded as they passed the guard.

The sky was pitch black, even darker than it was inside the dungeon. The cold night wind made Choko shiver slightly.

Seeing this, Nero took off her overcoat and placed it over Choko's shoulders. "Choko, you are shaking."


After a moment of silence, Choko smiled sheepishly. "Thank you."

While Nero and her group walked through the city streets, onlookers commented.

"... Wow! Oh my!"

"What a beautiful girl!"

"What a body!"

"An angel? No! She is a goddess!"


"You bastard, look ahead! Didn't you see me here?"

"Am I to blame? Look over there!"

"What's there?"

"Hey, your nose is bleeding!"



- North of the Nan Empire - Fisheries Island -

It's been a few days since Eliane discovered that her sister managed to escape the laboratory.

Eliane threw the document in her hands on the table, a cold sparkle in her eyes.

A long time had passed. Her sister Nera disappeared into thin air and did not appear again.

At her command, Eliane dispatched her best marine hunters to investigate secretly, but she had no idea where the cretin might be now, despite looking for days.

That afternoon, Eliane received information.

"Nan Empire, you say?" With a cruel and sinister look in her eyes, Eliana got up and went to the window.

According to the information, it was said that someone similar to Nera's descriptions was seen in a city called Esfin in the Nan Empire. No matter what, she had to send someone to investigate first, as she finally managed to get a valuable clue.

'Nera, Nera, Nera... this time, you need to disappear forever!' Looking south, Eliane said cruelly in her mind.

Arriving at Choko's house, the two girls were greeted with a warm hug from Choko's mother, Latifa.

"Welcome back!" Latifa said with a welcoming smile. "I was very worried."

"Mom, you're overreacting..." Choko said sheepishly. She looked at Nero and realized she was kindly smiling over how cute Latifa's concern was, which reassured her a little.

"Nero, are we going to shower together?" Choko asked.

Nero thought for a moment and nodded, "Yes."

Entering the bathroom, the two girls were still a little shy. Nero had never been so close to anyone before coming here; Choko was nervous for different reasons.

The two were soon naked. Choko couldn't help but sigh in amazement - Nero's beauty had increased even more. Now naked, she felt like she was doing something she shouldn't be doing. Taking a few deep breaths, Choko asked, "Can I wash your back, Nero?"

"Yes," Nero nodded.

Nero sat on a bench and Choko went behind her with a towel full of liquid soap. "I will wash your wings too."

"Okay." Nero nodded without turning around.

This was when Choko began to gently rub every corner of Nero's beautiful wings. Then she started rubbing Nero's back.

Finally, Nero said, "Okay, now it's my turn to wash your back."

"En." Choko nodded and sat on the bench instead of Nero.

Shortly after the two girls finished removing the foam from their bodies, Choko and Nero went to the bathtub which was the size of a swimming pool large enough to accommodate 10 adults. After finishing their bath, the two girls left the bathroom with a slight blush but with smiles formed on their lips.

When she arrived in her room, Nero was at odds over whether or not to sleep. She lay on the bed, staring at the chandelier on the ceiling.


"Number 0, the doctor demands your presence."

Nera, who heard the voice, recognized it instantly. It was the voice of the robust man with horns that she called "Devil". Nera got up from the bed and went out the door. She then started walking along with Devil.

The whole way to the Doctor's office, it was deadly silence. Devil never spoke to her more than necessary. Nera had gotten used to it, so she didn't care. They entered the room where the doctor was waiting for her. Devil stood outside, waiting for everything to be done, so that he could take her back.

In addition to some questions about her physical condition and if there had been any effects from the pills she received that week, the doctor took some blood samples before calling the guard again.

As they were returning to her cell, Nera saw that sweat was running down Devil's forehead. Although she found it strange, she didn't think much about it. It wasn't like knowing why he was sweating was of any interest to her.

The doctor himself did not see this. He was more interested in seeing the data that was written in the notebook in his hands; even the guards for this place the doctor treated with indifference. It seemed that the only thing that mattered to him was his research and himself.

After returning and entering the room, Nera went to sit on the bed, but her eyes widened when she saw a few things which were familiar and another which was not. A pile of monster nuclei were placed on her mattress and next to them was a card slightly larger than the palm of an adult's hand.

"What are these for?" Nera wondered, "How did these things get here?"

She walked over to the card and took it with her left hand. The moment she held it in her hand, the card flashed and a red light began to scan her body. Her first thought was to throw the card away, but in the end she chose to wait.

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{Edited by: Azurtha}

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