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Never Let an Elf Steal Your Heart

Fantasy 64 Chapters 87.6K Views
Author: Kim_Lei

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[Mature Content Warning] Markos is a new templar in the Order of the Holy Sword. He must venture through the wilds of Drassin to slay demons, and stop elves from corrupting the world with magic. When he uncovers a conspiracy that runs deep through the very faith of Drassin, he must survive it or die trying.

In this world where love between humans and magic users are forbidden, what will he do if he falls in love with the very people he's supposed to be fighting?


The Church of the Holy Sword denounces elves as the destroyers of the world. All magic use is forbidden. With its Templars, the Holy Sword has driven elves into the dark wild places. Elves wield the raw essence of magic that gives birth to demons. They warn to never let an elf meet your eye or else you will be cursed as a heartless beast until the end of your days.

All his life, Markos Louvel dreamed of becoming one of the elite templars of the Order of the Holy Sword, sworn to protect all of Dressin from the threat of demons, elves, and vile magic users. One day in preparation for his proving trials, he stumbled across an elf bathing in a pool while hunting for a rare white deer. Once he encounters her, he finds himself rushed into his templar trials as his own magical ability awakens.

A novel based on my rpg setting of "Shattered Universe"
Cover Art by Nicoy Guevarra (https://nicoyguevarra.wixsite.com)
With additional art by Kim_Lei and Nicoy Guevarra.

Discord: https://discord.gg/Y79vUr4mrf
Ko-fi: https://www.ko-fi.com/studiohnh

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    The story is beautifully written and your characters descriptions are unique, it was a great read and i hope to see more chaps, this book deserves the five star. Kudos to the author.

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    This book is beautifully written. The author's way to tell the story is unique and different from other authors. The descriptions are truly beautiful that it feels like I'm reading a poem. At some points, it feels like I'm reading a textbook because of the small number of dialogues, but since it's written beautifully, I feel less bored. But still, I'm expecting more dialogues 😁 Overall, this book deserves more attention. The author has worked hard for it [img=recommend]

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    I've devoted a lot of time and research into writing the world of "Never Let an Elf Steal Your Heart" and I hope you read and enjoy! There is some higher level technology threaded into setting and darker secrets yet for Markos to uncover. Let me know what you think by commenting!

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    Author Kim_Lei