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Chapter 12: The Phoenix

* * * Going back to the launch of the game * * *

Somewhere in a small city near Montreal, Québec, in Canada. Another person was excited to play 'New Eden'.

This person was Kary, a girl who liked to be low key. She was a secretary in a clinic by day, and a pro gamer by night.

Some may know her from her moniker in 'Tower of Babylon'. The Phoenix. The strongest fire sorceress in the game.

Spot ten in the 'Heavenly Thousand' and a force of nature, if given time to cast a spell.

She had pre-ordered a VR helmet when the company had promoted their new game. She was ready a good while before a certain someone, playing from his gaming chair.

Kary had a better setup, too. She had her bed near her competition PC and she was already lying on it browsing some forums about the game, the helmet near her head already booted.

Her phone vibrated. She had set herself an alarm for twenty minutes before the game launch.

She texted her mother that was upstairs, telling her she would game until late tonight and to not bother her.

Her mother simply replied "Ok. Don't stay in too long."

With that done, Kary got comfortable and slipped on the helmet. She looked at the internal clock and saw that it was 5:43 PM.

Only 2 minutes left before the pre-opening and character creation. She was buzzing with excitement.

'This is my chance.' She thought.

'I can finally go higher and reach first!' She thought, clenching her fist.

As soon as the clock flipped to 5:45, her helmet automatically launched 'New Eden'. She felt her body sink and then stabilize in a black expanse of nothing.

The only thing with her was a person. Or rather, an Elf. A man with a well-defined body but soft features. As soon as she was close to him, he spoke to her.

"Ahh, welcome to New Eden young maiden. Are you here to experience the adventure of a lifetime?" The elf said, smiling.

She simply nodded back.

"Very good. You look determined. That is good, as your adventure will be fraught with unknown dangers and enemies beyond mortal reason. Are you ready?" The elf asked.

"I am." She answered.

"Ahh but first, what should one call you, young adventurer?" The elf asked.

Before Kary appeared a floating bar with 'Enter your name' written on it.

She typed 'Phoenix' without hesitation. People already knew that name and she was comfortable with it.

"Phoenix, hmm. A fine name indeed, for a young ambitious woman like you. Young Phoenix, do you wish to pick a different race than human to start your adventure?" The elf continued.

Kary saw a window appear before her eyes. On it, the different races available for the game. She read all of them before choosing. This way she could make the optimal choice.


Starting stat bonus: +1 Wisdom, +1 Agility

Racial Trait: ' One with nature '. Boosts Nature affinity for Druids, 15% damage/healing for nature spells, Grants starting passive 'Expert Tracker' for Archers. 'Expert Tracker' gives a 15% increased chance to find clues in nature when tracking.

Starting Classes: Druid, Archer


Starting stat bonus: +1 Strength, +1 Constitution

Racial Trait: ' Small but sturdy '. Dwarfs are small but extremely resilient people. Gain a 15% chance to resist any physical ailment (Poison, Bleed, Stuns included)

Starting classes: Shield Bearer, Warmonger


Starting stat bonus: 2 points that can be attributed at choice (even luck)

Racial trait: 'Improvise, Adapt, Overcome' Humans are not especially good at anything but can learn everything. Can learn even racial-specific skills and spells but at the cost of power (-10% less powerful)

Starting classes Archer, Warrior, Priest, Mage


Starting stat bonus: +1 Wisdom, +1 Intelligence

Racial Trait: 'Can You Give Me Your Name?' Feys are creatures of trickery and deceit. If one gets your full name, they can force the person into a temporary slave contract for 24 hours.

Starting Classes: Illusionist, Psychic


Starting stat bonuses: +1 Strength, +1 Agility

Racial Trait: 'Born In Blood' Demonoids are a race that thrives through war. Their bodies are their weapons of choice, and they sharpen them through battle. +15% physical damage reduction

Starting classes: Warrior, Warlock

Ash Elf:

Starting stat bonus: None

Racial trait: Rare race of elves rarely seen in the land. Not much is known about them.

Starting classes: None


Starting stat bonus: +2 Strength

Racial trait: 'Orc Smash!' Orcs are battle maniacs and strength is absolute to them. +15% Physical damage.

Starting classes: Barbarian


Starting stat bonuses: +1 Agility, +1 Intelligence

Racial Trait: 'Machines Are The Way' Gnomes excel with technology. They advance it. The silly humans only use it. +15% damage/resistance of any mechanical structure/weapon a gnome crafts or summons.

Starting classes: Engineer, Technomancer, Gunner


Starting stat bonuses: +2 Constitution/Strength/Intelligence (Depending on starting class)

Racial trait 'Undead Don't Know Fear' The undead have already died. They no longer have feelings. Total immunity to mental afflictions.

Starting classes: Zombie (Tank), Skeleton (Warrior), Wraith (Wizard)

Out of these, Elf tempted her, for aesthetics, but their affinity to nature would limit her class.

The next races with wizards were the humans, and then the undead. She shivered at the thought of being a Wraith. In the end, she picked Human.

She attributed both points to Intelligence, but as she was going to confirm, her finger hovered over the button. She doubled back and took a point away from Intelligence and redistributed it to Luck.

Her inside information had specified that luck was an important stat.

'Let's see where this goes' She thought, pressing confirm.

"Congratulations on finalizing your avatar, young maiden. I wish you luck on your grand quest. Know that whatever may happen on your journey, will all be defined by your decisions. Now off you go!" The elf said with a big smile, before waving his arm, making the scene before Kary, fade away.

In its place, a counter appeared. It showed less than one minute.

'Just in time' She thought.

When the counter reached zero, the surroundings changed. The black made way for bright colors.

The nothingness around Kary switched over to a flight view of a bright new world. She was flying over a continent in the world of New Eden and could see the cities, forests, mountains, and other sights to behold.

An announcement sounded all around her.


Then she spun and disappeared, reappearing on the ground in a medieval city. Many people were walking around her, not even caring about how she just popped up on the street.

She turned on herself for a bit, taking in the sights. She then looked around to find a guard.

She noticed three of them not too far, walking on the streets, probably patrolling. She walked up to them.

"Excuse me, sirs. I would like to go to the nearest Mage tower. Could you kindly point me the way?" She asked them, pulling out her most charming smile.

The guards all looked gobsmacked for a few seconds looking at her. Then the one at the front coughed and pointed her to a tall black tower to the west.

"That's the Mage tower. Turn left on the next street and it will be a straight walk to it." The guard said, ogling her through his visor.

"Thank you, good sir." Kary responded, bowing slightly.

She then left and followed the directions he gave her. She reached the tower shortly and made her way inside.

She walked to a counter and spoke to the person in mage robes that was seated there.

"Hello. I would like to become a Pyromancer." She said, straightforwardly.

The sorcerer looked at her from over his spell book. His gaze went up and down on her.

"You seem to have some magic capacity. But you lack much to become an advanced class like Pyromancer, young lady. Maybe in a few decades." The sorcerer said, looking back down at his book.

'Bingo' Kary thought.

"But, great sorcerer, I am here to learn. Can no one teach me?" She said, using a pleading tone.

"Humph! Of course, someone can teach you! Although you will have to prove to us you are worth our time." The sorcerer harrumphed.

"What can I do to prove myself, oh great sorcerer?" She said, almost cooing at him.

The sorcerer looked at her for a moment. He then pointed to his right.

"Go into that mana room. If you can form your mana lobe in less than an hour, I will deem you worth our time. Now off you go!" He shooed her away, looking back down to his book.

Seeing that his attention was completely on his book, Kary smiled and walked to the room. She knew what she had to do now.

All that was left was to test her luck. She grinned. She had put a point there in good measure, so she was sure she would succeed.

"This is the rebirth of 'The Phoenix'!" She said, clenching her fist.

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