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CHAPTER 4: Lunchtime - Ninjas In Modernity - Chapter 4 by Creator_In_Red full book limited free

Chapter 4: CHAPTER 4: Lunchtime

A few hours went by and it's lunchtime. Roy was about to leave until Yua stopped him. By walking in front of him.

"Hey, Roy. Wanna eat together with me and Sara?", she asked in a polite tone.

Roy was surprised by this. Not because a girl asked him to eat with her. It's because this was the first time he heard her speak in a more quiet volume.

He heard Sara sighed behind Yua.

He was about to decline when he remembered earlier. When her classmates ignored her. This also reminded him of...."his father".

Roy also remembers that he's trying to change who he is.

So he took a deep breath, look outside of the window.

"Yeah, sure. Why not?...", Roy felt himself dying a little bit.

"Yay!", Yua said as she raises her hands to the air like she just doesn't care.

"Can I join as well?", Alvin asked Yua from behind.

"Oh! Yeah sure. The more the merrier!", Yua answered.

Roy heard Sara groan. Roy sighed as well.

"Alright! Lezzz goo!!", Yua shouted as she leads the way.

Along the way, they started talking.

"Hey, Roy?", Yua asked.

"Did you know that China is in lockdown?", Yua added.

"Yes, I heard it in the news as well. Apparently, a virus appeared there.", Roy replied.

"Heh! Luckily, China prevented it from spreading. Can you imagine the world being in a pandemic state?", Alvin jokingly said.

"I know right! You would only be at home and you can't even see your friends.

It would be a nightmare!", Yua responded.

"Damn right it is!", Alvin responded.

Both Yua and Alvin chuckled wholeheartedly.

And both Roy and Sara sighed.

They went through stairs and stairs and got on top of the school.

Surprisingly, it was empty.

Yua then rushed over to a certain spot and sat there.

"Over here!", Yua yelled.

All of them went over there and sat down.

Everyone began opening their lunches.

"Finally, I can try out Dr. Donald in Japan to see what's the differences between here and the US. But it was embarrassing when they interrupted class earlier.", Alvin said as he unwraps a burger.

"Is there gonna be a difference in taste?", Yua asked.

"There's got to be.", Alvin said with fire in his eyes.

Alvin then took a big bite out of the burger.

Chewing it, and savoring its taste.

"Hmmm... It tastes somewhat the same. I don't know...", Alvin said again as he took another bite of the burger.

Roy opened his lunch box, revealing a bunch of shrimp tempuras with some vegetables on the side.

"Wow! You have 1234....7! You have 7 shrimp tempuras!!", Yua exclaimed while salivating a bit.

"Hey! Check out mine!", Yua said as she shows her lunch.

It was an omelet with some fried rice. Roy finds this delicious.

"It looks...delicious.", Roy complimented Yua's lunch.

"Hehehe! Wanna taste it?", Yua asked smugly.

Roy hesitated but succumbed to temptation.

Roy nodded.

Yua took her chopsticks and get a piece of the omelet along with some rice.

"Say ah.", Yua said gently as she brings it closer to his mouth.

Roy ate the food that was in front of him. Chewing it, and enjoying its taste.

"It tastes great.", Roy said under his breath.

But Yua heard it.

"Thanks! I made it myself.", Yua replied.

Roy didn't say anything more and just continues eating his shrimps.

Even though Yua was annoying to him, she has his respect for cooking such a yummy meal.

Yua saw that he was embarrassed about something but she didn't care. She didn't say anything else but just smiled at him.

Roy looked away almost immediately upon seeing this.

Roy then saw Sara's lunch. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

It was steak. And it looked expensive.

Even her lunchbox looked expensive.

Both Sara and Yua took notice of this.

"What? You wanna taste Sara's steak, Roy?", Yua asked with a smug look on her face.

Roy didn't say anything nor move his body to affirm or negate her question.

But Yua got a gut feeling that Roy did want to taste the steak, and she was right.

"Alright! How about this. You both give a piece of your meal!", Yua suggested.

Both Roy and Sara were surprised by this. Alvin too, as he eats his fries.

"I guess... I want to taste one of your shrimp tempura.", Sara spoke awkwardly.

Sara exhaled a bit and took a piece of her steak and lean a bit to get it near Roy's mouth.

Not wanting to make this even weirder, Roy took the steak and eat it.

'Not only it looks high quality, but it also tastes like it is.', Roy thought to himself.

Roy swallowed it and began picking up 1 whole shrimp tempura with no bites whatsoever.

He scoots near her. And puts the tasty-looking shrimp in front of her mouth.

She took a bite from it and made a cute noise while doing it.

"It tastes as it looks. It's fantastic.", Sara said as she smiled signaling that she liked it.

"I cooked it myself. So, thank you.", Roy appreciated the compliment Sara made.

Roy then notices that they were some crumbs of the fried shrimp that she ate earlier on her clothes.

Specifically saying, on her chest area.

He also noticed a necklace there as well.

"Wait! What are you looking at?!", said defensive Sara as she covers her chest.

"Oh it's because they wer-"

"You must have been thinking something dirty, huh?!", Sara interrupted Roy.

"No. It's not what you thi-"

"How dare you! You! You! Pervert!!", Sara shouted as she throws a punch at Roy.

But her punch was stopped.

It was caught, by Roy himself.

His expression scared Sara and even startled both Alvin and Yua.

Roy let go of her hand and took a long sigh.

"I didn't mean to look at your breast.", Roy said in a serious tone.

"But you-"

"It's because they were crumbs on your uniform.", Roy interrupted.

Sara looked down, and they were some food debris on there.

She wipes it off.

"I-I'm sorry.", Sara apologized.

"It's ok. Just hear me out first, next time.", Roy replied.

"Ok...", Sara responded.

Silence happens after that incident.

But was soon broken by Alvin.

"OW! I bit my tongue.", Alvin exclaimed.

"Maybe slow down a bit, Alvin!", Yua said as she laughs.

Suddenly Alvin was looking around like he's finding something. He looked left and right.

"Where's my gravy?", Alvin asked to himself.

Not noticing that the gravy that he was looking for was in his hand.

Yua was laughing hard.

Sara chuckled at this.

And Roy smiled at the absurdity of Alvin's situation.

"What's so funny?", Alvin asked the three of them.

Alvin then notices the gravy that was in his hand the whole time.

Everyone laughed at his realization.

Especially himself.

"I swear, I'm not this stupid all of the time!", Alvin exclaimed.

"All of the time?", Sara questioned.

"Fine! Most of the time.", Alvin said as he started laughing again.

'Maybe having some noise in my life wouldn't be that bad. Especially when everyone is happy like this.', Roy thought to himself.

Roy then took another bite of his shrimp and smiled to himself. And for some reason, the shrimp tastes amazing.

Creator_In_Red Creator_In_Red

Now, this is where the wholesome tags come into play. Though a storm is brewing in the next chapter...

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