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Chapter 6: Home - Ninjas In Modernity - Chapter 6 by Creator_In_Red full book limited free

Chapter 6: Chapter 6: Home

It's 3:07 pm.

School is over.

Everyone is packing their stuff and getting ready to go home.

"Goodbye, Abellona.", a random group of girls said.

"See ya, Abellona.", a random group of boys says as well.

Roy was confused by this. He didn't say anything but he just waved.

Those random girls then giggled and left.

"It seems like somebody is getting famous.", Alvin said as he looks at Roy and nudges him as well.

"I guess so.", Roy replied.

"Anyway, see you tomorrow, bud.", Alvin says as he leaves.

Roy then was about to do the same thing until he was tapped on his shoulder.

He looked behind to see Yua.

Roy knows what will happen next.

"Wanna walk home together?", Yua asked.

There it is. Roy's prediction is no longer a prediction.

"It wouldn't matter if I say yes or no, would it?", Roy replied.

"Wow! We've only met this morning and you already know me that much.", Yua was surprised by this.

Roy sighed and began walking.

Yua followed as well.

He notices that Sara isn't with her.

"Where's Sara?", Roy asked.

"Oh, she told me that her father is gonna pick her up. And said that I should go ahead and walk back home without her.", Yua answered cheerfully.

"But I don't want to walk home alone. I want to talk with someone. And since the direction of where we live seems to be the same, I thought I asked you to come with me.", Yua added.

"Figures. But I'm not that talkative.", Roy replied.

"I know, but it would be better to be with you than being alone.", Yua said in response.

This statement causes Roy to be confused. Because Roy is the kind of guy that is ok to be alone.

He sometimes even compares himself to a cat.

Roy and Yua talk to each other on their way home (Yua did most of the talking).

And they reached a path where they've got to separate.

"Welp! I have fun today. See you tomorrow, Roy!", Yua said as she waved at Roy.

Roy waved back and continues down the road to go home.


Roy finally got home. Since he was still new here, he got lost, plenty of times.

But he still made it back.

Seeing the door of his house, made him relieved.

Roy then looked behind him making sure no one is watching. And certainly enough, nobody is.

A small portal appears in front of him and he shoves his hand in it.

Immediately pulling it out. In his hand is the key to this locked door.

He inserted the key and unlocks the door.

He opens it and went inside.

Locked it as well.

Roy heard footsteps behind him.

He turned around, nobody is there.

He smiled and then continues walking.

Pretending he doesn't sense "her".

After a few more steps, he heard screaming above him and all of a sudden a tackle as well.

"Ha! I've got ya, onii-chan (big brother)!", she yelled while she's on Roy's shoulder.

"Hehehe. Nice one, Rei. You caught me off-guard.", Roy praises his little sister.

Yes. Roy has a little sister, and her name is Abellona Reika.

She's a 6-year-old little girl who has long red hair, has eyes like the blue sky above, and has her favorite pink ducky sweater on.

And if you think it's irresponsible to leave a child alone in your house, well you're right.

I'm saying that she isn't alone.

Suddenly an orange-haired boy and his blonde twin appear.

They're here because of the noise both Roy and Reika made.

"Oh, Roy! Nice to see ya again.", the orange head greeted Roy.

"Hey, bro. How was school? Was it fun, as you anticipated?", the blonde sarcastically asked.

"Good to see you again, Odaka. Also, if what happened to me would happen again the next few days then no. No, it wouldn't, Yoel.", Roy replied.

"Wait what? Really?!", Yoel was shocked by this. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Well, that's wonderful news.", Odaka commented.

Yoel asked frantically questions after questions upon hearing this.

But Roy ignored all of this while carrying Reika he left the room.

And he entered the living room.

Roy saw a green-haired guy sitting on the couch, watching a movie called "Galaxy Battles" on the Smart TV while eating some chips. And a blue-haired dude laying on the couch watching the movie as well.

Roy put Reika down.

This caught the attention of both of them.

"Sup, Roy! How was school today?", the Green haired dude asked Roy with eagerness.

"Did anyone, bullied you?", the one with blue and who was laying down asked Roy with a stern look.

"It was ok, Gab. And also, I appreciate the concern, Basho. But you shouldn't doubt your eldest brother. I can handle myself.", Roy answered Gabriel and reassured Basho.

"Yeah! Onii-chan is the strongest of them all!", Reika complimented his big brother.

Roy smiled and gave her a head pat.

"Yeah, yeah he is.", Basho agreed.

"Mhm", Gabriel nodded.

Then a pink smoke came out of the kitchen.

Naturally, he heads toward it.

What he saw next is something he isn't surprised about anymore at this point.

" *Cough* Jeez Vic. I thought this chemical would make our food last longer, not make things pink. *Cough* ", an indigo-colored-haired appeared out of the smoke while using his hand to fan it out.

"That's because I wasn't done with it. Didn't you see the word "Incomplete" in its title, Itsu?", a violet-haired boy while wearing a face mask asked as he holds a vial in front of them.

"The handwriting is so horrible and tiny that it's hard to read it.", Itsu said in response.

"Well, maybe you shouldn't touch my stuff without permission anyway.", Vic replied.

"Victor Abellona and Itsumi Abellona.", Roy said in a serious tone.

Both of them shiver when they heard Roy's voice. And they both started facing him slowly with such fright on their faces.

"Clean up this mess.", Roy ordered scarily.

"Yes, sir!", both of them said in unison.

They then started cleaning.

Roy sighed a bit.

Roy gets to the second floor of the house.

Then Roy heads to his room. Reika followed him as well.

As he grabs the handle, he noticed Reika was behind him.

"Rei, can you stay here for a moment. I'll be back.", Roy said.

"Alrighty!", Reika said with a thumbs up.

Roy opens the door and enters. He then closed the door.

He puts his school stuff down and started taking off his uniform.

He sighed in relief.

He then lay down on the bed for a few long minutes.

He then opens the door but not completely to cover himself.

"You can go to your room, Rei. I'll be taking a quick shower.", Roy suggested.

"Oh ok!", Reika said as she dashed to her room.

Roy closed the door and walks to his bathroom.

And then he walked out because he forgot to get his clothes.

Roy gets in the tub filled with warm water.

The feeling was.....relieving.

Roy never did any of this in the village.

There were no warm waters, bathtubs, and not even a hot spring.

He only uses baths to get cleaned up and never took his time to relaxed.

But since he wasn't in the village anymore, he thought that he could try this.

Roy was glad that he did this.

Roy was relaxed.

Roy was in peace and he was getting tired.

But he fought through it.

Then he got out of the tub.

'I shouldn't get soft. Especially in this situation, we're all in.', Roy thought as he sits on a stool.

"This time. I'll protect everyone... Nobody needs to...", Roy discontinued his thought.

Roy then just sighed.

And wiped a tear on his left cheek.

After that, he cleans himself.

A few minutes later…

Roy came out of the bathroom in his breathable white shirt with black stripes and his comfortable pant pajama.

Roy looks at his digital clock on top of his table.

"4:49 pm", Roy reads it.

Roy then opens the door to his surprise he saw Reika waiting there.

"How long were you there, Rei? And why were you there?", Roy questions his little sister.

"Well, not that long. And I came here to ask you if we could play Superb Crash Siblings Ultra?", Reika answered and asked.

"Yeah sure. Ready to lose?", Roy said as he pats Reika on the head.

"Not this time, onii-chan. I will win this time!", Reika challenged Roy.

Roy then heard a beep on his phone, which he left on his bed.

He took it and started opening it.

Since he never grew up with technology, it took him a while to find what made his phone beep

Turns out, somebody messaged him.

He taps on it.

It was Principal Daichi.

It says here:

"Come here at exactly 10 pm. I've got a job for you."

Roy closed his phone.

"What was that?", Reika asked.

"It was Mr. Daichi. He just said hi to me.", Roy lied.

"Oh really? The nice person who gave us this house? That person?", Reika was surprised to hear this.

"Yeah. That guy. Now come on, let's play until I'm tired of winning.", Roy taunted Reika.

"Oh bring it on!", Reika exclaimed.

Roy then smiled at Reika, but that smile suddenly disappeared as soon as he thought about what kind of job the principal was going to give him.

Creator_In_Red Creator_In_Red

Yes, they are all related.

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