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Chapter 26: Hidden Demon, Heaven and Earth Tempering

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At the back cliff of Qingyun Dao Sect.

After Ye Ping executed the Four Thunder sword momentum, he couldn't help but spit out some turbid breath.

After half a day's effort, Ye Ping had mastered the sword momentum of the Four Thunder Sword Techniques.

The Spring Thunder sword momentum, Summer Thunder sword momentum, Autumn Thunder sword momentum and Winter Thunder sword momentum could be combined or separated from one another.

When the sword momentums were combined, they formed the most powerful Four Thunder sword momentum, which was what Ye Ping exhibited.

If they were split, the power would weaken, but they could bring out the characteristics of each sword momentum.

He wiped the beads of sweat on his forehead.

Heartened, Ye Ping smiled.

"Now that I have completely mastered the Four Thunder sword momentum, I only lack the Four Thunder sword intent."

"Although Senior Brother didn't tell me how difficult the epiphany of the sword intent is, I understand that the sword intent represents the intention and willpower of the sword technique. I definitely can't be too impatient. Failing to get an epiphany is a minor issue, but I'll be in trouble if I comprehend the wrong thing."

Ye Ping thought to himself. Although Su Changyu didn't tell him the details of the sword intent, he could still imagine it on his own.

He thought so previously, not because he had let his imagination run wild for no reason, but because he had made some conjectures based on the Ancient Godfiend Body Tempering Technique.

"Of all times, Senior Brother chose to give this secret manual to me at this juncture. Clearly, he's scared that I'd be overly eager and end up getting a wrong epiphany of the sword intent."

"That's why he gave me a copy of the Ancient Godfiend Body Tempering Technique, so that I can calm down, focus on my physical body, have another trump card, and gain a new means."

"Senior Brother really has great foresight."

Ye Ping muttered to himself.

Soon, he put those thoughts at the back of his mind and pulled out the "Ancient Godfiend Body Tempering Technique" from his arms.

He was as careful as possible and seemed particularly solemn.

The secret manual had a greenish tint to it and it was bound by a thread. Its yellowed corners made it seem rather ancient.

However, the more Ye Ping thought about it, the more excited he got.

He opened the first page and soon, a line of small-font words appeared in a right-to-left sequence.

"Ancient Godfiend Body Tempering Technique"

"I am Daoist Mo Xuan. Born before the birth of heaven and earth, I experienced 360 million tribulations before finally participating in creation and becoming one with heaven and earth.

This manual is the result of my comprehension of heaven and earth by chance.

Everyone in this world only knows about spiritual cultivation but not about the power of physical cultivation. They see moving mountains as the limit of physical cultivation.

However, a real physical cultivator could hold the sun and moon, grab the stars, transcend the heavens and kill everything in the world with one fist.

In my opinion, the highest realm of physical cultivation is mimicking the Godfiend by hiding the god in the fiend. Possessing the organs, essence, and blood of the gods while having the fiend's body is what constitutes the Godfiend.

Before cultivating this technique, one must be ready to go through extreme torment, suffering, and arduous training. This is not a technique for the ordinary, and only those who have strong willpower, determination, and great wisdom can master it!

Are you ready?"


That was the synopsis of the Ancient Godfiend Body Tempering Technique.

Ye Ping had almost forgotten to breathe after reading it.

It was such a domineering statement.

'Hide the god in the body of the fiend, hold the sun and moon, grab the stars, transcend the heavens and kill everything in the world with one fist.'

'That's right.'

'This is definitely a peerless technique. No, this is a peerless technique that is at the level of the Great Dao.'

Ye Ping was at a loss for words to describe the power of the technique.

'Absolutely wonderful.'

He took a deep breath.

Ye Ping did not flip to the second page and instead began pondering.

He was pondering about whether he was ready for it.

It was stated clearly that those who wanted to cultivate that technique would have to experience suffering that would be unbearable for ordinary people and possess great willpower, determination, and wisdom to master it.

If he wasn't prepared, he couldn't be too haste with it.

The time for a stick of incense to burn passed.

Finally, Ye Ping made up his mind.

"I'm ready."

Ye Ping was determined.

He was already prepared and was completely fearless. Although the process might be tough in the beginning, he had to go through hardship to become an elite.

Thinking about this, Ye Ping turned to the second page.


"Official Introduction of the Ancient Godfiend Body Tempering Technique:

Excellent. The fact that you have turned to the second page means that you have strong willpower, but whether or not you have great determination and wisdom will depend on yourself.

Next, you will see a Godfiend diagram on which there is the Godfiend Refinement diagram that I have learned from my comprehension of heaven and earth. Take a good look at it."


Ye Ping couldn't help but praise himself when he saw the second page.

At the same time, he was also astonished. 'This technique is impressive. There's already a big test for me in the introduction. If not for my composure, I would probably be dejected and frustrated.'

At the thought of this, Ye Ping didn't waste any time and began looking at the Godfiend diagram at the back.

The third page was a Sky Observation diagram.

Although the diagram seemed rather simple to Ye Ping, it also looked extremely solemn.

He scrutinized it continuously.

There was also a detailed explanation below the diagram.

"This is called the Sky Observation Godfiend Diagram. Opening your arms and becoming one with heaven and earth is a rudimentary technique of the Ancient Godfiend Body Tempering Technique. Once you master it, you can condense the Heaven and Earth powers, make Heaven your hammer, earth your furnace, and temper your body to shape the body of the Godfiend."

"If you can't comprehend it, you're not fated with this technique. If you don't comprehend enough, it means you lack wisdom. At the same time, you have to cultivate diligently all day and night. The naturally gifted ones can have an instant epiphany while those who are dull may never have an epiphany in their entire life."

After reading the annotation, Ye Ping couldn't help but nod before getting into stance to observe the sky.

He closed his eyes and forgot everything else. All that was left in his mind was the diagram.

At the same time, in Chen Nation of the Yan'an County.

In a private residence, there was a woman dressed in purple, wielding a brush and writing something in ink under the oil lamp.

The oil lamp swayed with the wind and the woman would frown from time to time. A total of six hours passed.

Finally, the woman tossed her brush aside and looked at the ancient books on the table with joy and satisfaction. She picked up the jar of wine on the desk and took a big gulp.

At this very moment, a voice sounded outside the door.

"Fairy Mo, are you ready yet? It's almost three in the morning. If you still don't turn in your manuscript, there'll be trouble."

The person urged outside.

Inside the room, the woman in purple got up and picked up the manuscript of the book that she had just written. She then opened the window and casually tossed it to the person outside.

"Here, it's finished. Take a look."

She seemed rather casual.

"It's finished? Let me take a look."

The middle-aged man outside the door took the manuscript and flipped through it quickly. After a while, the frown on his forehead was eased.

"Good, good, good, Fairy Mo. Your writing is improving. This book will definitely sell like hotcakes. Great."

The middle-aged man laughed heartily with joy.

"Cut the crap, you haven't finished paying me the remuneration for the previous book. Pay the remaining sum to me now."

She wasn't affected by his words.

"Rest assured, Fairy Mo. I run a business, I won't cheat you out of your money. Here are some banknotes that are worth a total of 1,000 taels of gold. It's ten times the share of 'Spirit Gathering Technique'."

"The book named 'Ancient Godfiend Refinement Technique' isn't selling well at all. So far, only three copies have been sold. Fairy Mo, please don't write such secret manuals again. They're too exaggerated and no one will believe them. Cultivators these days prefer reading simple and direct manuals."

"Look at the book on the best-sellers list now. It has managed to multiply the effects of one Spirit Stone by ten and it's selling so well."

The middle-aged man nagged outside the door.

"Okay, enough. I got it. By the way, have you found out what I asked you to?"

The woman waved her hand, looking a little impatient and annoyed.

"I have. The Ten Nations Academy is officially recruiting students next year. Fairy Mo, I'll go back to handle the issues with the manuscript. Get someone to contact me if there's anything."

The middle-aged man chuckled and left after saying those words.

The woman in purple did not say anything more and instead returned to her desk to begin writing a secret manual.

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