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16.66% Notice Me : Mister Exorcist / Chapter 1: 1ST Exam: Exam taker 327

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Notice Me : Mister Exorcist original

Notice Me : Mister Exorcist

Author: UEEmpress

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Chapter 1: 1ST Exam: Exam taker 327

*Beep Beep !!!


'I remember my self getting thrown off by a truck , I remember the iron taste from my mouth as I lie in the cold ground of the street . Until my eyes got blurry and the darkness consumed me'.

"Exam taker number 327 ? "

"Calling exam taker number 327 AGAIN EXAM TAKER NUMBER 327 !!!"

"327!!!!", the desk man shouted as he know this number all to well

"YES SIR " Li Qiaopi said after snapping out of her nap .

"Hayst tsk tsk tsk , Li Qiaopi your up .This time try to pass okay ". The desk man said as he shake his head helplessly. Ling Pei has been a desk man for over 50,000 years but only this time in all those year did he saw a ghost who always failed in getting a license multiple time. He tried giving her advice, notes and books he even trained her in scaring and gathering screams but after all those training and grinding Li Qiaopi keeps failing and failing at this point in time, Li Qiaopi is like his student already . All he wishes right now is for her to pass. "Yah Yah Yah , just watch me old man I'll freaking pass and buy you chocolates in the after life " Li Qiaopi said as she wave her hand at the old man.

Walking in the platform Li Qiaopi prepare for her first test. "Exam taker Li Qiaopi, your first mission is to get all their screams inside this recorder while not leaving any evidences behind but still making them remember you, that's all I wish for your success good luck Miss Li Qiaopi " the examiner said as she gave Li Qiaopi human clothes . Li Qiaopi's 1st test will take place in a known abandoned house with a group of people that will explore it . She will had to pretend like a human and get along with the group until they are convince to enter the abandoned house. After the group enter the house , her test automatically start. She have to make them scream and run for their lives while also not getting suspected, until they realized that she was the ghost. After escaping the house that would conclude her test as a complete one. A proper ghost can't harm the humans for that will be against the code of the good afterlife so she have to be careful , because a lot of accidents may happen along the way .

"Is everyone here ? " asked a tall man "Yeah, but Feifei said she can't come her boyfriend and her family have a date today so its just gonna be the 5 of us today " Rong Shuang said as she text Mu Feifei again.

[CuteShuang] : you sure you won't come 😢

[PrettyFeifei]: I'm sorry but I'll call if my family reschedule our trip , I promise .

[HandsomeKeung]: Hayst Mu Feifei you better be , you'll owe me an meal cuz I'm so handsome .😎

[PrettyFeiFei]: oh shut up Lan Keung 😒

[*PrettyFeiFei changed HandsomeKeung name to UglyKeung*]

[PrettyboyLiang]: serves him right sis 🤣😂😂

[FoodieMing]: I pray for Feifei's free food

[TallguyRiverShen]: Guys stop chatting lets just talk were like inches apart from each other 🤣😂

[FoodieMing]: What do you mean ?

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"Guys lets take a picture and send it to FeiFei " said Shuang as they pose and prepare to enter the abandoned house . The house they're going to is a mansion left by the deceased late mayor of the city that's why its pretty known. But after several paranormal activity happening the old relative owners of the mayor left the house and now its abandon.

Entering the gate the gang felt a cold wind touch their cheek they felt chill all over their spine as they walk further. " Wong Shen are you sure what were doing is safe, in starting to get scared " Rong Shuang said as she hold on Lan Keung's arm. They entered the abandoned house in a quite manner , it was dark and dusty yet it was warm. The coldness they felt outside was the exact opposite of what they feel right now. "Well it looks like there's nothing scary in here , how about we separate in pairs what do you guys think " Rong Shuang said as she quickly grab Mu Liang's arm hoping for them to be alone .


'We quickly separate into groups and I found myself partnering with this lady Mu Liang come with. She's a bit weird but her eyes is cute it always shown with indifference whenever someone from the gang try to do something stupid. I think I have a crush on her , I have to look manly as possible.' Wong Shen announced in his head.

'The abandoned house have 4 floors and I decided to explore the 3rd floor first but as I enter the 1st room I felt the aura became eerie. I walked slowly in the dusty old parlor room as I kept in gripping my flash light along with my camera. Closing the door I found the switch for the side corner lights of the room quickly turning the switch on, the girl called me '.

"Wong Shen look " the girl said. The room have beautiful paintings yet I still have this uncomfortable lingering feeling. I felt my palms sweat in this cold environment, I got confused until as I observed the paintings I noticed their eyes looking back at me . Like WTF is happening. I looked behind me and the girl was missing ,I quickly called out to her but no one answered. I look all around the room for her panicking .*Drip *drip *drip , looking at the droplets of red liquid I felt my body tremor ,remembering all the horror movies I've seen this is the time they would be looking up , mirroring the scenes in the films, I slowly moved my head upward and felt the a droplet fall to my face'

"Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh "


Wong Shen screamed after looking above the ceiling, seeing Li Qiaopi's scary face made him pee in his pants before running , after that a simultaneous scream came from Rong Shuang after him. Running with all their might, finally the 2 of them met in the entrance of the door .

"I-- I s- saw my head turn in the mirror then , I found Lan Keung instead of Mu Liang and he smiled at me like a weird F***er then I ran but I don't know where Mu Liang is now " Rong Shuang quickly said as she just want to get the he'll out from there.

Running out of the house Rong Shuang's phone started beepping as a ton of notification sounded .

[FoodieMing]: What do you mean inches , when I can't even come with you guys 😂🤣.

[*CuteShuang send a picture]

[PrettyFeifei]: who is that with you Shuang ??? That is definitely not me and Liang 😱

[UglyKeung]: Rong Shuang what app did you use to edit me , I'm not that ugly tsk tsk .Better try next time ,Btw sorry again if I can't come .[@CuteShuang][@TallguyRiverShen]

[FoodieMing]: ey guys are you still there ?? [@CuteShuang ][@TallguyRiverShen].

[PrettyboyLiang]: didn't you guys remember that we can't come so who the he'll is with you guys 😨 .

[FoodieMing]: Sh*t guys are you getting hunted .Get out of there quick .

As the 2 of them saw their group chat they finally scream in fear as they remember only the 2 of them climb this hill before entering the mansion . "Rong Shuang , Wong Shen ? " Li Qiaopi called them with her cold voice . "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" Both off them scream as they quickly ran off and before letting them go Li Qiaopi quickly snap her finger so that she would fade from the pictures that the two of them took before finally opening the house gate .


"Test number 1 compete now for the next test collect this human fear and scream and you can moved to the 3rd test " The examiner said as she gave Li Qiaopi a bio of a human boy .

'Test Number 2 here I come' Li Qiaopi chant before returning to jade town .

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